Battlestar Galactica: Personnel: Commander Adama

Name: William Adama
Rank: Commander (Galactica)
Age: 60
Race: Caprican


Commander Adama cannot be mentioned without first mentioning the “Galactica” itself. Their fates are forever intertwined though neither ship nor Captain would realize it during the long Cylon War. Years after the War ended, the Commander remained it’s Captain for its Victory Tour and its long-overdue decommission. Little did either know their paths were not meant to separate. Shortly before the decommission the Cylons attacked and of all the Battlestars and Commanders, only Adama and his “Galactica” survived the Second Great Cylon-Human war.

Just as the Cylons hate Humanity and wish revenge for their enslavement, Adama equally hates the Cylons blaming them rather than himself for the death of his youngest son. His eldest son Apollo Adama is following quickly in his fathers footsteps as a leader among leaders.

The Commander comprises even less than he makes mistakes, meaning never. Because of this the Commander received a rare “dressing-down” by the new President of the Colonies when she ordered him to escort the surviving colonies ship and admit the war was lost.

If you met Commander Adama in a bar it’d be a rare site as the Commander usually drinks alone, or with Tigh. Buy him a round, your future rides on it.

Season 2 Update:

Following the evac of humanity from the Colonies, Adama staged an elaborate┬álie surrounding the Myth of Earth. Sharing joint power with Roslin he became the Commander of the Fleet, while she continued her role as President with his support. Little has changed in regards to his relationship to his son “Apollo”. Distrust still remains, and Adama still feels guilty over the death of Zach. Despite the resolution with Roslin the altruism was short lived as Roslin came to quickly distrust Adama, even believing him to be a Cylon at one point.

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Things finally came to a head when Roslin usurped authority over the military by sending Starbuck and the lone captured Cylon Raider back to retrieve the Arrow of Apollo. Adama then forced an insurrection by jailing Roslin aboard a military ship leaving Baltar in control of humanity. Before the matter could be settled Adama was shot by one of his own, Boomer. His fate is currently unknown.

Adama is brilliantly portrayed by Edward James Olmos.

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