Demon Lord, Retry! – Review – Episode 2

This is the second episode of the anime reviewed last week (Demon Lord, Retry! – Review – Episode 1) and I still don’t hate it but the next show will have to be special to give a thumbs up recommendation to you.  This weeks episode is called “Golden Luna.”

This week, the show opened with a pretty, precocious red headed Holy Maiden being escorted with a bunch of well armed soldiers, to confront (subdue) a Demon Lord – I suspect they were aiming for our very own Hokuto Kunai and his little girl attendant.  Apparently she is the eponymous sixteen year old that will be the centre of this weeks story.

Luna Elegant the 16 year old Holy Maiden
Luna Elegant the 16 year old Holy Maiden

Meanwhile, a group of bandits are camped out up ahead and the chief hears that a Holy Maiden is headed his way.  he is quite impressed that a Holy Maiden should be sent to subdue his team.  One of his men point out that apparently, she is after someone else. The bandit leader (a bit of a dimwit) seems to conclude otherwise.

Chief of the Moles - O'Wengoal (a wittuw bit of a fool)
Chief of the Moles – O’Wengoal (a wittuw bit of a foo-wuw)

Alas, our hero (the OP dude dressed like a middle aged gangster) is nearby walking down a road and carrying his jail bait attendant.  They decide to make comp for the night and he conjures a makeshift porta-cabin for them to rest for the evening, complete with a barrel of hot water.  He encourages the little girl to take a bath.  I’m almost positive that there was no innuendo, no perverse double edge meaning and no particular rude expectation hidden behind his suggestion.  Nope, that was all our doing.

'Demon Lord.' Hakuto Kunai and his attendant, 'Girl Cast Out as a Sacrifice,' Aku
‘Demon Lord.’ Hakuto Kunai and his attendant, ‘Girl Cast Out as a Sacrifice,’ Aku

As if to prove that we aren’t actually dirty minded perverts but just a little more observant, there then follows a convoluted plot-line that end up with them sleeping (quite innocently of course) in the same bed. 

While we are reeling uncomfortably with where the story was going, we cut to the bunch of bandits cowering behind some boulders waiting for the bold, brazen and slightly bitchy Holy Maiden babe and her buddies.

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Next day, everyone meets up.  First, the Demon Lord and his little assistant meet up with the bandits.  The the Little girly Holy Maiden arrives and starts to get bossy.  The bandits come off worse and are pretty much ‘wipe’ after a few seconds (this is an isekai, I can say wipe!).

A stray lightning bolt happens to slightly injure the Demon Lord and he suggests that the Holy Maiden apologise.

Demon Lord suggests that the Holy Maiden apologises
Demon Lord suggests that the Holy Maiden

Luna is mildly insulted by the suggestion and fires a few more spells at the Demon Lord and sets her soldiers against him.  They are brushed aside and the Holy Maiden is quickly defeated.

'Who is this guy?', Jeez girly, he's the Demon Lord!
‘Who is this guy?’, Jeez girly, he’s the Demon Lord!

He punishment however, isn’t death or even the chopping of of a few limbs, hell, he doesn’t even swear at her.  Instead he smacks her bottom.  In fact he does it quite a lot.  The look on his face even suggests that he is enjoying it even when the little 16 year old girl clearly isn’t.  I don’t want to seem like a party-pooper, but this is a bit over the top even for me. I’m all for a smattering of gratuitous in my anime and generally the more adult the better, but this is less ‘funny ecchi’ and more not-so-funny-violence-to-teenagers. 

Personally, I think this is a graphic depiction of Child Abuse!
Personally, I think this is a graphic depiction of Child Abuse!

Then he takes her money.  Yep;, misogyny at it’s finest! and he and his little girl attendant (the short haired blonde one) head off for town.

When they arrive in town, he buys her lots of clothes and they go and have something to eat.  They are later joined by the Holy Maiden who had been abused and robbed.  She tells them that she has no money (because of course she’d been robed by our heroes) and that she wanted them to buy her some food.  The Demon Lord agrees and in a stupendous act of kindness, returns her money (minus the amount that he had just used to purchase a hotel room for the night).

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Later that evening when the Demon Lord and his attendant are about to go to bed (I suspect it was a single room and only one bed), the Holy Maiden appears and points out that since the room was paid for with her money, it’s only right that she should be able to sleep here too.  That is totally the dumbest logic I’ve herd in all the anime shows I’ve watched this week!

Of course, they end up sleeping together!
Of course, they end up sleeping together!

Aside from a peculiar scene when we see a white haired lady (a young one) racing towards the city complaining, “how dare that shitty brat cause me all this trouble!”  the show ended there.

With all the lowest male common denominator crap, it was still watchable (jeez I’m so bad!) but I didn’t enjoy it, honest!  And yes, even though you are smirking, I will be watching the next episode but only because I’m following the thee episode rule.

Of course the graphics, sound, characterisation audio and voice acting didn’t change much from last week. I’d therefore rate this a lowly 4.9 out of 10 and it only got a slightly higher rating because it seemed a little more honest in it’s approach since last week.

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