Farscape: S02E04: Crackers Don’t Matter

The Moyans have invited an individual named T’raltixx aboard in order to help them continue to evade Scorpius, who has posted “Wanted” beacons everywhere he can think of – including on the Commerce Planets where food and provisions are bought. Despite T’raltixx’ offer to help, John is skeptical of his assistance, and is rather rude and hostile to the alien. T’raltixx has told the rest of the crew that he can help them make a sort of cloaking device by adjusting Moya’s biomechanics that will help them sneak by Scorpius’ patrols. All the Moyans have to do is go to T’raltixx’ home planet where this device can be built and installed. It should be noted at this point that T’raltixx is a rather short-statured being with no eyes, a long, pointed ears and chin, and a really wide forehead, upon which a little lid of some sort rests. I don’t know what the lid does, but it opens and closes at odd times – rather distracting!

Scorpius’ beacons on the Commerce Planets naturally causes some problems for the crew, because they are starting to run out of food. In addition, because of the beacons, Chiana and Aeryn forced to hurriedly leave the Commerce Planet Moya currently orbits, leaving them with only “dried food rectangles” as provisions. John recognizes DFR as “crackers.” Aeryn managed to liberate one of the beacons and brought it aboard in order to check if she can find a “trace signal” in it. Hopefully, they can ascertain Scorpius’ location, and head in the other direction.

Meanwhile, in order to test T’raltixx’ claims, Zhaan decides to run a test on Crichton’s module, in order to see how the promised new technology works. After John enthusiastically relates a consumer horror story about knives that will cut through anything, T’raltixx begs John not to shout, as his ears are very sensitive to compensate for his blindness. While John is not thrilled by the idea of his module being used as a guinea pig for this new technology, he reluctantly allows the test to proceed after threatening T’raltixx with bodily harm if anything happens to the module. Still disbelieving (and rather rude about it), John agrees to start the module for 10 microns – no more that that. Otherwise, the device will overheat and explode. “Just gets better and better all the time, doesn’t it, guys?” John asks jovially. As John turns on the module, bits and pieces of him and the Farscape 1 start vanishing, much to Aeryn and Zhaan’s delight (and Crichton’s chagrin).

When Pilot finds out about the plans to retrofit Moya, he is naturally a bit concerned (apparently none of the rest of the crew had bothered to discuss it with him), and tells Crichton that he isn’t sure he wants any part of T’raltixx’ modifications. He asks John if he trusts T’raltixx’, which John dances around at first, but finally he admits, “Hell NO I don’t trust him. Do I look stupid to you?!” But he reminds Pilot that T’raltixx’ modifications might be the only way for Moya and crew to sneak away from Scorpius and his bounty hunters.

Of course the Moyans decide to go through with the proposed modifications. The only hitch is that T’raltixx’ planet lies beyond a series of five pulsars, which he claims sometimes affect “lesser species,” causing them slightly impaired judgment and wooziness, both minor and temporary. But, T’raltixx tells them, “It’s rare that it would affect beings of your sentient stature.” Whadda schmoozer. As they begin the journey past the pulsars, John asks how everyone is feeling, and everyone says they feel all right, with the exception of Zhaan, who is beginning to look more than a little happy. She tells everyone, “Ohhhhh I feel GOOD. The light!” This remark causes the rest of the crew to roll their eyes.

John escorts T’raltixx to his quarters, and on the way makes a couple of tests of T’raltixx’ sensory acuity. He holds up two fingers, which T’raltixx correctly identifies, and leads him through a mass of DRDs, which he avoids. T’raltixx explains that although he is blind, his other senses have more than developed enough to compensate for his sight, in fact he has an internal radar that helps him with maneuvering and other sight-oriented tasks. on the way, he comes across Chiana chowing down on a bunch of crackers, a concern since the crackers are now the only source of food on Moya. Noticing the huge stack in front of her, he rather testily asks if she’s saving any for the rest of the crew, and is sarcastically told that there are plenty more crackers.

On the way back to T’raltixx, he passes D’Argo in the hall and smirks at him as he walks by. D’Argo asks Chiana puzzledly, “What was all that about?” Chiana indignantly explains (while continuing to munch) that John thinks she’s stealing food. She denies it, and then tells D’Argo they need to talk.

T’raltixx rejects a couple of rooms that John has shown him, much to John’s irritation. Apparently T’raltixx’ hearing is so sensitive that he needs special quarters, well away from general ship’s noise. Although obviously very annoyed by the request to find him a room down past the engine core, John agrees to take him to another tier of the ship. They walk past Rygel’s room, who indignantly tells them that T’raltixx isn’t staying in Rygel’s room. John explains that T’raltixx’ sense are heightened, including his sense of smell. “You might kill him without intending to,” he says calmly, walking off. This leaves Rygel spluttering in annoyance, but John turns back and tells Rygel that he might want to get back to the center chamber (where Chiana was), because she’s eating all the food. “That guy eats and craps his body weight twice a day,” John explains to T’raltixx, continuing on.

Meanwhile, Aeryn has been fiddling with the beacon she found on the planet, and is in the process of playing it back. It shows a hologram of Scorpius detailing a reward for the capture of John Crichton. While she is attempting to pry part of the beacon’s casing off, Zhaan comes in and asks what she’s doing. Aeryn tells her to leave her along and go sit in the sun, but Zhaan then accuses Aeryn of trying to find a personal message from Scorpius offering her a pardon for turning them all in. While the voices are getting more tense, John hails Zhaan and asks where she is. Zhaan calmly tells him that she’s about to have a fight with Aeryn, who snorts, but keeps working. John reminds both of them about the effects of the pulsar light, and asks that they both stay calm. “That’s right!” Zhaan recalls understandingly. “He said it affects lesser species. That might explain her behavior!” (Poor Aeryn hadn’t really done anything or said anything to Zhaan to warrant that comment, except brusquely asking Zhaan to leave her alone so she could work). John tells Zhaan to “get her big blue butt down here” and babysit T’raltixx, because he is driving John crazy.

D’Argo is striding around through Moya’s corridors, when he happens to catch sight of Rygel, now happily eating the crackers. “What are you doing?” he demands. D’Argo’s tone and demeanor terrify poor Rygel, and he is unable to answer anything except that Crichton had said Chiana was stealing food. Unfortunately for Rygel, D’Argo doesn’t give him much of a chance to answer much else, as he suspects that Rygel is stealing food as well. “If you want crackers SO BADLY, I’ll give Your Eminence crackers!” he growls. Fitting the punishment to the (perceived) crime, D’Argo starts stuffing fistfuls of crackers into the poor Hynerian’s mouth and down his throat, and rubbing them into his face. Rygel is paralyzed with fear, and finally whimpers out “D’Argoooo!” which snaps the Luxan back to his senses. Aghast at his actions, and the sight of Rygel gasping for air and weeping, he wrenches himself away and shakes himself a couple of times, growling furiously.

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T’raltixx contacts Pilot and asks about Zhaan, who has collapsed into a sort of trance. He tells Pilot he is concerned about her, but Pilot tells him that if Zhaan is smiling, she is probably… enjoying… the light, since she is a plant. T’raltixx takes this opportunity to ask Pilot if he likes the rest of the crew, and after he thinks about it for a couple of seconds, Pilot responds, “You know, I don’t think I do like them.” T’raltixx rather ominously notes, “I thought as much.”

John contacts Pilot and requests that he run a spectrum analysis on the pulsar light. He also notes that he has been trying to contact Pilot for half an arn, and asks, “Have you noticed anything different around here, Shellhead, because in case you haven’t, let me be the first one to inform you that people are starting to act a little strange!”

Just at that moment, he overhears Aeryn and Chiana arguing loudly. Chiana seems to think that Aeryn is hiding something from the rest of them, and demands to see the entire message, despite Aeryn’s protests that there’s nothing on the beacon. They start squaring up to each other, when Crichton walks in. Chiana immediately explains that Aeryn is hiding something from them, which Aeryn angrily denies. “Show her the message,” Crichton reasonably says. “WHAT?”! Squawks Aeryn. “Show her the message. If there’s nothing secret on there, then she can get the hell out of here.” Aeryn looks at him likes he ‘s nuts.

“Wait a minute,” Chiana responds, thinking furiously. “Why do you want me to watch it?” John and Aeryn stares at her incredulously. “Aha! What’s on there you want me to see?!” John tells her she’s freakin’ insane, just as D’Argo strides in, demanding to know what’s going on. “Thank you!” remarks Aeryn to John, vindicated.

“Go back to your mound, Grizzly, you’re not wanted here,” John continues, staring at Chiana. Chiana tells D’Argo that Aeryn and John are working together. “First they don’t want me to watch the beacon, and now they want me to watch the beacon!!” she rants. D’Argo grabs John’s arm and demands to know why he won’t show Chiana the beacon. “Get your hands off me!” rages John, slapping D’Argo’s hands aside. D’Argo then punches John in the face, prompting Aeryn to spring up in D’Argo’s face and yell indignantly, “OOHHHHH I don’t THINK SO.”

D’Argo’s blow snaps John back to reality, and he yells at Aeryn and D’Argo to get their attention. “What the hell are we doing?!” he asks them, shocked by their (and his) actions. “Look, we’re fighting over lousy crackers, and secret messages that don’t exist.” Unfortunately, his reasonable approach is lost of both Aeryn and D’Argo, who continue to try and stare each other down. Although he doesn’t exactly back down, D’Argo apologizes to John (but not Aeryn, let it be said), and John tells him it’s all right, and they just need to get past the pulsars so things can get back to normal. Body language wise, it is very clear that John and Aeryn are paired up versus Chiana and D’Argo. At any rate, unbeknownst to them all, T’raltixx is observing and watching this fight, stuck to an I-beam like some sort of big spider – and then he spiderishly scuttles away after destroying a DRD with some sort of beam from his eyes (which also look spidery).

John confronts T’raltixx about the pulsar affecting the crew, and T’raltixx tells him that he has never heard of sentient species so badly affected. He says that no one knows why, but the pulsar light affects them through their vision, disrupting their optic neurons and triggering distrust. He tells John that he thinks that his blindness is somehow protecting him from the effects of the pulsar as he doesn’t have any neurons.

Zhaan is basking in her afterglow, and laughingly tells John to just enjoy it. “Have another one, Blue Girl,” he recommends. “Unless you’re faking it. Are you faking it?” Zhaan gigglingly assures him she isn’t faking it at all. T’raltixx solicitously suggests that they turn back because his device isn’t worth all the risk, but Zhaan testily tells him to shut up, and that she wants Moya to stay right where she is and drive around in circles. John points out that there’s no point in turning back, as they’re already halfway through the pulsar field. The effects they have been noting should start decreasing.

Aeryn is stalking through Moya’s corridors, big gun drawn and ready for action. Rygel… I know you’re down here!” she hisses menacingly. She finds him hiding in a hole in the wall; he is under the impression that D’Argo sent her to kill him. “I’m not going to hurt you. Yet.” she comfortingly informs him. She tells him she doesn’t like him, and that she thinks he’s a coward, but that is the reason she can trust him She has a plan and she needs him to watch her back. “Do you want to volunteer?” she concludes briskly, charging up her gun and pointing it at him.

Elsewhere in Moya, the beacon issue is still gnawing at Chiana and D’Argo. Chiana still thinks that Aeryn is hiding something, and is trying to contact Scorpius through the beacon, so she can turn all of them in. Chiana believes that Aeryn and John are working together to turn the rest of them in. D’Argo concludes that he and Chiana need to get off the ship to save themselves. Zhaan comes blissfully floating down the hallway just then, and Chiana runs off and tells D’Argo to deal with it. “Are you working with Crichton?” he demands. “What are you talking about? Leave me alone.” Zhaan retorts in disgust, prompting D’Argo to use his death-tongue and knock her out. “She’s definitely working with Crichton,” D’Argo tells a bemused Chiana.

In the command room, John is trying to get Pilot to run the spectral analysis scan. “I’m only judging on my experience with you, but I have never seen such a deficient species.” Pilot discloses objectively. John tiredly asks Pilot if he’s run the spectral analysis – as if he’s already asked a number of times. Pilot waxes poetic about humans and their inadequacies. “How do humans make it through a cycle – even half a cycle – without killing each other?” he wants to know, continuing with a catalog of deficits. “Do you do anything well?” “We watch football, have you run the scan?” John tells him, becoming a trifle annoyed. When Pilot refuses to answer, but continues with the insults, John climbs over Pilots console and starts fiddling with it, much to Pilot’s annoyance. “If you want something done, you gotta do it yourself,” John mutters, while batting Pilot’s claws aside and commenting on Pilot’s general incompetence. Pilot, of course, doesn’t take well to John’s comments or actions, and shocks him through the control panel, throwing John across the room. “I warned you,” Pilot reminds him, as John stares at him in dismay.

John finally asks Pilot what has happened to him, but Pilot denies anything is wrong with him. Again, pain seems to have snapped John out of his own irrational behavior. John wishes to know if Pilot can see the light in the command room, if it physically enters the chamber. Pilot responds that it doesn’t. John makes one of those intuitive leaps he’s so good at and realizes that although he and the others have been in the light, Pilot hasn’t – yet he is still affected by it. “I’m NOT, now GET OUT,” Pilot snarls at John.

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Crichton goes looking for Aeryn and finds her and Rygel in the central chamber, where they are packing up crackers. Aeryn pulls her gun on John and tells him they’re only taking their share. “I don’t care about CRACKERS!” John laughs incredulously. “Well, we DO!” retorts Rygel, advising Aeryn to shoot John if he comes any closer. John says if this is all about crackers, he wants his ice cream; when Rygel tells him he never heard of isis cream, he bellows, “Where’s my DAMN ICE CREAM??!” and starts singing the ice cream song (I scream you scream, we all scream for ice cream). Either he really finally cracked, or he’s crazy like a fox, because it disarmed Aeryn long enough for him to run away, chanting about ice cream the whole while.

Pilot and T’raltixx have a discussion; T’raltixx wants to set up a room with more light, and wants more DRDs to do so. He is affected by the darkness and needs more light. He wants to increase Moya’s bioluminescence so that his senses are not so affected by the dark. He also gets Pilot to admit that he doesn’t trust the rest of the crew and doesn’t need them to carry out his functions. He tells Pilot he has a proposition for him, even if Pilot doesn’t trust him. “Go on,” Pilot requests.

Crichton comes across Zhaan’s body lying slumped in the cargo bay and notices D’Argo and Chiana packing crackers into his module. After asking about Zhaan, he asks the pair what they’re doing. “We’re just getting off Moya,” Chiana cheerfully explains, snuggling up to D’Argo. John explains that they can’t use the module, as he’s pulled a key piece out of it. And he also disabled the hangar doors, so no one is leaving. Then he swaggers off, leaving Chiana and D’Argo staring after him. “He didn’t care about Zhaan,” Chiana comments puzzledly, watching him walk away. “You said she was working for him.”

Returning to Aeryn and Rygel, John yells, “Heya, Honey!” and ducks behind the door. Aeryn draws her gun and tells him to go away, but he tells her he has a plan, even if he’s crazy. He wants to lock up all the guns on the ship so no one gets hurt. Needless to say, Aeryn is unenthusiastic about this idea. “Honey, Please!” John tries again, engagingly, appealing to her softer side. Aeryn shoots at him, deliberately missing. “Next time you’ll be a crouton, Crichton,” Aeryn smirks. John tries to get Pilot to shut Aeryn down in the control room (where she and Rygel have holed up). “I’m sorry, John, I can’t do that,” responds Pilot calmly.

Pilot’s calm, level voice uttering those deathless words was too much — what a homage to 2001: Space Odyssey. I literally had tears running down my cheeks at this point.

Aeryn tells John that the only way he’s going to get her gun from her is to kill her, and points the gun at her own head, giggling madly the whole time! John tells her to take a look at what she’s doing, and she laughs hysterically and calls to Rygel, “He’s right, he’s absolutely right! The power setting is TOO LOW!!” She pumps it up and takes a shot at John, who is still standing behind the door.

John saunters off, and finds Chiana playing with the activated beacon in the hall. He grabs her and asks what she’s doing; she responds by kneeing him in the, erm… “nivoks.” She giggles happily while he collapses, and runs off. The hologram of Scorpius steps out of the beacon and starts talking to John. “You’re right John, they don’t get it. They don’t get how crazy they are!” he says sympathetically.

John and Scorpius walk down the corridor together, with Scorpius haranguing John about his past actions that indicate he likes his revenge. “Revenge is a dish best served cold!” he finishes proudly. “Shut up!” snarls John. “I HATE IT, when villains quote Shakespeare!” Scorpius reminds John that the other Moyans are coming to kill him, and he had best prepare for it.

Meanwhile, T’raltixx is playing on Pilot’s insecurities to have him boost the light volume in his room. He tells Pilot that he may not trust him, but to trust the Moyans even less. “Boosting in two core channels,” replies Pilot.

John has begun to actively seek out the other Moyans, and he runs across D’Argo first. D’Argo is carrying his Qualta blade, and John tells him to drop it, which he does. John has a brief discussion with Scorpius as D’Argo looks on in amazement. “Oh, am I being irrational? Well, have a little pain,” he remarks, as he shoots D’Argo in the leg. “Finish him!” urges Scorpy helpfully. John then has an argument with Scorpius, who has been urging him to kill D’Argo so they can go to an ‘Eye-talian’ place. “I don’t like ‘Eye-talian,’” hisses John. (Now I KNOW he’s crazy!) During the course of this argument, D’Argo escapes, leaving a trail of his black blood.

The next person he finds is Chiana, skittishly looking for D’Argo or Zhaan in Moya’s corridors. “Hi baby!” John says suavely, catching her by the arm and pushing her against the wall, holding a gun in her ribs. John makes some very cutting (and below the belt) remarks about her sluttiness and the reasons her family disowned her, and gets ready to kill her, when Scorpius intervenes. “Tie her up… then we can save her for dessert,” he recommends. “Kill the others, then have a little bit of fun with her.” John nuzzles Chiana hair and neck and admits, “I like that idea.” Then he knocks her out.

OK, Ewww. Ewwwwwwww! This scene was extremely shocking and horrifying not the least because John has been careful to cultivate a brotherly relationship with Chiana, and he’s always been a good guy, a sensitive caring guy. That this good, kind man can be reduced to an agreement to rape someone he cares about as a sister speaks volumes about the nature of the subconscious, and how much he and everyone else has been affected. While the rest of the episode was pretty darn funny, this scene was did not carry on it that vein.

After dealing with Chiana, John tracks down Aeryn and Rygel. He comes across them right after they have had an argument, during which Aeryn knocked out Rygel. Guns drawn, he begins to bait her, reminding her of all the vows she has broken in her life, asking if she’ll have anything to look back on with pride when she’s old. She responds in much the same vein with him, telling him all he ever does is talk (as opposed to her gift for taking action, one presumes). She continues on, telling him he’s always lived in his father’s shadow, and telling him he’s only a test-monkey. Also reaching for words that would cut to the heart, all the while laughing hysterically, John tells Aeryn she’s a “frigid, flat-butted bitch Peacekeeper skank!” Poor Aeryn actually looks at her very shapely rear during this sally.

“Kill her, then we’ll have pizza! With margarita shooters!” Scorpy recommends, fetchingly dressed in a Hawaiian shirt. “Nobody… has margaritas… with PIZZA!” John retorts, pointing his gun at Scorpy, who gracefully backs off. Aeryn look on in amazement, while Scorpy tells John he’s out of his mind. John takes the remark as grounds to shoot Scorpius, who dissolves into hundreds of little heads!

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Aeryn takes this opportunity to tell John she’s sick of always having to listen to him, and that when she’s old she’ll at least have the satisfaction of knowing she killed him. John was temporarily snapped out of his madness by killing Scorpius, and tells her that Scorpius wanted him to kill her – just as she’s in the process of shooting him. Oddly, since they’re only a few feet from each other, the shot goes wildly astray. Giggling, John shoots to the side of Aeryn as well, launching them both into a fire-fight that is very reminiscent of John Woo, with shots and flying bodies galore (I think someone on the FarScape writing staff must really be a fan!) Although the air is full of smoke and ammo, neither John nor Aeryn is so much as singed. Clicking their now emptied guns, they notice they have run out of ammo at the same time, and Aeryn politely calls out to John, “Have you got any spare cartridges?” They then charge at each other around the side of the door.

John drags Aeryn’s unconscious body into the same room he has secured all the others, and handcuffs her to a table. “Now that we’re all here, and Oh so Happy! Do you think we can get along for three microns?” John inquires pleasantly. “No,” grunts D’Argo. “But D’Argo, I need you to understand, that crackers… don’t matter!” continues John in the same pleasant voice, as he shoots a pile of crackers above D’Argo’s head, thereby showing him with crumbs. This cracks John up and he cackles delightedly.

Asking if he has their attention, John tells them to focus on their assignment, namely T’raltixx. John points out that since T’raltixx came one board, they’ve been fighting over everything and anything, including crackers. He punctuates his point by shooting another pile of crackers, showering Chiana this time. John tells them he may be crazy, but he came to a realization, that it isn’t the pulsars affecting him, especially since they are past the pulsars. He shoots the pile of crackers above Rygel and showers him with crumbs. As proof of his assertions, John has Zhaan explain what happened to her: when she was near T’raltixx, the effect of her photogasms was actually stranger than when she was in the light of the pulsars. So, concludes John, he is reluctantly forced to ask them all for their help. “No!” replies Aeryn defiantly, after considering for a second. “Wrong answer!” giggles John, shooting Aeryn’s pile of crackers.

Meanwhile, T’raltixx has overloaded Moya’s systems, much to Pilot’s dismay. “I need MORE LIGHT!” bellows the little spider. Pilot reluctantly boosts up the light quotient, causing Moya’s entire body to glow.

John points out what T’raltixx is doing: even the walls glow. The Moyans agree that that isn’t right, and although they are all still irritable and paranoid, they agree there is a common enemy. John asks Aeryn if he can trust her, and she tells him he can’t but he releases her anyway. After everyone has been released, John reminds them to focus, and tells that T’raltixx is reaching them through their optic nerves. So, if they can keep the light and heat off him, he’ll go in and kill the little bastard. D’Argo derisively tells John he isn’t a warrior, and he’ll do the deed. “No, I will!” Aeryn says argumentatively. John points out that they’d kill each other before they got anywhere near T’raltixx.

Assistance comes from a surprising quarter. “Crichton’s right, he’ll have to do it,” admits Chiana. “He’s the only one who isn’t affected, because he’s deficient!” She maintains that because he has the worst eyes out of all the Moyans, he isn’t being affected. “I got GREAT eyes, they’re better than 20/20, and they’re BLUE!” he snaps in reply. The Moyans decide if they’re going to let John save them, they need a good plan.

The plan seems to revolve around making John heat and light proof. Zhaan dabs a weird green heat-deflecting paste on his face, which John complains, smells like puke. “I predigested it to increase it’s potency,” Zhaan explains. D’Argo hands John a pair of goggles to keep him from going blind, and Aeryn gives him a shield made of a piece of her Prowler to deflect heat. Chiana give him solar reflective flare wrap as a cape, and a cap soaked in Zhaan’s biopaste. “I look ridiculous, don’t I?” asks John, as the other Moyans supportively agree. Rygel helpfully brings over the prototype of T’raltixx’ device and hangs it around John’s neck. All kitted out and brandishing D’Argo’s Qualta blade, John assumes a martial stance and begins humming “Ride of the Valkyries.” “We are going to die,” Aeryn mutters.

The Moyans hook up the prototype to John’s module to power it, and warn Rygel, who is manning the module, to let it go for no more than ten microns. Aeryn warns John to cut T’raltixx’ power cables, because that will decrease his light and weaken him.

Prepped, ready and invisible, John strides forth to do battle with the spider dude. once John is in T’raltixx chamber, T’raltixx makes it clear to Pilot that he knows someone is in the room with him, but Pilot can’t see anyone. John begins to cut T’raltixx’ cables, much to his consternation. “…Nine…Ten…” counts Rygel, manning John’s module. “…Eleven.. Twelve…” he continues blithely. T’raltixx sees the cable that connects the prototype to the module, and blasts it with his eye beams. John becomes visible, of course, and T’raltixx screams to him that John can’t stop him. “But Humans are SUPERIOOOOOORRRR!” yells John, continue to cut cables while T’raltixx shoots eye bolts at him. T’raltixx rises off the floor and shrieks defiantly, “You cannot stop me Crichton!” John takes this opportunity to shoot him with D’Argo’s Qualta blade. T’raltixx screams that even if John kills him, there are thousands more of his kind, and they will find a Leviathan ship to take over, and then everyone will be sorry. John stabs T’raltixx, thereby ending any further speeches from the bug man.

As the show closes, the Moyans make their amends with each other. D’Argo apologizes to Rygel, but Rygel tells him he can’t forgive him yet. Chiana tells Crichton she rather respects him for the things he said to her (!), and seems unaffected by it. John tries to apologize to Aeryn, but she cuts him off, saying merely, “Me too.” John sadly realizes that you can never really take things back, and is left wondering if their relationship is permanently broken.

Comments: Wow! This was a great episode, and hysterically funny, albeit a little sad at the end. It was interesting to see the extent that John and the others knew exactly what buttons to push, especially John and Aeryn with each other. Part of the point of becoming intimate with someone (either as a friend or a lover) is that you have to trust them and rely on them not to use their knowledge of your weaknesses – which is exactly what happened between the two of them. Will they get over it? Probably, but even if one forgives, it is sometimes pretty hard to forget. Anyway, this episode rocked:

I rate this episode 5/5.

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