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Simon Tam is the argumentative (at least with the Captain) ships doctor. He is a fugitive after he used all his resources to rescue his sister (River) from those no-good hoodlums, the Alliance.

This is a real shame for Simon who was raised in a wealthy household. He is used to all the good things in life and now finds himself part of a bunch misfits on a transport ship.

However, he has demonstrated very clearly that he is totally devoted to his sister. He placed his own life in danger to save her from the Alliance. He once explained his relationship and why he sacrificed his wealthy lifestyle:

I am very smart. I went to the best Medical Centre in Osirus – top 3% of my class. I finished my internship in eight months. Gifted is the term.” He says modestly. “So when I tell you that my sister makes me look like an idiot child, I want you to understand my full meaning. River was more than gifted…….. she was a gift.

He went on to explain how she had gone to an Academy and that after two years he learned that she was being hurt. He spent many months plotting an escape attempt and managed to free her and get her onto the Serenity where they are now fugitives.

He is most certainly a brilliant surgeon and he is also the beneficiary of Kaylee’s attentions. I’m not sure if he will ever return her doey eyed expressions, but he certainly appreciates having an ally.

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Unfortunately for Simon, Jayne fancies Kaylee! As a result, he sees the young doctor as a threat and Simon and Jayne NEVER get along.

If you were to meet Simon in the pub he’d be drunk. he’d be lol-about-arse-over-elbow drunk. In fact it would be embarrassing to watch (but you still would).

He is however, resourceful and determined.

Simon Tam is played wonderfully by Sean Maher. He was born in New York and trained at NYU before getting his big break in the doomed show ‘Ryan Caulfield: Year one’ where he played a rookie cop. Unfortunately for him the show was cancelled after only two episodes.

As with his character however, Sean bounced back and has enjoyed favourable reviews of his performances in other TV shows such as Fox’s “Party of Five” and “The $treet” where he was cast as an ex-Navy SEAL from a working-class background making a living as a Wall Street trader.

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