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Wash is the all seeing and competent Serenity driver.  He’s also the lucky git who’s married to Zoe.  Despite this he is unassuming, quiet and pretty easygoing which is a complete load of bollocks in my book!  Lets face it, if we were the pilot of a spaceship and married to someone who is drop-dead-lovely, would we have such a personality?  I know I wouldn’t. I’d be strutting around posing in my spaceship telling everyone how it can do 0-60 in less than a microsecond and proudly showing off my wedding wallet-picture of Zoe to my mates.

That’s not to say of course that Wash is a boring git, nope he’s got a sense of humour and he’s more of the quiet hero type. He’s also a brilliant pilot and has often been responsible for saving the lives of the crew with his unique escape tactics – especially outmaneuvering the Reevers.

He is very much in love with his wife and has, on at least one occasion, refused the advances of another beautiful woman. He particularly likes Zoe’s, legs and her shapely bum. He’s also impressed with the way she could kill him with her little finger.

If you were to meet him in the pub, you’d probably think Wash was pretty cool. He’d be cracking the odd intelligent joke and making witty observations about stuff. He’d probably handle the smart git who questioned Zoe’s fidelity with a cutting comment about the size of his libido.

Wash has two plastic dinosaurs that he plays with from time to time.

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Wash is played by Alan Tudyk who is proud to be a Texan. He was born in El Paso and raised in Plano (where my company’s head office is based – cool huh!).

Mr. Tudyk (besides having a cool surname – I wonder, is it pronounced two-dick?) has an affinity with cool acting/theatre-troop names also.  For instance he has performed at the Dallas Shakespeare Festival (hehe, I’m a Limey, I can laugh at that ok!) and founded the equally implausible ‘Dallas Rubber Chicken Stand-up Improv Troupe’. once he stopped messing around with silly sounding theatrical organisations, he eventually hit movies with ‘A Knight’s Tale’ (2001) – which I thought was pretty cool!  He’s been in other, less cool films such as ‘Wonder Boys’ and ’28 days’.

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