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    Okay, I’ll join in on the fun 🙂


    I mean she’s the cutest thing since Ava Garner… but isn’t Aeon Flux a) anorexic b)athletic c)dark haired d)anorexic e)did I mention thin…

    This is a tough casting call… honestly, I don’t even know who can play the character. There was this dark haired woman in Law and Order… Angie something or other…that sorta reminded me of Aeon…without the futuristic hair-doo… sorta.

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    Which reminds me, I liked Bob’s opening line this week, “Start the email campaign now!”. Anticipating the need for some fan assistance, eh Cinegroup? 😉

    Trust me, that gag is pure Sci-Fi… So who’s up for seeing Adam get his index finger grinded by Six’s vagina? What about Six and T’Nuk making out? Anyone? Let us pray they put a deleted scenes section on the DVD.

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    Well I did stay up to watch it for you Hedge. The story line was okay, and I like the Gus character, but the animation kept distracting me. Some scenes were good and other were so clunky I kept wondering what on earth they were thinking when they did it.

    Would I watch it again? Probably, Gus was pretty amusing.

    The animation inconsistency often happens in 3D and even 2D animated series/movies. This is what commonly happens when you don’t have or can’t afford an animation director.

    An animation director bridges the gap between the director and lead animators. He/she takes into account what the scenes call for and what the director wants and maintains consistency between scenes and characters. Making sure a character maintains the same attitude and animation quality in every shot is a full-time job and a tough one.

    Speaking of inconsistencies I was surprised to see lots of this in Shrek 2. They weren’t many animators, though; 50 animators is not a lot for the amount of content they had to produce.

    Pixar movies have animation directors… yay!

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    The transcript for the epsiode.

    After watching the episode again (for the transcipt), I think I may have been a bit too harsh on it. I still don’t think it was very good, but it wasn’t utter crap.

    Nah you weren’t overreacting…it was the most boring of the bunch. There are some better episodes coming. BTW this was the last episode animated at Cinegroupe. The rest were mostly done in malaysia. I think there’s another episode that really bites the big one… but I’ll let you guys judge.

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    Just to refresh your memory… when Six enters the stage in her jogging suit (which seems to add about 30 lbs to her frame) to read her poem, Chode decides that he doesn’t like that one bit so he says something along the lines of “Time for a wardrobe malfunction” and uses a touchpad to remove Six’s clothing one piece at a time.

    Great episode guys! Keep up the good work.

    Regarding question 2, I’m not certain since I didn’t animate that sequence, The Denkster would know that.

    Hey another factoid: originally Whip was supposed to be a washed-out drunken x-surfer dude dressed in a wet suit with beer in hand. Older but not so much wiser… think Chong from Cheech and Chong.

    Thanks for the words of encouragement, BigJay.

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    Another amazing point is that the effects were outstanding, with the zoom in’s and camera angles, surprisingly all this was done on Nvidia graphics cards (Quadro) and for me it was right up there with anything ILM could’ve done.
    I particualrly liked the way the way the colonnials had to revert back to the old tech, very well played out.
    Final verdict: Simply Stunning

    The camera’s handy-cam feel was absolutely horrendous. How are you expected to follow the action. Bad decision in my opnion – it feels like LA Law or some other drama show.

    As for the actual effects, space effects are so old that event the smallest effects houses dish out excellent stuff. Ask them to do a character with covered in fur and I don’t think you’d get the same quality…

    All that being said, the writing was quite good. The focus of the show seems to be well split between character relationships and the unfolding events. The actors were actually good, except for Adama’s son…

    I have a feeling we won’t be seeing much of the old menacing psilons which is a shame. They really made the show fun to watch – what was that clever robot called, the one with the lights in his head? Lucifer? Tripping have a cameo of that guy…pretty funny.

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    I’ve been over the episode with a fine pick and comb, and I can’t find Jesus. No pun intended. Where is it exactly is he?

    Crap – they pulled it out (was wondering why there was no comments about that). It was simply Jesus running to catch his flight (dragging a crucafix on wheels with a bunch of location stickers like “I LUV Jerusalem” on it).

    The only other background gag I remember is the mechanised dog scooting at the timeport.

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    I was really impressed by all the various aliens, and how well they were all animated. I especially liked that one alien that walks in a vertical circle by having one leg circle over the either. It’s also the one that digests little amoeba aliens quite quickly.

    That was done in pre-anim by one of the two lead animators on the show. I’m surprised nobody mentioned Jesus and his crucafix yet… that background gag was put back in at the last minute.

    Any chance of any deleted scenes being released? 😉

    There weren’t as many deleted scenes as pacing changes and added shots. Those I mention were never officially rendered and probably don’t have any sound f/x (if they still exist). I might have some previews but I’m sure I’d get into lots of trouble showing those. I understand why they took out the shots, but they sorta panicked and instead of taking out the offensive material removed an entire sequence which was quite funny.

    What were the causes?

    I’m not sure what precisely delayed the project but I know that at the beginning there were numerous script drafts and changes.

    I’m looking forward to seeing the public’s reaction to Episode 2.

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    I’ve added the first review for the premier of Tripping the Rift. God is our Pilot.

    I’ve also added aroudn 20 screengrabs to the downloads section ftom this episode. I plan on adding a few more things later tonight.

    What’s everyone think?

    I was part of the production team and I’m honestly glad the fans like it. We had a lot of fun doing the show and are hoping for a second season.

    A little insight on the creation of the show:

    -there were approximately 150 characters created for the show. Without counting the reuses (that is the same character dressed up differently or made up differently). This is unheard of (at least to my knowledge) in 3d animation for broadcast.

    -episode 1 originally started out very differently, and now that the show is airing I think I can mention that in the original draft, right at the start of the show you found out why Commander Adam of the Confederation and Darph Bobo were after Chode. This included a scene where Adam tries to find Six’s reset button with his middle finger- need I say more (funny that some people think its too crude – it was toned down alot).

    -the show was created on 3dsMax 4.2 w/ Character Studio.

    -aside from the director, there were 5 teams directly involved in production, modelling, textures, animation, lighting, and FX (wrap-up).

    -all of the modelling and textures, plus most of the animation cycles were created at Cinegroupe. Five episodes were animated at the Montreal studio, the others were sub-contracted to a studio in Malasya.

    -the opening was NOT created by Cinegroupe. I think Roman film opened a small studio and they took care of the opening (personally it doesn’t match the quality of the shows done in Montreal – then again I’m biased 🙂

    I’m certainly proud of my contribution to the show – taking into account all of the delays and time constraints… I think everyone involved is aswell. Thanks for keeping Chode alive,


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