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    The Venture Brothers is much better. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    I wonder whether the 12 cylon models aludes only to the cylon/human models or all of them, including the new refined machine cylon and the old tin can model.

    It will be interesting to see how they go through the series having only identified four human/cylon models so far.

    in reply to: Poll: Who is the Cylon? #73935

    Prez Roslin is an interesting choice, but she has cancer. That would be quite a flaw in the cylon design.

    But I think that revealing that boomer was a cylon (I don’t this this a spoiler anymore) was done a bit too soon.

    But it does add to the suspense that anyone could be a cylon now.

    The best shows on TV (sci-fi or not) are the ones that allow main characters to be killed off or similarily significantly compromised. Adds to the awe factor.

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    I liked the review, but I disagree with one point about the nuke strikes the galactica took, yet some G4 could blow out the tanks.

    Demolitions is an artform. There are plenty examples of finese rather than brute force being needed to accomplish a goal.

    Look at the power and force a dam holds back. Tons and tons of water that has a LOT of destructive potential, yet the dam holds it back….BUT place a few charges in strategic places…the dam won’t hold.

    I have been watching a LOT of sci-fi my entire life and usually am the one to nitpick. But I find so far that BSG is doing a damn good job (coincidentally?) of making the show realistic. I haven’t seen such a good job of this since Stargate SG1.

    I think it is entirely plausible that the Galactica could take these nuke strikes on the outside hull and not breach, yet some strategically placed charges INSIDE the hull could do it.

    Remember the Galactica is a combat vessel and is expected to be attacked by nukes, so I am sure their science has some hardening techniques to combat it. But sabotage from the inside is ALWAYS far more destructive.

    Just my two cents.

    Oh, BTW. Boomer was soaking wet at the beginning of the ep, so she obviously dove into the tanks to place the charges, making the explosions that much more destructive as the previous poster noted.

    in reply to: "33" (aka Splashdown) *spoilers* #73933

    *Or…is Helo supposed to take Boomer to other humans to wipe them all out completely. Helo is the only one now who doesn’t know that Cylons have taken human form. *

    I think it’s obvious that the cylons are playing somekind of game with the humans. If they wanted to wipe out the survivors, they could easily finish nuking the colonies into dust, as they started out.

    I think there is a story arc here where the cylons have decided in some way that they need humanity, but attack them to control them. They wipe out most of humanity so that they have a small control group they can experiment with. This is looking like a “Gall Force” type story. Remember, they were created by humans and all intelligent creations wish to “touch” thier creators. I speculate that they wish to learn more of humanity on a grand scale. I think 6’s behavior in the miniseries makes this clear. It seems plausible to me that the cylons have infiltrated the human worlds for a long time and now it’s time to move onto “phase 2”.

    The cylons could easily have wiped out the fleet at ragnar. Remember the cylon trapped with Adama said that they would come into the nebula, wipe them out and leave before they got a headache. He was out of contact with the rest and apparently isn’t aware of what the rest have in mind.

    It’s obvious the cylons are running somekind of experiement on humanity, because they could easily wipe them out at anytime, if that was thier true intention.

    I think we have a “space opera” arc ala Babylon 5 that will need to play out over time.

    I don’t know what they want with splashdown, but it’s clear that they are testing/experimenting with him.


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