Futurama: People: Turanga Leela

Turanga Leela is the captain of the Planet Express. She’s a hard as nails fem-mutant, who couldn’t get a second date to save her life. If you were to see Leela in a bar, you’d be amazed that she’s drinking twice as much (with twice the proof) of yours. You might be tempted to walk over and ask her out, but it might be difficult to come up with a good pick-up line because of her eye.

Leela is a mutant. She was abandoned at a minimum security orphanage as an infant be her parents because she looked almost human. The almost meaning her one eye. She was raised to believe that she was an alien, and spent most of her life searching for her home planet. Of course she was on it all along, earth.

She’s responsible for piloting the ship, no wonder they’re always getting lost. Leela is used to hearing the jokes about her eye, but make fun of her nose, and you will live to regret it!

She wants nothing more then to feel loved. It’s all about childhood insecurities, of being an orphan, and blah blah blah. What this means is that she is constantly looking for a romantic partner. Too bad she has high standards and rejects any man with low enough standards to date her. Leela could always get a date with Fry (whom she was married to for a few seconds), but she wants more then the 20th century delivery boy. In an alternate universe, Leela 1 did date Fry and found him to be the most charming and romantic man, and married him.

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She never looked back. Sucks for the normal Leela (A). Leela once worked as a bureaucrat, a fate assignment officer for people waking out of cryo-sleep. After she met Fry, she ditched her job, and joined him to work at Planet Express as the ship’s captain. She’s highly qualified, and keeps the jokers Fry and Bender in line. Her innate talent of being on the foot end of an alien ass kicking, and technical skills make her an invaluable member (read: lifesaver) of the Planet Express team.

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