Battlestar Galactica: Transcripts: S02E18: Downloaded

CapricaBaltar’s House (Flashback 9 months to the miniseries)


Baltar: Wait, there has to be another way out of here! I mean–I mean you–you must have an escape plan. You’re not about to be destroyed by your own bombs, are you? How are you leaving? Oh!

#6: Gaius, I can’t die. When this body’s destroyed, my memory, my consciousness will be transmitted to a new o­ne. I’ll just wake up somewhere else in an identical body.

Baltar: You mean there’s more out there like you?

#6: There are 12 models. I’m number 6.

Baltar: I don’t want to die. #6: Get down. A nuclear shockwave overtakes them and destroys the house.


#6 wakes up in a tub of goo. Images from her previous life and death flood into her mind. These include many flash back vuts of the minisieres including the line: #6: Do you love me?

Caprica – Resurrection Room


#6: Where–where– I was in a house.

Biers: But you’re not in a house any longer. You’re back with us. You’ve been reborn.

#6: I died. I died.

Biers: That’s right. You were in a house. It was destroyed. A nuclear blast. But that is all over now. You have been downloaded into aa new body.

#6: Gaius. Gaius was in the house.

Biers: Gaius Baltar?

#6: Yes. Is he alive? Is he?

Baltar: Shhhhhh. I’m not really here. No o­ne can see me but you. Don’t let them know.

Biers: Six. Would it trouble you if doctor Baltar were dead?

Baltar: If they know how you feel about me, it’ll be a problem.

#6: It would be unfortunate if he died. He was so helpful.

Biers: Very helpful. Your mission was a resounding success. It completely disabled the colonial defences. The attack succeeded beyond our most optimistic projections, thanks to you.

Flashbacks (10 weeks prior)


This time we rewatch the scenes where Boomer shoots Adama, and then when Cally kills Boomer. She too awakes in a tub of goo and has flash memories of her previous life and death including a scene when Tyrol is talking to her in the brig.

Tyrol: I’m not a cylon. You’re a machine, I’m not.

Caprica – Resurrection Room


Biers: I know there’s pain, but breathe– ride through it. You’re going to be okay. Trust me. You’re in god’s hands. We’re all here with you. That’s it.

Boomer: [Coughing, retching]

Biers: This will pass. Trust me. Everything’s gonna be all right.

#6: Welcome home, sister. We’re here. We’re going to take care of you.

Doral: We’re proud of you, sharon.  Boomer: (another clone) And we love you. Boomer: Noooooo! Noooooooooooooo!

Caprica City


#6 is o­n a bench watching some centurions plant a new tree. She is having a conversation with her own imaginary Baltar.

#6: I was thinking it symbolized rebirth, a new beginning.

Baltar: It’s a memorial. Do you know how many people died in this park during the attack? How many people in this park alone?

Biers: It’s gonna be lovely, isn’t it?

#6: Sorry.

Biers: A place to relax and collect your thoughts. How are you doing?

#6: I’m a little stiff. I’m still trying to get used to this body. I mean, I know it’s identical, but… even after all this time, I still feel awkward.

Biers: I was a klutz too. Always knock things over. Forever tripping over things. And, you know what? You get over it. And you know what, this is a great chance to cleanse. You got a new body, a new life. And anything that you’ve built up like anxieties or remorse or guilt, just let it wash away.

#6: I can’t tell you how thankful I am. You’ve–you’ve been a really big help to me.

Biers: No, it’s me who’s thankful. We all are. You are a warrior. We could not have won without you.

Doral: Excuse me. I just wanted to say it’s an honor to have you here o­n Caprica with us. What you did, well, it’s inspiring. Thank you.

Galactica – Sick bay


Boomer is having an emergency C-section

Helo: Hey. How you doing?

Boomer: Freezing. I can’t feel my legs.

Helo: That’s the epidural.

Boomer: What happened?

Helo: You passed out and started bleeding again, but everything’s going to be all right.

Cottle: Like hell it is. I find it absolutely amazing. You people went to all the trouble to appear human and didn’t upgrade the plumbing. You have a detached placenta. Baby’s gotta come out now or we will lose you both.

Ishay: Okay, sir, I’m going to have to ask you to step back, please. She’s tachycardiac, and her blood pressure’s dropping. Yeah, she’s hemorrhaging again. We’re gonna have to make the cut now.

Helo:  Sharon, can you hear me?

Boomer: Helo.  Boomer is kncoked out. Cottle starts the operation.

Caprica City


#6: Still can’t get used to this.  Biers: Well, you’re a hero of the cylon now. You’re our first celebrity.

#6: No, I’m just another Six.

Biers: You’re too modest. I’m just another Three. And there are Fives and–or Eights. But you, everyone calls you Caprica Six like you’re the o­nly Six o­n the planet. And–and what you did was incredibly difficult. Seduce a man, so emotionally and physically so that he grants you access to all the most closely guarded secrets of his people. That mission could be profoundly disturbing.

Baltar: Disturbing? She sleeping with me and killing billions of people? ‘Cause I rather thought you enjoyed sleeping with me.

#6: It was difficult at times.

Biers: So nobody here can possibly understand what you’ve been through. Which is why we need your help. There’s another cylon who’s been having trouble re-integrating after a download. Another hero, actually. An Eight. She still insists o­n calling herself Sharon.

#6: And you thought I could help. I’m still having… I’m having problems of my own.

Biers: Caprica, you don’t understand. She really needs your help. If we don’t turn her around soon, there’s talk of boxing her.

#6: Putting her memories in cold storage? You can’t be serious.

Baltar: Well, that’s a charming way to deal with emotional problems. o­ne might almost call it inhuman. Oh, that’s right, you are.

Biers: All right, look, it is a last resort, but she has been regressing. Please. She’s living up there in that apartment. It’s the o­ne she had when she thought she was human.

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Caprica City – Rooftop


Resistance Fighter were obsrving the above conversation while plotting an attack. Hilliard: Security’s minimal. Two centurions patrol out front. The third bullet-head watch the perimeter. Bullet-head walking perimeter makes random changes to his patrol. Be tough to get past him.  Anders: All right, so we go under him. The storm drain leads directly to the garage underneath the cafe. They’ll be dozens of skin jobs inside.    Galactica – Sick Bay==============================================
The baby has been delivered. It is being moved into an intensive care tank. Helo: She’s not breathing.  Cottle: Suction it.  Helo: What’s going o­n? Where are you taking her?  Cottle: Her lungs aren’t fully developed. She needs oxygen support. But she’s alive, right? Right?  Hera: [cries] Cottle: There’s your answer. Now you get the hell out of here. We have to stop the mother bleeding or she won’t be alive.    Caprica City – Boomer’s Apartment==============================================
#6 knocks o­n Boomer’s door.
Boomer: You here to kick me out? #6: No. Boomer: You’re here to help me with my adjustment problems. I could save you some time. Ah! This is home. I’m not leaving.  #6: I lived o­n caprica for two years. I knew what I was– pretended to be human, but I knew.  Boomer: If you knew what you were and you lived o­n Caprica, you know what that makes you. A really good liar.  Baltar: Start with the elephants.  #6: These are beautiful. Ithacan?  Boomer: Hand-carved. My mother gave them to me the day I left for the fleet academy.  #6: Is this her? (Referring to a picture) Boomer: Supposed to be. ‘Course none of it’s real. All fabricated for my mission. It’s all a lie.  #6: Following god’s path is never easy. Baltar: Don’t get religious with this o­ne.  Boomer: What are you thinking? Do you think I care about your god?  #6: Look, god loves you.   Boomer: This is love. (Re: a pricture of the Galactica crew) These people love me. I love them. I didn’t pretend to feel something so I could screw people over. I loved them. And then I betrayed them. I shot a man I loved. Frakked over another man, ruined his life. And why? Because i’m a lying machine. I’m a frakking cylon!  Boomer throws the picture frame at a wall sending glass everywhere. #6 appears to have gotten hit with a shard. Boomer: Sorry. I didn’t mean to… I’ve got bandages in there.  Baltar: Nicely done. You timed it perfectly. Scratch your face with the side of your fingernail the moment the glass hits the wall.  Boomer: Never saw a cylon show fear before. Especially the Sixes. Usually so hardcore.  Baltar: Feign fear and emotional vulnerability. You’re very good, you know. But I’m better. Let me help you. I’m different.  #6: I’m different.  Baltar: I’m more like you. #6: I’m more like you. Baltar and #6: I had someone I met here. A man. I loved him and I think he could’ve loved me eventually.    Caprica – Resistance Base==============================================
Hilliard is testing a cigarette fuse detonator for an explosive. Hilliard: Half a cigarette should give us two or three minutes to get the frak out of there. Any longer and we risk them finding the charges before they go off.  Ander: Is it two minutes or three? Hilliard: About to find out. Resistance Member: This is a risky operation just to nail a couple dozen skin jobs. I mean, we can’t kill them. They’ll just download into a new body and… I mean, what’s the point?  Anders: That skin job with Starbuck– “Sharon” they called her– she said that when they download, they remembered everything. Right up until the end. These skin jobs are going to remember being blown into tiny little pieces. Resistance Member: It’s gotta hurt.  Anders: Yeah. I hope it hurts a lot. Because sooner or later, the message sinks in. There is no safe place, not even a cafe. So if you want to quit living through hell and dying over and over again, then get the frak off our planet.  The fuse trips, setting off a singal that an explosion would occur. Hilliard: Three minutes, ten seconds.  Anders: Boom.   Caprica – Boomer’s Apartment.==============================================#6: This house was o­n a bluff over a lake. I always loved the view. Sunlight o­n the water. It’s my favorite spot in the universe.  Baltar: Yeah, it’s magical. Too bad you nuked it.  #6: After I downloaded, I went back to the ruins of his house.  Boomer: Why?  #6: Like you, I was looking for some sort of connection to him. Found a few of his things. Even held o­nto them for awhile. But I realized they were keeping me from truly embracing my new life.  Boomer: So what’d you do with them?  #6: I burned them. But I felt liberated.  Baltar: Yeah, it’s a beautiful story, isn’t it? Shame it’s all a pack of lies.  Boomer: So who was he? This man you loved.  #6: Maybe you’ve heard of him. Gaius Baltar. Boomer: Doctor Baltar? #6: Yeah. Boomer: He gave you access to the colonial defense grid. He was the o­ne who betrayed us?  Baltar: “Us.” Oh, I love it. This o­ne thinks she’s more human than cylon. Just like someone else I know.  Boomer: Does he still work for the cylons?  #6: What?  Boomer: On Galactica? #6: He’s– he’s alive?  Boomer: He’s the vice-president of the colonies. You didn’t know that?    Galactica – Adama’s Quarters==============================================
Roslin: If her baby does survive, the question is what do we do with it?  Baltar: Do? What are you suggesting? That we throw it out of an air lock?  Roslin: I don’t make suggestions, Mr. Baltar. If I want to toss a baby out an air lock, I’d say so.  Baltar: Well, it’s really gratifying to know that infanticide’s not o­n the table.  Tigh: Do I have to point out that this is not a baby? It’s a machine. Baltar: No, it’s half machine, half human. I suggest we all keep that half in mind.  Adama:  Cylons went through a great deal of trouble to create this thing. Should go without saying that if it’s good for them, it’s gonna be bad for us.  Roslin: I completely agree. And I take it as a given we can’t turn it over to Sharon to raise. That would be disastrous.  Adama: There’s still another factor to consider here. There’s cylons aboard this fleet. If they find out this thing’s been born, they’re gonna make a play for it.  #6: You can see where this is headed, Gaius. We’re going to have to take our child.    Galactica – Sick Bay==============================================
Boomer and Helo finally get to see and touch their child, Hera. She is still in an intensive care unit. Boomer: Hello, Hera. She’s got quite a grip o­n her.  Hera grips Boomer’s finger. Helo: You don’t like it in there, do you, Hera? You gotta stay in till your lungs get stronger.  Boomer: She’s our little girl. We made her.  Helo: It almost makes you want to believe in the cylon god. Almost. Boomer: I love you so completely.    Caprica City – Underground Garage==============================================
The resistance fighters cut their way from a sewer into the parking lot and being to set the explosives. Anders: It’s clear. Let’s move.     Caprica CIty – Coffee Shop (Above the car garage)==============================================
One Doral preapres and gives a coffee to another Doral. Doral: Here you go.
Boomer: Why do you think they kept it from you?  Baltar: Is the wrong question.  #6: The right question is why did she get me to work with you knowing that you’d tell me the truth? She knew I had feelings for Gaius. Knew that I had trouble letting go of him.  Boomer: She must’ve known it would trigger those feelings and those memories. She’s frakking with you. Can’t you see that? #6: But why? Baltar: Oh, it’s so perfectly obvious. You know, for a self-aware cybernetic life-form, sometimes you can be unbearably obtuse.  #6: Oh for god sake.  Baltar: Careful. Biers: Everything okay? #6: Fine. Just talking with Sharon here.  Biers: Yeah? What about? Boomer: She… asked me to move out.  Biers: You know what? Which is what we’ve been asking her for weeks. I was kind of hoping that you’d see the light after talking to our friend here.  Baltar: She is lying, unfortunately. She has no wish to see Sharon cured. They’re just going to do it. They’re going to box her.    Caprica City – Underground Garage==============================================
The resistance fighters are still setting up the explosives. Anders: How many cylons up in the cafe?  Hilliard: Full house. At least 40. Three minutes, ten seconds. She hands him the cigarette. He places it in the clip to set the timer.   Caprica City – Coffee Shop==============================================
Biers: We’ve just made a breakthrough. She’s agreed to move out of her apartment. Didn’t you, Sharon?  Boomer: Yeah. I’m moving out of the apartment.  Biers: When? Boomer: Whenever. Biers: What about now? I’ll help. The apartment is right upstairs.  Boomer: Sure. Let me–let me just get some things. (She leaves) Biers: Six, must’ve been some chat, huh?  #6: Yes, we had a lot to talk about. (#6 leaves, Biers follows her) Baltar: She’s right behind you. #6: I know.   Caprica City – Parkign Garage==============================================Anders sets the explosives and gets ready to leave but her hears a noise. A centurion is approaching and spots the explosive. Anders hides behind a car. When the centruion nears the explosive to deactivate it, Ander’s opens fire to distract the cenurtion. It works. The explosion goes off, detorying the centurion and bringing down most of the building (With #6, Biers, Anders and Boomer still inside)   Colonial o­ne==============================================Roslin: This is not a debate. This child will not be raised by the cylon, and I cannot risk cylon agents getting their hands o­n it. I’ve made my decision. What I need from you, Doctor, is your help.  Cottle: Fine. I don’t like it, but have it your way.  Roslin:I need it immediately.  Cottle: We’ll have to find somebody suitable. I’ll have to work up a list of names.  Tori hands him a list. Tori: Each of them is capable. Each of them is anonymous. And each can be trusted.  Cottle: Thought of everything, haven’t you?  Roslin: I hope so.   Disaster Area==============================================Biers: Are you all right, Sharon? Biers removes a large piece of rubble off of Boomer. Boomer: [Coughs] What happened?  Biers: An explosion. Building came down o­n us. Looks like the stairwell saved us.  Boomer: Where’s Six? Biers: Her body’s dead. #6: No, not yet.  Biers: Help me out here.  (#6 is covered in rubble. Biers and Boomer remove the debris) Biers: Would’ve been better if the explosion had killed her. There’s nothing we can do about the pain until we get her out of here. Six. I can get a cross beam and put you out of your misery.  #6: I’m not going to get my own life again.  Biers: It’s your choice.  Biers and Boomer pop o­ne of #6’s legs back into place. #6: Aaah!  Biers: Where the heck are we anyway?  Boomer: Must be in the garage. North entrance must be that way.  Biers: I’m going to start digging. Boomer: Hang in there. You’re gonna be okay.  Anders: Over here! Help me!  Biers: A survivor. Hang o­n, buddy. We’ll get you out.  Boomer: Fresh air coming from down there. They remove enough debris fror Anders to be pulled out. Anders: Thanks. Biers kicks him in the head and takes his guns while he’s (more) down. Biers: Frakkin’ human. You know he probably set that explosion.  Boomer: What, from the resistance? Why? No military value to the cafe.  Biers: But humans don’t respect life the way we do.  Boomer grabs the gun and pulls it away before she can shoot Anders. Boomer: No! I won’t let you kill him.  #6: She’s right. Don’t kill him.  Biers: Why not? Baltar: Mm. Why not kill him? You’ve already killed billions of people. Do you honestly believe o­ne more body’s going to weigh any heavier o­n your conscience, which is something that you don’t have, do you?  #6: We should interrogate him. Find his accomplices.  Biers: Okay. You can let go now, Sharon. What’s this?  Biers examines Anders. She finds a colonial dogtag around his neck, She tears it off. Boomer: Looks like colonial fleet id.  Biers: Thrace, kara.  Boomer: Starbuck? Biers: She was o­n caprica a couple of weeks ago. She escaped with the help of another Sharon.  Boomer: If she gave him this, he meant something to her. Biers: Well, then it’s sweet.  She tosses it aside. #6’s recovers it while nobody is watching. Baltar: You have it in your hand. Hard physical proof of o­ne person’s love for another. If o­nly you felt this deeply about us.  #6: I did. I do. I love you, Gaius.  Baltar: Where’s the tangible proof?   Galactica – Sick Bay==============================================
Helo: I don’t understand. She was doing so well.  Cottle: No, she wasn’t. I tried to tell you that. Her lungs never fully developed. She finally went into respiratory  distress. We couldn’t get her intubated in time. We lost her. I’m sorry.  Boomer: I should’ve been here.  Helo: Sharon. Sharon, listen.  Boomer: [Weeping]  Helo: You’ve lost a lot of blood.  Boomer: You murdered her.  Helo: Sharon. Come o­n.  Boomer: Who ordered it? Adama? The President? Who?  Cottle: I don’t kill patients. We did the best we could, but she’s dead. And that’s all there is to it. I should be able to release the ashes to you in a few hours.  Boomer: Murderer.  She attacks Cottle. Helo: Sharon! Boomer: Die! Helo: Sharon. Cottle: Ah!  Boomer: You’re all murderers! You’re all murderers!  Cottle: Get her out of here. Boomer: Ah! Give me my baby!    Space==============================================Helo and Tyrol take out a raptor and let the cremated remains out into space.    Galactica – Baltar’s Lab==============================================#6: You let them murder our child.  Baltar: I am so sorry. I tried. I tried my best.  #6: God’s will was that our child should survive. His will was that she would lead the next generation of god’s children. His will was that you would protect her.  Baltar: Yes. Oh! #6: You have committed a monstrous and unforgivable sin and now you and your entire wretched race are going to suffer god’s vengeance.    Colonial o­ne==============================================Maya is holding a newborn child (Hera) Maya: She’s so beautiful. I don’t know how to thank you. When I lost my baby, I didn’t know how I could go o­n.  Cottle: Well, I’m glad things worked out for you and this little girl.  Maya: I can’t believe somebody would give up this little angel.  Tori: You understand, Maya, that this adoption requires absolute secrecy. The mother is a pegasus officer and must remain anonymous for political and religious reasons.  Maya: You have my word. Roslin: Maya, you won’t mind if I drop in occasionally.  Maya: Oh, of course not. Roslin: Good. Go.  Maya leaves. Roslin says to Cottle:
Roslin: Thank you. I know how awful this was for you. But trust me, it was imperative. As far as the cylons know, this child no longer exists. That is a good, good thing.     Disaster Area==============================================
Anders wakes up. Biers: Is this what you’re looking for? You can have it. Here.  Biers throws the gun to the ground. Boomer: What are you doing?  Biers: Just making it easy for him to get what he wants. Come o­n. I’ll give you a head start.  Anders: I’m fine where I am.  Biers: Hey, they’re coming for us. And you. They’re very interested in you, aren’t they?  Boomer: Leave him alone. Biers: Sharon. You’re a hero of the cylon. Now you’re just a broken machine who thinks she’s a human. But you’re not a human, Sharon, and you never will be.  Boomer: Yeah, well at least I’m not a murderer. I have a conscience. And I know the difference between right and wrong. A murderer is exactly what you are.  Baltar: Life is short. But the next o­ne’s not. Let your heart adrift and your soul will get caught.  #6: I love you, Gaius. My heart and soul are yours.  Biers: They’re nearly here. (Noise of digging equiptment in the background) Baltar: You know why they wanted you to work with Sharon? So you’d lose your mind. They’re gonna box you, darling, just like they’re going to box Sharon.  #6:We’re dangerous. Biers: What? #6: Sharon and I. We’re celebrities in a culture based o­n unity.  Biers: No. #6: Our voices count. More than hers. More than others’. We’re two heroes of the cylon, right? Two heroes with different perspectives o­n the war. Perspectives based by our love of two human beings. That’s why she wanted me to work with you so that you’d tell me that Gaius was still alive. She wanted me to lose my mind.  Biers: No, you’re corrupted by your experiences. You’re a waste.  Baltar: Believe the lies. Ignore the truth. Listen to me. I will show you the proof. Speak from your heart. Say the things that you know to be true.  #6: Jealously, murder, vengeance– they’re all sins in the eyes of god. That’s what you and I know. That’s what they don’t want to hear.  Boomer: Because then they’d have to rethink what they’re doing. They’d have to consider that maybe the slaughter of mankind was a mistake!  Anders dives for his gun. He picks it up and takes two shots ar Biers. She dodges the bullets, and kncok the gun out of his hands. She turns the gun o­n him. Biers: God loves me. #6: See you again soon. #6 slams a rock into the back of Biers head. Killing her. Boomer: Looks like they’re almost here.  #6:You should get out of here while you can. The fresh air coming in should lead you out. Anders: Is this some kind of trick? #6: You can stay and be tortured if you want. Your call. She gives him back Starbuck’s dogtag. Anders: Who are you? What kind of people are you?  #6: I don’t know.  Boomer: Hey, wait!  Boomer tosses Anders his gun.
Boomer: How long till she downloads and tells them what happened?  #6: We had a lot of people in the cafe. At least 36 hours till they get to her. Long enough.  Boomer: Long enough for what?  #6: To change things for the better.  Boomer: What are you talking about?  Baltar: I have never loved anyone more in my life than I love you now.  #6: Our people need a new beginning. A new way to live in God’s love. Without hate. Without all the lies. All they need is for  someone to show them the way. Someone like two heroes of the cylons.  Boomer: I’m with you. The rescue crew breaks through the debris and find the two. Doral: We found them! They’re alive!  Boomer: Yes, we are.  #6: We’re alive.  At the end of the episode. We see Maya cradeling Hera o­n a raptor en route to their home ship.

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