LEXX: Biography: Squish

A cuddly (for Kai at least) baby Cluster Lizard, played very convincingly by… erm… some guy’s arm.

If you met Squish in a pub you’d shout, “Who let my wife in hear”.  If you were a girl you’d cuddle it and say, “ah” before it bit your breast.

Obedient little Squish.

Squish was born on the LEXX and probably left there in lava form by it’s mother who killed the last of Thodin’s men.

The baby Cluster Lizard was found by Kai and thought that the rather proud Kai was it’s mother!

Squish was given its name by Zev who, when asked what it should be called, answered, “Squish, because that is what it shall become if it comes near me”.

Although squish only played a small part (sorry) in the show, it played the most important role in the destruction of the Giga Shadow.

Put simply, Squish ate the Giga Shadows brain. The Giga Shadow blew up and poor little Squish died.

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