LEXX: Biography: King Bog

Rutger Hauer plays Bog disturbingly and entertainingly.

Bog is a rather pathetic and at the same time alarming character. If you were to meet him in a pub, you would probably buy him a drink (probably a lime cordial or creme d-menthe) and leave him in a corner by himself. He’d be too spooky to join you and your friends. You might even think he was high on something a little unsavoury.

Bog is the leader of the Klaagians (seen in Episode 3 – Eating Pattern)and the only person who knows how to make decent pattern. His followers attempt to secure ‘clean’ flesh for his ‘Glopeta-glopeta’ pattern making machine by a strange ritual rather like the game show Wheel of Fortune.

Bog the Game Show HostAs leader, Bog is the Game Show Host, and very good at it he is too. The unfortunate contestants (two) are strapped onto each end of a badly constructed but sturdy armature. The arm is able to spin around passing each of a series of game cards arranged in a circle.

The assembled morons chant ‘game, game, game’ waiting for the arm to stop. Eventually it stops and one of the lucky contenders wins some pattern, and the looser wins the amputation of a limb corresponding to his adjacent lucky card.

Bog died along with his subjects when the satellite worms ate their brains after a final pattern meal (now there’s gratitude for you).

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