LEXX: Biography: Yottskry

Yottskry was played by a heavy actor (you know, one that has done Shakespeare and stuff) Malcolm McDowell.

Please kill me!Yottskry is a great character but if you were to meet him in a pub you might notice a sticky milky white substance dribbling down his chin and you would say, “EEEEWW!“.

All human life was extinguished in the Light Zone during the Cleansing. This was His Shadows final victory over the humans. Upon the death of the last human on the Cluster, eight senior clerics, loyal to His Divine Shadow were assembled. For them, there could be no higher calling that to be one of the eight chosen to oversee the ritual when His Divine Shadow would become the Giga Shadow.

Fear of the Divine Order had chilled even some of the eight (fine time to get cold feet) and two of the clerics, Yottskry being one of them, tried to stop the accession of His Divine Shadow. They succeed in halting the ceremony and His Divine Shadows Brain crashed to the ground. The clerics were all killed in the fight and the birth of the Giga Shadow was halted.

ouch!Yottskry was brought to life again when some proto-blood dripped onto him. He was to be used as a host for the most evil part of His Divine Shadows essence on its journey towards the Giga Shadow brain, which is where it would be assimilated.

Mean Geezer

Yottskry doesn’t want this to happen, he tries to fight for control. He implores Kai to kill him in the hope of denying His Shadow the final victory. Just as Kai is about to have a go, Yottskry is whisked away to the Giga Shadows awaiting brain. His body is trapped at the opening and there is a horrible scene where Yottskry’s neck is stretched, eventually snapping to enable the head to assimilate.

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Yottskry is still able to help Kai destroy the brain which he does by letting the little Cluster Lizard, Squish, loose to eat it.

Malcolm McDowel plays the part very effectively. I particularly like the way in which his facial expression changes from a nice guy (in cleric mode) to a real evil geezer (in His Shadow mode).

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