LEXX: Biography: Poetman

Poetman appeared in Episode Two, ‘Super Nova’ and was played eloquently by Tim Curry.

click to hear Poetman speakIf you met Poetman in a pub you would punch him for chatting up your girlfriend or, if you were a girl you would be enthralled by his chat-up lines but know, deep down, that he was a nasty piece of work. You would tire of him and leave, but not after giving him a swift knee to the groin for some particularly distasteful remark.

Poetman is a hammy character who lived on Kai’s home planet Brunnis before all the people left for the Light Zone. Apparently, the all night party before that fateful journey made him so ill that he couldn’t travel with them. In other words, he had a hangover. A likely storey. More like they heard his poetry and decided to leave him behind.

Whatever the story, he is now a hologram and the hologram that shows Kai and the others around the Brunnis memory catacombs. It is evident that he has no interest in his guests, preferring to play a role to impress rather than help them in their quest.

He does not inform Zev and Kai for instance that they will ultimately die if when they venture through a door marked ‘Burst of Life’. Poor Stanley takes a different door, one which is of greater interest to Poetman. {click the picture to hear him speak}

Stanley goes through the door of “lurrve” as Poetman puts it. only to be scanned by a faulty machine which determines him to be a her. Poetman is ecstatic by this and, also believing Stanley to be a woman, restrains him in a chair with his legs open, ready to receive an injection intended to allow Poetman to pro-create, to make other little Poetmen.

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His dream is not realised however since Giggerota saves Stanley just before impregnation. Poetman is destroyed when the Planet Brunnen is engulfed by the Brunnis sun going Super Nova.

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