LEXX: Biography: Zev Bellringer

The lovely Eva Habermann plays Zev Bellringer in the LEXX saga.

Zev and 790.Zev Bellringer is a central character of the series. If you were to meet her in a pub you would not be able to take your eyes off her if you were a bloke, and you would have slapped your boyfriends face for ogling if you were a girl. She may get drunk and cause a fight which she would probably take part in.

Zev is one of those characters on the LEXX, that you just love to get behind (erm… metaphorically speaking) not an out and out heroine type, but someone who is a good ally when things look dark.

The Young Star

Eva Habermann, the actress who played her, had the role completely sussed and was ideal for the part. So many beautiful actresses act like sticks of wood with long legs and nice front parts. Eva played Zev convincingly and considering her age, very competently. Quite a refreshing change.

Zev heralds from the Planet B3K. As a child she suffered great disappointment, humiliation, rejection and sadness because she was ugly and fat. Ugly people suffer in any universe it seems. She was brought up on her home planet by holograms because her parents deserted her. When she was little, they left her saying, by way of explanation, ‘sometimes things don’t turn out the way you want them to.’ The ultimate rejection!

Zev was taught by holograms in a box how to be a good wife. She tried hard but evidently, the holograms didn’t teach her how to go on a diet or tidy herself up – A major oversight in their programming. When she was ready to leave the box and marry a chosen husband. The marriage ceremony was, to all intents and purposes, a complete and absolute bloody disaster.

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The Zev Story

Before.....The fat and ugly Zev was presented to her young, chosen husband. Not surprisingly, he almost barfed on the spot, exclaiming that he would not marry her and that she was ‘gross’. This was the last straw for Zev who I think, quite fancied him up until then.

Instead of delicately trying to persuade him that she was the one for him, she gave him a whacking bop in the chops. This sent him into a flat spin and resulted in Zev being sent to the Cluster to be tried for not ‘performing her wifely duties, and embarrassing her husband in the Temple’.

Zev was tried by holograms (you just can’t get away from them can you) and sentenced to spend the rest of her life as a ‘love slave’ after undergoing a transformation on a machine that turned her into a drop dead gorgeous woman. GOD I wish we had those machines here!

The Process

..... and After the transformationThe process of becoming a love slave went slightly wrong. A cluster lizard ate the machine operators body, robot number 790, and the lizards head was trapped and became fused with the changing Zev. This resulted in Zev being part Cluster Lizard.

The process was finally completed with a brain washing exercise. A quick thinking Zev placed the head of the robot 790 in the machine and the lustful programming was transferred to that instead. 790 opened its eyes after this and declared that it ‘would love her forever’ and in that respect, 790 became one of millions all over world.

Through a series of comical escapades Zev meets up with Stanley Tweedle, whom she instantly dislikes because he is a wimp, and then Kai whom she falls in love with because he is quite handsome, well he isn’t that handsome, I’m better looking – Yo Zev, I’m over here luv! And also 790, who suffered the love slave transformation with her.

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Adventurous and Dangerous

Lydia (also known as Kai’s girl) on her LEXX page. rightly points out that ‘Zev is the most adventurous character in LEXX, which you can see in LEXX 3.0 – Eating Pattern. She’s the one that usually puts the rest of the characters in danger.’ She is adventurous and daring and provides the bravery so lacking in Stanley Tweedle. This is another refreshing aspect of the Series.

Zev’s infatuation with Kai results in her desperately trying to save him by looking for a method of keeping him either animated or alive. It is this that usually results in the adventures ‘suffered’ by the other LEXX crewmembers and is a frustration for Stanley who fancies her like mad.

Zev’s Demise

Zev is eminently watchable and this Sad Geezer, along with all the others, thinks she is wonderful.

Eva on the beach.

Unfortunately, Zev came to a sticky demise when she turned into an unfortunate bowl of custard in the Terminal Episode of Season Two. She was replaced by Xev.

I have a little info on the Actress: Eva Habermann was born on 16th January 1976 in Germany and has studied voice, dance, Alexander Technique (whatever that is) and Phonetics. She first appeared on television at the age of 5 when she acted in the German children’s series called “Musicbox”. She has had a number of TV roles since then but considers the part of Zev to be her most important. She is, quite rightly, a star all over Europe and beyond as a result.

Eva Habermann is certainly all woman, and she is not frightened of ‘getting her kit off’ in front of the camera however, this is a page of course, is dedicated to the character Zev and Eva’s talents as an actress, beautiful though she may be.

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