LEXX: Biography: Giggerota

Giggerota the Wicked, is a great character played enthusiastically by the stunning Ellen Dubin.

Giggerota is an aggressive cannibal with big hair (are there other types? If you were to meet her in a pub you would leave immediately. However, knowing your luck, it would still be you she would end up with at the end of the night (she’d probably be drunk and you would be ‘the last chicken in the shop’). Of course, that applies to you girls as well.

Despite this I couldn’t help finding her strangely attractive (haha, couldn’t resist ๐Ÿ™‚ ), maybe it’s the skintight cloths she wore (which were made out of one of the people she ate), or her sense of humour (the face of the person she ate was stretched across her back). Or her ladylike actions, like the time she extended her tongue about twenty feet across the room and used it to wrench Stanley’s hand off!  Whatever it is, she’s pretty unique!

Some tongue!Giggerota was one of the prisoners that Thodin released on the Cluster when his flying snot caused so much confusion. She returned his gratitude by refusing to help him release other prisoners, preferring to jump into the place where she could feast on the unlucky prisoners that had been chopped up as food for the LEXX. As you watched, you immediately got the impression that this was an unwholesome lady.

She did nothing to improve her image in either the first or second episodes. She has tried to eat Kai (“dead meat”), transport moths (“flying meat”), Stanley Tweedle (“Waste of Skin”), Zev (“sweet meat”) and various other characters. The worst meal she had was of the old brains, the Divine Predecessors, who were “too salty”.

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She finally got clobbered when she suffered an eye full of Super Nova at the end of episode two. She was deposited on a ‘platform’ by one of the flying moths after attempting to eat it while on her way to fetch Stanley.

Splarka tells me that Giggerota is Slavic for Liver Eater.

We saw her die – BIG TIME and it is unlikely that she will come back in any of the future shows which is a shame because, for all her faults, she was a very rich character. (Ahh, shows what I know – good to be wrong ๐Ÿ™‚ )

UPDATE! The Wildly lovely Ellen Dubin emailed me with:
Is that what my character did? Don’t be so sure it is all over. It ain’t over till I eat some more………
……………I hope to be back for more episodes.

Ellen Dubin (giggy)

And that she did! The cunningly curvaceous carnivore has also appeared again in Episode 2-14, Patches in the Sky and a few of the episodes in season 4 (not as Giggerota though).

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