LEXX Interview: Patricia Zentilli is interviewed by theFrey

Interviewer:  theFrey
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Date: December, 2001

Where: By email

Click for a larger imageOnce upon a time, in the far away land of Kingston , ontario Canada, a golden haired girl child was born. Patricia, for that is what Mr. and Mrs. Zentilli decided to call her, grew and thrived and soon moved to Nova Scotia with her parents and siblings. Somehow, even from the tender age of nine, Patricia knew she was destined to become an actress. Mother and Father Zentilli thought, as most parents will, that this was just a phase Patricia was going through. They were wrong.

Patricia persisted in following her dream, as all the best will and worked the required odd jobs of coffee shops, bussing tables, painting signs and babysitting. She even spent some time in the entertainment trades learning how to cook for a catering company. And in the best spirit of a fairy tale, she sang while she worked. Eventually she was able to break into the business, which was of course also a good thing for the rest of us.

theFrey: What made you decide to become an actress?

PatriciaZ: I don’t know how to do anything else!

theFrey: What did your family say when you told them you were going to be an actress?

PatriciaZ: I think they thought it was just a phase. Now I think they get it. They came to the set this year and I think they were impressed with all the people that are involved in making a television series.

theFrey: What is the one thing that you think is necessary for someone to succeed in becoming an actress?

Patricia Zentilli as Luna Jones in Liocracy (Click for a larger image)PatriciaZ: Courage.

theFrey: What would be your ideal part?

PatriciaZ: I don’t have an “ideal part” that jumps to mind. I just want to keep playing interesting women, whether it’s Bunny or Ophelia.

theFrey: Is there anyone in particular you would really like to work with?

: I think Cate Blanchett is amazing.

theFrey: You have been on lots of location shots, what was your favorite and why?

PatriciaZ: Thailand was the first time Bunny got to go on a location shoot. So I guess that would be my favorite! I was smiling all the time and thinking how lucky I was to be there.

theFrey: What is your favorite part that hasn’t been Lexx related? And why?

PatriciaZ: I was heartbroken when the play I did called ‘Member of The Wedding’ was closed. I played a 14-year-old girl and it was such a great role! It’s a great play by Carson Mcullers.

theFrey: Do you have any hobbies?

PatriciaZ: I guess my hobbies would be painting and singing. Sometimes I would bring my guitar to set and play when I was waiting to work.

theFrey: What kind of painting do you do?

Patricia Zentilli's art work
PatriciaZ: I like to do big paintings, which makes it a little difficult for me to keep any, since there is no room in my apartment for them. My style is kind of like Chagall.

theFrey: Got any pictures of your work?

PatriciaZ: No, I just paint them. I never thought to get any pictures of them before I gave them away. Although there may be a few pictures of one that was auctioned off for charity running around out there. (Ed. Note: Ms. Vandiver, the high bidder was kind enough to send us a .jpg of the picture that Patricia painted.)

theFrey: Who is your agent?

PatriciaZ: My agent in Toronto is Larry Goldhar at Characters and in Vancouver it is Tyman Stewart at Characters. My management company is Paul Simmons.

theFrey: Where can people write to you?

PatriciaZ: People can write to me in care of the Paul Simmons Management company.

Patricia Zentilli
C/O Paul Simmons Management,
174 Bedford Road ,
Lower Level,
Toronto ,
Ontario , M5R 2K9 .

(Ed. Note. Patricia was unaware of how popular her character had become due to a mix-up on the forwarding of her mail. Apparently Salter Street was forwarding it to an old address of hers, so after a year or two, someone from her pervious address finally tracked her down and sent her all her fan mail! This was why she missed UnCon 2000! She didn’t find out about it until afterwards.)

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theFrey: Have you been in the United States or Europe ?

PatriciaZ: Yes, I have lived in Golden, Colorado when I was little, and have been to Washington , Boston , Vermont . I studied with a company called Shakespeare and Company based in Boston . In 2000 I went to New York for the first time in my life and I loved it sooooooooo much. Oh and I was in Miami , when I did a gig there singing for Canadian tourism. My family traveled a lot when I was young. We lived in a VW van for a year in South America . We also lived in France and spend time in West Africa .

theFrey: Have you done much location work?

PatriciaZ: I had never worked out side of Canada prior to my location shoot in Thailand . All my work had been done in Canada . Even in season three, when the location shooting was occurring all over the place, Bunny’s filming always seemed to be in the studio! So I was really excited to finally go on location!

theFrey: Would you want to come to the United States to work?

PatriciaZ: Someday, when my time and finances permit, I would like to see about getting a green card, which would allow me to work in the United States .

theFrey: Have you ever considered getting a US agent?

PatriciaZ: I haven’t really thought about it, but first I would have to get my green card. Then I would have to find someone to drive me around in Los Angeles , I’ve heard that the driving there can be a bit scary.

theFrey: How did you actually first get cast on the first episode you did of Lexx? Was it just a random call to your agent?

Patricia Zentilli as Bunny in Lexx Boomtown 3.04PatriciaZ: Actually, I owe my role on Lexx to an airline strike. I was in Halifax , finishing up a play at the Neptune , when I was unable to get a plane back home due to the strike. So I figured that I should check in with the local casting director and see if there was any work available while I was stranded in Halifax . When I got there they told me that the only thing they had at this time was a sci-fi show called Lexx and that they only needed hot gorgeous women. I was a bit dejected, but I left my information with them anyhow. A short time later they called and asked me if I could play a teenager. I said of course, and the rest is history. I was cast as Laleen, and since I have a habit of singing between takes, they knew I could sing, so they asked me back for Brigadoom.

theFrey: Was it was fun to sprawl on MM’s lap in season 3 during the Game Town Episode?

PatriciaZ: Well, yes, we did have a lot of fun doing that episode. Michael was good at keeping a straight face through all of it.

theFrey: Did you enjoy the shower scene in Gametown? And were Kai’s hands cold?

PatriciaZ: Did I enjoy the shower scene? Hmm. It took a while to get over the fact that I was naked. But after about 10 minutes everyone is over it. The crew was really professional and I always had a robe nearby for between takes. I thought it could have been funnier. I wanted Bunny to put a shower cap on Kai’s bun, but they wouldn’t go for it. It was a long morning and my fingers and toes were getting all shriveled up. And yes, the water was nice and warm!!

theFrey: People are curious about the nude scenes, you’re the only regular who appeared completely naked, would you do it again or was it more trouble than it was worth?

PatriciaZ: AM I? Oh god! In some ways, I am glad I did them, because now I feel like I could do anything! And when I get old and saggy I can look back with tears in my eyes at how perky I was. Would I do it again? I was relieved I didn’t have to do any nude scenes this year. It just never came up. It would depend on the context of it. Sometimes I think those things will come back to haunt me or that I will be judged as a certain type of actress. It’s kind of creepy to find your name on the nude celebrity database.

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theFrey: What on earth does a person think about when doing scenes like the lap and shower stuff?Patricia Zentilli as Laleen in Lexx Wake the Dead 2.10 (Click for a larger image)

PatriciaZ: Hmmm, I would think, GEE the Fans are going to be so jealous. No, really, I was thinking about the acting of it, what would be funny, etc. Sometimes I would think, oh god, what the HELL am I doing? Or, where’s my towel?

theFrey: Would you do those scenes now, or ask for a stunt butt?

PatriciaZ: I would ask for lots of money.

theFrey: Do you feel typecast always playing the young dumb and full of fun Bunny girl?

PatriciaZ: Nah, I mean, Laleen was quite different. I have played lots of different roles. I had a blast playing Bunny. She wasn’t DUMB! Okay, maybe a little. I like to think of her as innocent, not dumb.

theFrey: Did you do your own singing in Brigadoom?

Patricia Zentilli as a Brunnen-G Actress in Lexx Brigadoom 2.18PatriciaZ: YUP! In fact, I sang all Kai’s parts too.

theFrey: Bunny’s incarnations always got harmed…is this one in for it too?

PatriciaZ: Bunny LIVES on!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YIPEEEEEEEEEE

theFrey: Does she get to ride off into the sunset with some very *ahem* gifted individual of her choosing?

PatriciaZ: I can’t tell you, can I? Actually, maybe I shouldn’t have told you I live on.. oops

theFrey: How did she get involved in Lexx? You are the only non-regular in all three series non- movies.

PatriciaZ: I paid Paul Donovan lots of money. No, seriously, they asked me to come back and play May, then changed their minds and asked me to play Bunny in Season 3. Then when I was killed, lots of fans wrote in asking to bring me back (THANK YOU, cheques are in the mail) so I think that had something to do with it. But all year, I kept reading the scripts as they came out praying that Bunny wouldn’t be killed. AND she wasn’t!!! (Ed. Note: Patricia said that while the actors may have a general idea of where the story is going, nothing is carved in stone until the scripts are finalized. And the cast only gets the script right before that episode starts shooting. So every week she was on pins and needles waiting to see if Bunny would live. She said that SciFi was getting a lot of positive feedback about ‘Bunny and the President’, and she thinks that is why they expanded their parts in different episodes.)

theFrey: Will you miss Lexx?

PatriciaZ: I WILL! I already do! I miss the crew and cast and going to work.

theFrey: Was Rolf Kaines as much fun to work with, as it appeared onscreen?

PatriciaZ: HE was amazing to work with. I MISS HIM! We had a lot of fun, laughed a lot and put a lot of care into our scenes.

theFrey: Who was your favorite actor to work with on Lexx? (If it is Rolf, besides him)Patricia Zentilli as Bunny in Lexx The Rock 4.06

PatriciaZ: Jeff Pustil, who played FIFI, and Stephen McHattie who plays Moss.

theFrey: Have you seen all the Lexx shows, or don’t you watch your self?

PatriciaZ: I still haven’t seen anything past Bad Carrot. I can’t wait! Especially looking forward to Appocalexx Now, which we shot in Thailand . It’ll be fun to see the ones I wasn’t in, too.

theFrey: Could tell us of any budding romances between actors and production staff on the series?

PatriciaZ: That would be unprofessional now, wouldn’t it? (Ed. Note: Now who actually thought she was going to answer that one? Show of hands please.)

theFrey: Can you confirm rumors of the Lexx spin-off yet?

PatriciaZ: I WISH I COULD!

theFrey: Would Patricia be interested in such a series?

PatriciaZ: YES, of course!

theFrey: If so, will you be in it?

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PatriciaZ: AS far as I know I will be in a spin-off if it happens.

theFrey: What about Rolf and Brian? Will they be involved?

PatriciaZ: I imagine so!

theFrey: Who will be writing/producing the spin off?

PatriciaZ: I have no idea.

theFrey: If there’s no spin-off, what do you plan on doing next?

PatriciaZ: Try to get more acting work and do more singing.

theFrey: I understand you sing, what kind of material and where have you preformed?

PatriciaZ: I love singing. I have performed in musicals and also in Halifax a few times at the Economy Shoe shop. I sing pop/folk kind of stuff. Think Shawn Colvin. I also love Jazz.

theFrey: Will you be doing more singing engagements?

PatriciaZ: I hope so.

theFrey: If so where and when will you be singing?

: I will keep you posted (Ed. Note: Patricia has promised to think about getting a web page to keep people informed as to where we can look to see her future productions.)

Patricia Zentilli in her only modeling job so fartheFrey: Do you do any modeling?

PatriciaZ: once, for a store that a friend of mine managed. I think Bunny should have her own cosmetic line, though.

theFrey: What are you currently working on?

PatriciaZ: Right now things are pretty slow. I am working on finding a new apartment and trying to psyche myself up to quit smoking. I recently auditioned for a Disney film called The Hot Chick and a film called Bullet-proof Monk in Toronto . (Ed. Note: Patricia found an apartment and will be moving March 1st.)

theFrey: What do you like to do when you are not being everyone’s favorite bunny?

PatriciaZ: I love swimming in this lake near my parent’s house in Nova Scotia . I love hanging out with friends, painting and going to movies and stuff like that. I am actually kind of boring. (Ed. Note: NOT!)

Patricia Zentilli as Lynn in Touch and Go by Chronicle Pictures (Click for a larger image)


Touch and Go (2002) ….

When Andrew Came Home (2000) (TV) …. Patty
… aka Taming Andrew (2000) (TV) ( UK )

Songs in Ordinary Time (2000) (TV) …. Bernadette Mansaw

Catch a Falling Star (2000) (TV) …. Allison

New Waterford Girl (1999) …. Patty

TV guest appearances

“Lexx” (1997) playing “Bunny Priest” in episode: “Yo Way Yo” (episode # 4.24) 2002

“Lexx” (1997) playing “Bunny Priest” in episode: “Dutch Treat” (episode # 4.17) 2002

“Lexx” (1997) playing “Bunny Priest” in episode: “Viva Lexx Vegas” (episode # 4.21) 2002

“Lexx” (1997) playing “Bunny Priest” in episode: “Moss” (episode # 4.16) 2002

“Lexx” (1997) playing “Bunny Priest” in episode: “Apocalexx Now” (episode # 4.20) 2002

“Lexx” (1997) playing “Bunny Priest” in episode: “769” (episode # 4.13) 11/7/2001

“Lexx” (1997) playing “Bunny Priest” in episode: “Bad Carrot” (episode # 4.12) 10/31/2001

“Lexx” (1997) playing “Bunny Priest” in episode: “Fluff Daddy” (episode # 4.9) 9/14/2001

“Lexx” (1997) playing “Bunny Priest” in episode: “Rock, The” (episode # 4.6) 8/17/2001

“Nero Wolfe Mystery, A” (2001) playing “Faith Usher” in episode: “Champagne For one: Part 2” (episode # 1.3) 5/6/2001

“Nero Wolfe Mystery, A” (2001) playing “Faith Usher” in episode: “Champagne For one: Part 1” (episode # 1.2) 4/29/2001

“Beyond Belief” (1997) playing “Lauren” in episode: “7 Hours Bad Luck” 2001

“Chris Isaak Show, The” (2001) playing “Lauren” in episode: “Dancin”

Patricia Zentilli as Luna Jones in Liocracy but on a Lexx Set. (Click for a larger image)“Liocracy” (2000) playing “Lula Jones”

“Earth: Final Conflict” (1997) playing “Eva Gale” in episode: “Sins Of The Father” (episode # 4.2) 10/9/2000

“Lexx” (1997) playing “Bunny” (uncredited) in episode: “Heaven and Hell” (episode # 3.13) 4/30/2000

“Lexx” (1997) playing “Bunny” in episode: “Gondola” (episode # 3.5)3/5/2000

“Lexx” (1997) playing “Bunny” in episode: “Boomtown” (episode # 3.4) 2/27/2000

“Lexx” (1997) playing “Bunny” in episode: “Gametown” (episode # 3.3)2/20/2000

“Lexx” (1997) playing “Singer” in episode: “Brigadoom” (episode # 2.18) 4/9/1999

“Lexx” (1997) playing “Laleen” in episode: “Wake the Dead” (episode # 2.10) 2/12/1999

“Made In Canada ” (1998) playing “Eliza” in episode: “Trojan Horse” (episode # 4.43)

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