LEXX: S04E16: Moss


The show opens with Kai still in trouble, he keeps mumbling inaudibly in the back of the car. Stanley is unhappy that he is a passenger in Mort’s funeral car and that Xev seems quite happy driving them in no particular direction.Driver Xev

She suggests that they look for a space shuttle, but since none of them know where to find one, things begin to get depressing. It gets worse when they stop to ask directions of a road-builder and find themselves surrounded by FBI agents.

At this point we meet their leader, Moss (who looks like the chief astronaut from the planet Potatahoe – Stanley also feels that he recognises him). They are hauled off to a quarry and Moss, without a word of explanation, lines them up as if to shoot them. Stanley pleads for his life and as Moss cocks his gun about to fire. Xev says, “Goodbye Stan.Facing the firing squad

Then Moss suddenly turns around and shoots his colleagues. This is one screwed up FBI agent! He ushers the frieghtened trio into the truck and drives off.

In the White House, the President and Bunny are frolicking around the Oval Office trying to avoid doing any work (and being pretty un-entertaining at the same time). Suddenly Prince appears on the TV screen.

Bunny & Pres.

He tries to explain that although he is dead, he is able to manifest himself on the Presidents television screen.

He is still under the impression that Bunny has the key and orders the President not to have sex with Bunny – just in case she loses it.

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E. J. Moss

Meanwhile Moss has taken Xev, Stanley and the immobile Kai to his secret headquarters. It seems that he is a commander of the American Freedom Rangers (AFR) This is a small group of fanatical soldiers that want to destroy the President, Congress and the Bureaux of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF). Moss also has a fixation with the incident at Waco in Texas and an abject hatred of the Federal Bureaux of Investigation (FBI). Moss attempts to justify his himself with the loosest mathematical justification of presidential evildoings you can imagine. Stanley and Xev stand there perplexed. We on the other-hand were mildly impressed. – Yes you were!

Stanley agrees to help them destroy the ATF bunker provided they could help him get a shuttle to the LEXX.

The druggy duoIn a remote wood, the doped duo (Master Sternflanks and his Girlfriend) is met by a group of American Freedom Rangers (not Moss’s American Freedom Rangers, these are a breakaway unit from the Idaho Convention of 1994 – the AFR-IC). The dopey pair are shot for being…. Dopey.

Stanley telephones the President and arranges a visit to the Whitehouse. When Stanley, Xev and Moss arrive in the Oval Office, Moss orders the President to kneel.

The plan is that Moss pretends to be a re-incarnated Prince. After a little test, President Priest falls for the deception and Moss begins phase two of his dastardly plan – Shoot all people with an English Accent and all those who are members of the AFR-IC.

Unfortunately, Xev and Stanley are double-crossed. Moss decides to lock them up and try them for treason. Kai is still incapacitated in a freezer fabricated by Stanley in the hope that it would return him back to some from of sanity.

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Neat little cellsThe trial begins. Moss decides to take on the roles of the Judge, prosecutor and defending counsel. Stephen McHattie was magnificent in the roles of all three, but unfortunately the story was beginning to drag a little and by the end of the performance I was bored.

In the end, the head of the AFR (posing as and FBI Agent after ordering the destruction of all the members of the AFR-IC while pretending to be Prince) sentences Stanley and Xev to death by firing squad.

AFR-ICHe also decides to arrest and execute President Priest. Luckily, he is saved by Bunny (??!) who enlists the support of the AFR-IC to attack the ATF bunker and save the day.

The ensuing fire fight kills off all the baddies (including Moss) and leaves Stanley, Xev and Kai free to take a Moth and head back to the LEXX.

Homeward and glumfacedAnd there the show ends. Another lame one, nothing like the sort of episode you would expect from Lex Gigeroff and Paul Donovan….. I guess they just had an off day…. another one.

I’d rate this a mild 24,447 out of 10.
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