LEXX: Biography: Xev Bellringer

The lovely Xenia Seeberg plays Xev Bellringer.

Xenia Seeberg - the modelXev is a central character of the Series Two onwards. If you were to meet her in a pub you may see her get drunk and cause a fight (which she would probably win).

Xev, was once Zev! She was revived (after being turned into custard in the episode Terminal) by Lyekka as a present for Stanley. Essentially, she is everything that Zev was, but to me she seems a little more ruthless and a little less sexy. The actress that plays the part of Xev, Xenia Seeburg, is probably one of the most beautiful actresses in the world, but this SadGeezer doesn’t find her particularly attractive in Season Two. Her costume is not particularly flattering and she has non of the angelic qualities that contrasts so sharply with the violence she sometimes portrays. However, other LEXX fans that I have spoken to (men and women) disagree. Xev is certainly more popular than Zev! (But in Season 3 she looked terrific!)

The Xev character developed considerably during the second season, but her fixation with the dead geezer (Kai) is still there. Xev has tried just about every possible way of getting together with Kai, she’s tried reasoning with him, crying at him and even threatening to sleep with Stanley. But at the end of the day, Kai is a dead dude who thinks of love and sex as an intellectual concept and certainly NOT 20 minutes of squelching noises. Xev being admired by 790Her longing for Kai, against all hope of them EVER getting together, is beginning to get a little tiresome and more implausible with each episode. Hey! But that wont stop her!

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Stanley is still keen for a closer liaison, and 790 positively dotes over her! She has suggested on a number of occasions that she would allow 790 to satisfy her love slave desires should the robot ever be in a position to do so! Sure enough, 790 did have a body in the episode 791 and in the last show of Season 2 (with disastrous consequences). 790 also acquired (and used) one of the Mantrid Drone arms in the final episode of the season.

Xev in 'The Net'Xev, unlike Zev DID loose her virginity. In fact she lost it twice! Once as a man and once as a woman? In the Love Grows episode, a virus infected the LEXX causing the occupants to experience a gender change! Xev became a man, but still has a sex-drive. The poor meek Stanley didn’t stand a chance! At the end of the episode (after they had all changed back – Kai determined that Xev had NOT last her virginity – sure she’d bonked, but that little piece of skin that determines if a woman is a virgin or not, was still intact! How the bloody hell would he know! What did he do, examine her!?

In the episode NOOK, Xev managed to entice Xev in Brigadoom.one or three of the young monks into ‘getting it on!’, “I finally did it,”.She told Kai proudly, “I’ve experienced physical man-love and the pure uncomplicated satisfaction of it!” {66kb wav file}

Xev is certainly brave. She is usually the one that insists on staying behind to fight, she rarely gives in and in the Stan’s Trial episode for instance, she was prepared to stand by her comrade, even though Stanley himself believed he was Guilty and that he should pay the price (death).

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Xenia Seeberg is an excellent vocalist by the way!

Xev in real life!

It should also be mentioned that in a recent promotional visit to London, Xenia Seeberg was not only drop dead gorgeous, but also demonstrated a charm and friendliness to her fans that is rarely seen. Male and female fans found her charming and talkative.

Xenia Seeberg was born on the 4th April 1972 in Geldern am Niederrheim in Germany. Her film and TV credits include:

Xev in light blue underwear as a teeny!Lexx: The Series” (1998) …. Xev

“Geliebte Schwestern” (1997) TV Series …. Angie (in the light blue underwear)

Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door (1997)
…. Polizistin im Hotel

Hilda Humphrey (1997)

Mafia, Pizza, Razzia (1997)
…. Freundin

She has also appeared in Playboy.

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