Nowhere Man: Science: Constructive Solid Modeling

CSM showing the insertion of the ACI at the base of the skull.

A procedure developed by Dr. Shayzin at the Advanced Biogenetics Laboratory used to remodel bones and tissue. CSM breaks down the molecular matrix of human bone tissue into a pliable form. Using this technique, Shayzin is able to create exact duplicates of individuals, or create new identities altogether.

Insertion of the Autonomous Control Implant (shown here) is the final phase of CSM; those who receive the implant at the base of the skull are told it’s to prevent infection, but its real purpose is to both give the Organization complete control over the patient’s thoughts and reflexes and to provide a self-destruct after their mission is completed. In conjunction with an ACI, the Organization can create and control with up to an 80% success rate disposable assassins, spies or government officials who are nearly indistinguishable from the originals.

It is possible, but never confirmed, that these molded copies all bear strawberry birthmarks. The copy of Thomas Veil had a birthmark on his shoulder and one of the soldiers in Hidden Agenda had one on his neck.

Alyson has a birthmark on her thigh, and Tom finds her file in Shayzin’s computer, but, like everything else, it may have been planted there in an attempt to break his spirit.

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