Stranger Things is coming! July 4th

Stranger Things is Back!

The third series of Stranger Things is on it’s way to us and will get here on July 4th 2019.  It looks really good and a little bleak and crazy (just the way we like it)!  Sure the guys are a little more grown up but they also still remain full-on geeky.


It looks as if the closing of the rift in the second seasons didn’t actually do the job because the trailer (as you will see below) seems to show/indicate that some or one or all of them got through.  It looks really creepy and very chilling.

Can’t wait to check it out!  Alas I wasn’t given any of the pre-screening material, but some of those that did have complained mildly that there were a list of No Spoiler comments that stratched as long as their arm so I guess there aren’t many spoilers and quite a few surprises.

In fairness to Netflix though, they have given us a lot to see in the trailer. We can pretty much work out that this will follow a very similar format to the previous two seasons and that the graphics and suspense will also be as good. What we have yet to learn is if Eleven leaves the door open for the monsters yet again!

We can all start watching (binge watching) Stranger Things Season 3 on July 4th on Netflix.

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