Tripping the Rift: Computer Shorts: Episode Two Teaser

The teaser opens with a view of Chode walking out onto the observation deck. He looks sad and clutches a heart shaped locket, presumably with a picture of a loved one… possibly a female short, fat, purple monster with three eyes and four large protuberances on her head. It could even have been a locket containing a picture of the lovely Six of one.

But (shock horror) the cute red love-locket actually contained a picture of Chode and his buddy, Darph Bobo!!!

Darph may have been an asshole.” Said Chode incorrectly (I think we all remember that Chode tentatively admitted that HE was the ‘bitch’ when they shared a cell together in prison), “But he’s the only link with my true identity!Chode looks out into the vast emptiness of space, “And now, he’s gone.” He adds, sobbing.

Then we notice a constellation in the sky and it seems to take the form of Darph Bobo. Clearly this is wishful thinking on behalf of Chode because, as we see in the next scene….

A dark figure walks confidently towards the throne of the chief Dark Clown (a fat, ugly dude with a New York accent), “Well, well, well.” It says menacingly as the tall dark figure approaches, “If it ain’t the exploding fucking clown! Nice try you asshole, you lost Chode again! Next time you fuck up, you’ll be confetti for good! Do you get me, huh?

The tall dark figure was no less than the reconstituted Darph Bobo. And he was sincerely pissed-off! Just to prove the matter beyond reasonable doubt, a foolish trooper whispered some comment as Bobo walked past. He paid for it with decapitation.

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Unconcerned at the demise of his trooper, the fat, ugly Chief Clown dude repeated himself, “Do I make myself clear?

“Kill Chode” Shouted Darph Bobo angrily.

And there the Second episode teaser ended! Not enough to tell you the story, but perhaps enough to give you an idea of what the show should be about.

Darph is after Chode for some reason. It seems that the Imperialists Clowns either want him dead or they want to capture him. Chode wants to know who he is, where he came from and Darph wants to chop off anything connected to a pair of shoulders.

Sounds like an excellent premise to me! Can’t wait for the series in a few months.

What did you think? Was this teaser annoying or intriguing?!

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