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In Tripping the Rift. God is also known as: Creator of the Universe, The Almighty, All that is good, the Just, the Merciful, and the voyeur who watches over us all the time (including in the shower).
LIES! ALL LIES (except for the last one)! I’m not sure what the peoples of the Trippin’ verse were thinking when they came up with these synonyms, titles and descriptions of god, but they clearly were under the influence of something. And it most definatly wasn’t a pure being!

If you were to meet god in a pub, he’d be drinking everyone under the table. He’d be slammin’ shot glasses down on the table faster and more often then anyone else in there. His drink of choice would certainly be a Three Mile Island Iced Tea. And it’d be warm too! Because only something that strong could possibly satisfy his tastebuds.

Some believe that god created the universe. But they’re wrong. When Chode and Gus traveled back to the beginning of time and accidentally killed god, the universe was still created without him. Likewise he’s not a nice dude either. If he really wanted to have a paradise universe, he’d have just destroyed himself from the beginning. After Chode and Gus returned back to their own time after killing god, everyone was good by default. That’s because without god, there is no devil. And without the devil, there is no evil, so everyone just acts “most excellent” to each other naturally.

More evidence of god being a bastard, is when Chode and Gus return to the beginning of time to save him, god feeds them some b.s. about being rewarded, but only to distract them long enough so that the timeship their predecessors were flying would kill them instead. After their demise, he replied “Suckers!”, followed by classic supervillian laughter.

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Before everyone sends me some MORE nasty emails, just remember that this review is about the god of TtR and does not necessarily reflect this authors views (nor the website’s) about real world G-d or religion. Just remember folks, its only a TV show!

I can provide you with the drink recipe for the TMI iced tea, at the above address, provided you’re of legal drinking age in your nation of residence.

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