Crusade: S01E11: The Rules of the Game

Remember the first scene of the first episode? Y’know the one where all the alien governments allow the Excalibur a right of passage through their space? Well the Brakiri don’t. Gideon wants to investigate a planet called Lorka 7.

Apparently it once was home to a now extinct species. The Brakiri are forbidding landing on that planet, because it has a deal worked out with local inhabitants to prevent outsiders for visiting there. So it’s off to Babylon 5, to negotiate a deal with their ambassador there. A quick meeting yields a quick answer; No bloody way! But the tenacious captain won’t accept that answer and decides to meet directly with the Lorkan representatives on B5. But not before he has a little romantic encounter with Captain Lochley.

The rest of the crew take this opportunity for some shore leave on the station. Most decided to do some shopping, while others like Eilerson decide to more unorthodox things, like run into his ex-wife Cynthia. It’s an awkward encounter to say the least. But it only gets worse from there.

Cynthia borrowed 50k form the local mobster, and now needs Max to help her pay off the now 100k debt. For reasons beyond comprehension, he agrees to pay him, but on 50g’s. He refuses to pay the balance on principle. Rather then be excited about the news of his charity, she gets mad at him for not paying the full amount. Over dinner, Gideon explains the situation to Lochley. Lorka 7 is a resettled planet.

The current occupants moved to the planet a few hundred years back, settling in the ruins of the previous inhabitants. Gideon thinks that the people may have been wiped out by the Drakh plague. But he’s not sure.Eilerson makes good on his word, and go sees the local mobster.

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He introduces him then says “I’m here to give you some money, 50,000 credits!” Whadda way to start a conversation. Boss Broth Mueller couldn’t agree more. He asks Max why he’s being given the money, and he replies that its too settle Cynthia Allen’s debt. Broth rejects the money and says no way. He wants the rest of the money too.

What ensues is a battle of words and willpower. Neither side is willing to give, and both sides threaten each other. I don’t know what Eilerson is pulling. He has no way to defend himself or Cynthia against a child, let alone the mob. Gideon and Lochley meet with the Lorkan. They prattle on about how religious, moral and “holier then thou” they are.

They claim that to let them on their world would corrupt the local citizenry. So in short, the answer is still no. He still won’t accept that answer though, and the Lorkans know it. They fear that they he will find a way onto their world, and uncover too much information about their planet. So they decided the best way to eliminate that threat, is to well, eliminate Gideon. So much for being morally superior.Afterwards, Gideon tries to woo Lochley some more.

He claims that she doesn’t get out to see the station enough, that she’s to bogged down in paperwork and procedure. He bets her that if she were to go out into the station without her uniform no one would know her. She takes that bet.Max meets with his ex again, and she’s not too excited about his bold move. In fact she’s scared for her life.

Their argument is interrupted by a phone call. Cynthia’s sister said that some men came and took Mr. Kitty. A few minutes later someone called her and said that if they don’t get the rest of the 50 grand, they’ll kill the cat, then Cynthia. Eilerson storms out mad, Mr. Kitty was after all his cat first! He contacts Chambers and asks her to stay with Cynthia while he takes care of business. Chambers takes this opportunity to dig up some dirt on Max, for future blackmailing purposes.

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We next see Gideon taking Lochley out for a nice stroll in the bad part of the station. He gives her some self righteous lecture about how he has to deal with nitty gritty on a daily basis, and she just has to deal with blow hard ambassadors.

They pass a Drazi food booth. The storekeeper asks if they want to try anything. Gideon takes one looks, crinkles his nose and declines. Lochley orders the usual. Gideon is surprised to learn that she eats there all the time! She then asks for her 100 credit sucker bet reward. Their joy is short lived as the Lorkan representatives start firing at them.

They use some strange red crystal to shoot lightning bolts out of heir palms. Which begs the question, where do I get one? After a brief struggle but violent struggle, the two earth force officers beat the crap outta the Lorkans.Speaking of ass kicking, back to Eilerson. By some act of divine intervention; Max managed to sneak up on Broth and knock him out. When he comes to, Max is sitting smugly in a corner.

Broth threatens him so more, and then Max shoots him with some ring device, which encircles his neck. The ring is indestructible. Well almost. If the ring comes within 3 meters of a command device, it shrinks to nothing, cutting through whatever is in between the ring. It can also be detonated remotely. Max says that if any harm comes to Cynthia or him, that Broth will also be killed. Max also says that Mr. Kitty will be returned safely, with a bath too.While on ths issue of bathing, after Lochley and Gideon’s battle with the Lorkans in ‘down below’, they need a shower. They decided that rather then wait for one to finish. they will take a shower together. At which point they tear off each others clothes and we can see…. …what influence TNT is forcing upon Crusade.In other relationship news. Max and Cynthia say their goodbyes, and she says thank-you once again. As he leaves, we can see by her face that she still loves him. Who knows where this’ll lead.

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As a result of assassination attempt. The Lorkans were recalled back to their planet. It was also learned that they were selling some of their planets artifacts on the black market. The Lorkan Government took this as a sign that they have grown too complacent, because most of them have not seen corruption.

To solve this problem, they invite the Excalibur to their world as an example to their race of what not to act like. While Gideon is insulted by the invitation, he still got his way and is happy with the results.

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