Tripping the Rift: People: Adam 12

Adam 12 is the son of Confederation Commander Adam. He’s a rebellious young punk who is in denial that he’s going to one day be exactly like his father. You won’t see Adam 12 in a bar. But he will standing outside the door pestering you to buy him a beer. Adam 12 is exactly like his father.

He’s got the grey hair streak going on, military haircut and posture, constantly surrounded by minions, and taking what he wants through threats and intimidation. But he’s also 17 years old, and therefore a much larger pain in the ass then Adam could ever be. While its obvious that he’ll one day become a Confederation officer like his dad, Adam 12 is trying to postpone the inevitable. He rebels again his family in any way possible such as; staying out past curfew, getting a tattoo, drinking, smoking, and going on a fake reality TV show.

Chode and his crew conned Adam 12 into appearing on their reality TV show “Love Conquers All”. At first he refused but all Chode and T’Nuk had to do was question his masculinity. Adam 12 is a punk, but he won’t punk out of a fight, so he agreed to do the show. The TV show was a fake, it was really just an attempt to get him and Babette to fall in love.

In doing so the crew would win the peace prize (and a million dollars). It worked…almost. Using reverse psychology the two teens fell in love and almost married. But upon learning that they would lose their trust funds if they wed, they dumped each other. Adam 12 is most likely still grounded by his overbearing mother after that incident.

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