Tripping the Rift: People: Bobafett

Francis Bobafett Dinkleman 3rd is one of the finest bounty hunters can buy. Which doesn’t say much for the bounty hunter industry. If you were to see Bobafett in a pub, he be drinking a Guinness, and it’d be warm. Everyone would be staying away from him, because if you said the wrong thing around him, he’d throw your head through a wall. Bobafett is a master stalker of his prey. He studies their past and knows their habits, just so that he could soon capture his it for the bounty. Running is futile from Bobafett. He’ll follow the trail and destroy everything along the way.

This guy is a badass… …A total badass who doesn’t have to prove nutin’ to noone! He’s got a two headed attack rottweiler, named Cuddles. Someone like that has to be secure with their sexuality. But he’s not, after learning that he won the Galactic Publishers Clearinghouse, he erupts in girlish glee and forgets about the bounty he was about to collect on some fugitive sex slaves.

As it turns out it was all a ruse by Chode to rescue Six and Ten, the bounty he was after. Bobafett’s ship is called the Sex Slave 1, a play on Star Wars own master bounty hunter Boba Fett and his ship the Slave 1. Bobafett is voiced by Terrence Scammel.

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