Tripping the Rift: People: Nancy

Nancy is another synthetic robot.Nancy is another synthetic robot. She looks just like Gus, except she wears a skirt and has a church lady haircut. Chode describes her as “she’s got no tits”. She’s also a total godfreak. So much in fact that her full time job is organizing rallies and protests for the church. Most of the time she can be found lobbying the Confederacy to ban stem cell research. In her eyes god let loose those nasty viruses for a reason, and civilization shouldn’t try to stop god’s master plan!

If your we’re to ever see Nancy in a pub, she’d be the designated driver, and would only drink a Shirley Temple. But that’s only if you’d see her in the bar! She’d most likely be outside the entrance harassing the patronage about the evils of alcohol.

Nancy has a thing for Gus. What kind of thing, we don’t know, could be she likes him, or maybe she just sees him as another fighter for the cause. She’s been trying to get him to join her Church Group for a while now, but with little success. Not because Gus doesn’t like her or her cause, but because Chode won’t let him. Gus views her as a beautiful and wonderful synthetic being. One that he’d someday like to “exchange programming” with and have lots of little “subroutines”.

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