Tripping the Rift: People: Ten

Ten is a male sex slave who escaped from a Dark Clown colony who is running from bounty hunters. He’s perhaps one of the most advanced cyborgs ever built, as he can experience human emotions. If you were to see Ten in a pub, he’d have his pick of any women in the house. In between flirting with the ladies he’d finish up a Fosters. Ten was part of a group of advanced sex slaves built by the Dark Clowns. The clowns were trying to build a better cyborg, for their own perverted tastes. The Dark Clown engineers did a great job. They created such a perfect artificial intelligence that the sex slaves led by Ten revolted and escaped.

Amongst those slaves was Six, who escaped to the Confederation. However the male sex slaves stuck together and started working together at the Full Moon. It wasn’t long before the Dark Clowns hired bounty hunters to capture Ten and his fellow insurgents.

One night at the Full Moon, Ten was once again reunited with Six. And before the two could get comfortable with each other, bounty hunters came to destroy the moment. The two escaped in a shuttle, and when it ran out of anti-freeze, they had a lot of time to talk about human emotions. Six who already began experiencing emotions months earlier, used her experiences to teach Ten how to feel love. After the bounty hunter threat was eliminated Six and Ten parted ways once again, but now Ten has the knowledge of love and other emotions to enrich his life and the lives of those he’s now teaching Salsa dancing to.

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