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Direction 2
Characterisation 3
Storyline 1
Acting 3
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Tripping the Rift names, characters and everything else associated with the series are the property of CineGroup. They should be ashamed!

Summary 1.8 crappy
Production 1
Direction 1
Characterisation 1
Storyline 1
Acting 2
Fun/Sexy/Cool 1
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Summary 1.2 terrible

Tripping the Rift: S02E02: Cool Whip

Screengrabs coming eventually, prollynot

This episode sucked hard. I was willing to give up on the whole fucking series after watching this pile of shit. I could rant on for a thousand words baout how the pacing sucked, the direction was horrible, animation was choppy, screenplay was done already in this series and how everyone involved with this train wreck should be ashamed. Or how this episode should have never seen the light of day…

But I don’t want to put any more effort in toths review than the entire production staff put into this epusdoe. Therefore your’e geting a review doen just as hasitly and half-assed. Scrathc that full asssd backwards. I’m not even gonna spell check or proof read this fucker. I’m gonna his submit an enver look back!


wHIP is lazy, doesn’t do is work. The rew yells at him and grounds him. He goes to hei sroom accidnetly, highjacks flight controlof teh ship when playing a game and crashes it on some jungle planet.

the inhabiatnts are gun happy, and will kill the crew, until they see whip. HE’s worshiped byt he locals as a god. Whip snubbs the crew during a feast in his honor. Crew finds it off about his treatment, and invistate. Whip’s race is hunted for sport by the jking on reality tv. They tell whip, he doens’t care.

TV time comes, whip is hunted. cCrew try to help him, but get captured too and tied up.

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The only part of this epsiode that the prodcution team spent time on Six tied up and using her body to tell other where whip went. Her breasts juggled about nicely. It was obvious that this was wehre the entire effort of the episode went into.

Gus fixes the ship, blasts the king apart on live tv. Crew gets off palent.

The end. Thankfully. one more stnker like that and I’m done with the seires.

IThus embarrasment rates a negative infinity out oft of 10.

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Tripping the Rift names, characters and everything else associated with the series are the property of CineGroup. They should be ashamed!

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