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Introduction to Aeon Flux

A while back I turned on MTV and noticed a new series featuring the weird but VERY sexy cartoon character, Aeon Flux. I ogled the provocative figure of the heroine, grimaced at the gratuitous violence of each episode, laughed at the directors fixation with comical ear-nibbling and sat amazed and transfixed by the strange and exotic story-line. This is wacky, entertaining and innovative science fiction at it’s best and in many countries, the show enjoys cult sci fi status. After mentioning the show to some colleagues at work, I was looked at with a perplexed expression. No one else has seen it and one jokingly suggested that I develop a Sad Geezers Guide – so I did!Scerne from the pilot episode

As far as I’m aware, there were three seasons of Aeon Flux shown on MTV, but the Guide is only able to review the material available on Video (a stupid oversight on my part).

What’s it About

It is the story of a heroine, Aeon Flux and her adventures as an independent agent of the Monican Republic.

The Breens (of Bregna), an opposing culture, governed by Aeons enemy, lover, conspirator and fellow ‘tongue gymnast’, Trevor Goodchild, a smooth talkin’ visionary and total git who, in the weirdest of all twists, is head over heals in love with the lovely Aeon (aren’t we all).

There are short (some not seen on MTV) and long episodes reviewed on this site; there are breakdowns of the Breen and Monican cultures, people, creators and beware, there is even an Aeon Flux Purity Test!

Will YOU Get it?

Sometimes the story line can be a little too esoteric. Basically all episodes can be summarised by the introduction on the first video…..

The gorgeous Aeon... erm...Trevor: The dream to awaken our world…
Aeon: You’re out of control.
Trevor: I take control. Whose side are you on?
Aeon: I take no side.
Trevor: Your skating the edge.
Aeon: I am the edge!
Trevor: What you truly want, only I can give.
Aeon: You can’t give it, you can’t even buy it, and you just don’t get it!

If you have managed to find this site, it is probably because you’re as crazy about the show as I am and you may enter with my best wishes.

If you’re under eighteen however, you might not appreciate the innuendo, sexual or otherwise.  One final thing, please don’t misunderstand my erm… affectation for Aeon Flux. It’s just a joke, honestly, erm… no really, the idea that this SadGeezer may fancy a cartoon character is, of course, ludicrous (even if she is drop-dead-gorgeous… erm..)

Aeon Flux Resources

Aeon Flux Episode Reviews

A detailed review of each of the short and long episodes. We try to explain some of the plot but some of the stories simply defy explanation – you’ll need to make up your own mind!

Character Biographies

There are only two character bio’s in this section but both are significant and may help you unravel some of the story. Or at least help you understand their reasoning.

Cultures of Aeon Flux

When they aren’t warring, they could be considered pretty cool. Would you, however, invite them to your party? We examine this important question and provide a race rating to help you decide.

The bound, female Cereph.The Famous SadGeezers Aeon Flux Purity Test

So you think you know all about Aeon and Trevor? This will test your knowledge thoroughly, It will also examine the depths of your psyche with a Psychometric Test so accurate, you will be able to provide the results on interviews for child minding jobs!

Discuss the saga in the Aeon Flux Forum

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