Andromeda: Character Biographies

There are many rich and varied characters in the Andromeda saga. This ‘People’ section is interpretative, most people have their own impressions of the main characters and… this is ours. By all means send me your thoughts and I’ll add them if I think other Sci Fi SadGeezers and Lady SadGeezers would be interested.

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Top doood! Head Honcho, Main Man and Rommie's chumDylan Hunt

A very cool geezer with the colossal responsibility of rebuilding a Commonwealth spanning 3 Galaxies and millions of worlds (I bet he has three Weetabix for breakfast!)

Cool babe who is hot and at the same time cool!Beka Valentine

Not only is she attractive, she’s clear headed and single minded of purpose. The ex-captain of the Eureka Maru, she is a forceful and competent executive officer.

Attractive computer who is also a personAndromeda (Rommie)

The most beautiful computer in the three galaxies! She has much better lips than a 650 Mhz Pentium III, better eyes than the photo sensores from the Galaxy S10 and better legs than a 40 speed CD player.


Depressingly up-beat purple girl with a tailTrance Gemini

A purple girl with a tail (surely every mans dream!). Her character developed as the seasons flew by and now she has grown from a rather ditzy teenager type, to a rather aloof lady with a tail.

perfectly engineered thug who thinks he's brilliantTyr Anasazi

As menacing Nietzschean thugs go, Tyr fits the part very well indeed. He plays an ex-mercenary of the now extict Nietzschean clan, Codiac.

A cuddly, furry animal with an instinct for murder and rape - but he does feel guiltyRev Bem

Now this is a geezer and a half! He has a healthy instinct for eating and raping people and making this SadGeezer feel sick. But in his defense, he does feel guilty!

Clever Ships Engineer (and a bit of a SadGeezer)Seamus Harper

Quick witted ships engineer on the Andromeda. He has a ‘thing’ for girls with purple tails (haven’t we all) and generally an immature outlook on life.

creepy crawly things that go scratchy-scratchy in the nightAndroids and creepy-crawly, scary, little hidden things

No, not Harper, details of the Andromeda’s Robots, ‘Droids and Nanobots. You can’t even see some of them – but they’re there….

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