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Dune Episode Reviews

Dune Miniseries



Paul and the rest of House Atredies assume control of Arrakis. But it’s not long before House Harkonnen tries to regain control


Paul and Jessica are stranded in the desert, taking refuge with the Fremen and adopting their customs.

The ProphetThe Prophet

Paul “Maud’Din” attacks the Harkonnen’s and the Emperor for control of Dune and the Empire.

Children of Dune Miniseries

Dune MessiahDune Messiah

It’s a dozen years after Paul became Emperor, and now the greatest forces in the universe conspire against him.

The Children

Muad’Dib’s children have aged 9 years, and its now that they’re true story begins.

The Golden Path

Leto II must survive on his own in the desert, and find his place along the Golden Path.

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