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Character Biographies

The late Douglas Adams created a group of believable misfits that fans of the show immediately warmed to. 

They symbolise the ordinary group of people in an extraordinary situation and I guess, most of us can relate to all of them.

The Character section of this guide is interpretative. Most people have their own impressions of the main players and… this is mine. By all means send me your thoughts and I may add them as a comments to this page.



One of the most infuriating robots ever conceived.  This robot is programmed with a personality that would depress even the most enthusiastic Amway Distributor. We quote some of Marvin’s lines in all sorts of situations. 

Marvin is probably the best loved character in the whole saga.  


Ford Prefect

At first, this dude appears as normal as Jim, yer next door neighbour. But you soon find out that he is the single most important character relating to the Earth Entry in the Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy.  He also has some really important advice about towels.


Zaphod Beeblebrox

A ruthless and yet completely cool geezer. Most of us want, in some way to be like this dude. He has taken shallowness to the extreme and even sports three arms and two heads because he wants to look cool – works for me!



Arthur Dent

What?”, “Any tea?”, “I don’t understand!” Would be the words he would always be remembered for. The last of the human race (besides Trillian of course) is represented by all the things we know and love about ourselves.



This old geezer is as cool as Zaphod in his own way. Not short of the odd cutting quip, he is most noted for his award winning crinkly patterns on the coastlines of Earth. Oh and yes, this dude helps to build planets!



Trisha McMillan.  Can you believe that she actually comes from Earth! Well, she is one of the few female characters of the show and besides being pretty intelligent, she’s also erm… pretty.

Trillian in many instances, has proven that she is the only sane member of the group, she keeps a cool(ish) head when things look black. 


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