LEXX: Cultures

The cultural section of this guide is interpretative and should only be used to get a general introduction to the cultures and backgrounds of the characters encountered in the series – Useful if you should ever be in a position to send invites to a party.

LEXX Cultures

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The Klaagians

A Rubbish Bunch! Encountered in Episode 3 of the Film Season one.  They do enjoy playing games though!

Prince fondles MayThe People of Fire

Not very funny!  These people live a hellish life doomed to a violent death – They’re pretty  horrible too!

The People of Water

Fun and engaging. These people live a charmed life, enjoying every minute of it. They are quite nice too!

The Divine Order

Those Damned Humans! Members of the League of 20,00 planets – (Damned and Doomed! although some still survive after the cleansing).

Cluster Lizards

Not so much a culture, more of as a viscous beast! Violent and Ugly! The indigenous life-form of the Cluster.

The Heretics

Miraculous Warriors. Cool and hot at the same time!?! These, it seemed were the only goodies in the Dark Zone.

The Brunnen G

Bunch of dead heroes! Defeated the Insects yet made extinct at the hands of His Shadow.  The LEXX story develops into a bit of a song and dance about this lot!

Which of these would you invite to your party?

Each Culture has a ‘Race Rating Table’ which can be used as a general guide to their social interaction.

HOWEVER, It should also be strenuously pointed out that to be a featured
Culture in LEXX is like the kiss of death to the whole race. Therefore:
Each of the Cultures reviewed is, in actual fact, extinct!

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