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Battle of the reds and bluesCats

Lister’s subjects – Cats are Supercool and their implausible history makes them even more interesting.


Immaterial People – Holograms can vary in nature and stature. Almost without exception however, they are arrogant and self-conscious.


Serving Machines – The mechanoid culture reviewed here is the one fashioned on Dr. Mammets ‘old man’ (with a few notable missing parts).


Hard-ass Nasties – Simulants are fun and jolly (in a dastardly evil sort of way). You would normally avoid these people at all costs.Having said that, the lady simulants are always attractive (erm… Lister thinks so anyway).

A GELF (Polymorph)GELF’s

Hey, Blobs are people too! – A rich and varied culture of complete smegpots! These are usually hostile and can do disturbing things to your mind.


Wireless Lawnmowers – Skutters were higher rank even than Lister! They are used as maintenance robots but seem to exhibit intelligence.

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