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Red Dwarf was written as a show with a disparate and frequently dysfunctional group of people in a restricted and often dangerous setting. With the main characters routinely displaying their cowardice, incompetence and laziness, while exchanging insulting and sarcastic dialogue. This is an anti-hero show with the main characters acting bravely only when there was no alternative.

By today’s standards the science in the show is exceptional and the writers tried to put a plausible face on some pretty hairy concepts. If yer gonna do nano-bots, why not make them talk?  If yer gonna play a virtual reality game, why not date one of the ball girls in the tennis challenge game?

The show rapidly attained a cult following and very soon mainstream sitcom status. In the forth season, Red Dwarf was widly regarded as Britains best sci fi comedy show (eclipsing Hitch Hikers Guide). By season 6, it was the UK’s number one rated tv show!  We currently only have reviews up to Season 8 as we’re finding it difficult to get into the subsequent seasons.

Red Dwarf Seasons 1 – 8
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Episode Reviews

A detailed review of each of the shows including pictures and comments. We have almost all of the shows reviewed  between seasons 1 and 7 and the first three episodes of Season 8.

Character Biographies

Biographies of the most important characters including the Smegheads.  We even have talkie Toaster!

Culture Reviews

The weird and wonderful cultures of Red Dwarf including Cats! We even review simulants and GELF’s and of course each race is rated using our handy race rating system.

The Famous Red Dwarf SmegTest

The tremendously popular (at least for the people of Wales) Red Dwarf Purity Test. Test your Red Dwarf knowledge, ingenuity and silliness and marvel at the bolt-on psychometric test!

Starbug - Chilly willy shotShips & Technology

Yep, there are more ships than just Red Dwarf!  This section takes a look at some of the cool spaceships and Space Stations that were encountered during the saga.

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