The Prisoner: Episode Reviews

We’ve started to produce reviews of the episodes but possibly excepting the first two (below) the rest will be largely opinion and transcription of dialogue (which is just how we like it  🙂 ) .  If you would like to provide a review, leave a message in the Prisoner forum (link below).

The ProphetArrival

A man resigns his top security position, is drugged, and wakes up in The Village where he is numbered 6. While the wardens employ extreme measures to learn why he resigned, The Prisoner plans his escape.

Village LogoFree For All

Number 6 runs for the office of Number 2, in the process of being groomed for candicacy he is brainwashed and given an assistant.

Village LogoDance of the Dead

Nothing like a good old carnival to raise the spirits… But things turn truly sinister when No. 6 becomes the cabaret in a trial for his very life!

Village LogoCheckmate

No. 6 takes part in a game of human chess. In an ambitious gambit, he helps develop a method to deduce who are the pawns and who are the players, but will the strategy pay off?

Village LogoThe Chimes of Big Ben

A new arrival, Nadia, turns up in The Village. Blending both art and craft, No. 6 makes his escape with Nadia in what can only be called a masterpiece.

Village LogoA, B, & C

Using a dangerous, experimental drug, a desperate No. 2 seeks to extract the reason behind No. 6’s resignation. However, the party’s only just begun as No. 6 turns the tables on No. 2 in the dreamiest way imaginable.

Village LogoThe General

Speedlearn” frenzy has swept the Village; is it being used for more sinister purposes than just teaching history? The Prisoner seeks out the facts behind The General’s secret agenda.

Village LogoThe Schizoid Man

No. 6 awakes to find he has a new identity and a doppelganger. Would the real Number 6 please stand up?

Village LogoHappy Man Returns

The Prisoner wakes to find The Village deserted. He builds a raft and plots his course to freedom, but will he escape, or will he be dropped back into Village life again?

Village LogoIt’s Your Funeral

No. 6 is underhandedly let in on an assassination plot against the retiring No. 2. Will No. 6 be discredited, or will he be able to save Number 2 from an incumbent No. 2?

Village LogoA Change of Mind

Declared unmutual, the Prisoner must undergo Instant Social Conversion. Does Instant Social Conversion equal instant lobotomy, and will his brain ever be the same again?

Village LogoHammer Into Anvil

An interrogation by No. 2 leads to a girl’s suicide, and No. 6 seeks to avenge her death. In a community where no one can be trusted, No. 6 plays on the paranoia and fears of No. 2, bringing 2’s world crashing down.

Village LogoDo Not Forsake Me, Oh My Darling

“Professor Seltzman develops a technique for mind transference. Number 6, now the prisoner of another body, must locate an escaped Seltzman, or never feel himself again.

Village LogoLiving in Harmony

A sheriff resigns, turns in his badge and gun, and later wakes up in the Village. Why did he resign? Will he take up arms? Find out how the West was “done”.

Village LogoThe Girl Who Was Death

Mr. X pits himself against Sonia, a natural born killer, as he attempts to stop a mad scientist from destroying London. Some fairy tales are not for the faint-hearted.

Village LogoOnce Upon A Time

In the ultimate battle of wills, No. 2 locks himself away with No. 6 to learn why he resigned. Who will survive the ultimate test? There can be only one.

Village LogoFall Out

The Prisoner has earned the right to be individual. As the ceremony for the transfer of ultimate power progresses, Number 6 prepares to meet Number 1, but is it all monkey business?

The sources for this guide to the unique cultures of The Prisoner have come from a combination of the television episodes and unused scripts.

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