Tripping the Rift: Cultures

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The Imperial Troopers

The trusty force behind the dark Clowns. Whenever we have seen them however, they have been decapitated by their masters, usually over an insignificant matter.


The Dark Clowns

These are very bad baddies. They are mean, foul-mouthed and ruthless.



Artificial Intelligence created to make the lives of organics easier. They are usually found doing menial jobs, being verbally put down, and smiling the whole time


The Confederacy

These are so so bad baddies. So so in that they’re just too boring. They seek to bring the galaxy under their tyrannical conformity. They’re so unoriginal and boring that they’re a sci fi original!



These dudes just love to keep the universe from having any fun, and doing it in a funny way. All in the name of god



The party-people of the galaxy. Known all over for their kickass parties, and splendid orgies



The nymphs of the Galaxy. And all too friendly!



Exemplifying the idealised 1950’s America. These aliens are so fanatical of cleanliness, that they execute litterers.



The backward primitves of the Universe. Perfect targets/slaves for the greedy Dark Clown and Confederate Empires


Harmonia 7

Gun slinging nut jobs. The most paranoid and aggressive people in the galaxy.



Counter Culture wacko’s of Harmonia 7. They feel the only way to achieve peace to launch a violent terror campaign against violence.




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