Babylon 5: S04E06: Into the Fire

While thousands of ships of the Army of Light are headed for Coriana 6, Londo is frantically working to make sure that all trace of the Shadows have gone before the Vorlons head for Centauri Prime. Londo wants to speak with Morden about this and of other news recently acquired. It turns out that Morden was responsible for the death of his partner, the Lady Adira. Londo worked out how Morden had manipulated him. It would be a gross understatement to say that Londo was upset by this.   You just know this is the episode that Morden is finally going to get what’s coming to him.

When Mr. Morden appears they discuss the evacuation of the Shadows from Centauri Prime, then suddenly the guards open fire to the left and right of Morden, killing two Shadows who become momentarily visible just before they die. Londo then presses a button while gesturing to the window and the Shadow base, the Island of Selini, is no more.

Meanwhile back at Coriana 6, the Fleet had arrived to see the Vorlons about to annihilate the planet. Despite Sheridans ignored pleas to halt the destruction.The battle begins - and the pebbles are winning! Sheridan then calls on the First ones to take out the Vorlon Planet killer. They do this easily and then begin firing on the other Vorlon ships. This was great; finally, those patronising Vorlons were getting stuffed.

Half of the Vorlon Fleet however, were at Centauri Prime. To Londos dismay they were about to let loose the planet killer on the Centauri homeworld because the last remaining influence of the Shadows was Londo himself.  Just as Londo was pleading with Vir to kill him, the Vorlon fleet was called back to Coriana 6 to assist the other half. Gripping stuff huh?

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The battle rages on and the Vorlons still refuse to communicate with Sheridan.  Lorien arrives on the bridge of the flagship and suddenly the lovely Lyta’s eyes go black. She has been taken over by the Vorlons who quickly encase Sheridan and Delenn in an energy field.  Both have been invited to discuss the situation in a sort of ‘limbo land’, Delenn with the Shadows and Sheridan with the Vorlons.

The Vorlons begin by asking Sheridan why they would want to oppose their actions. Sheridan replies by saying that the younger races don’t like being used or lied to – they don’t like the way the Vorlons are destroying their worlds (seems a bit obvious really?!).

Delenn is asked by the Shadows why they she would side with the old order, no passion or dreams, why side with the Vorlons who only want obedience, a ‘frozen’ existence, an evolutionary dead-end? They went on to say how the Shadows promote power through conflict and that after this was they would emerge stronger and more powerful. Delenn retorted that this may be so – until the Shadows did it to them again.

A certain amount of philosophical to-ing and fro-ing then ensued.  Meanwhile the Shadow Planet Killer was freezing-up the ships of the Army of Light. Lorien releases them from their chat with the Vorlon and Shadow representatives (both of whom realise that Lorien has allowed the conversation to be seen by all). A Shadow and a Vorlon appear on the bridge and Lorien explains that Sheridan is being given a second chance to choose between the Vorlons and the Shadows. Lorien indicates that the answer will decide the fate of those assembled and that he should take care.

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Sheridan and Delenn point out to the Vorlons and Shadows that if they were to ask ‘Who are you? What do you want? They would not be able to answer. They have been at war with each other for so long that they do not know themselves. Therefore, how could either one of them hope to guide the younger races if they couldn’t even answer their own questions?

Sheridan adds that no matter who wins the battle it will all start again in a thousand years and indicated that the younger races didn’t want to play any more. This annoys both the Vorlons and the Shadows who open fire at the flagship. A Drazi and then a Minbari sacrifice themselves as they block the incoming bursts of fire. Then Lorien steps in and says that as he had taught them and stepped aside, now it was their turn to step aside, The younger races had apparently matured enough to make their own decisions. It was time for the Shadows and Vorlons to leave and join the other Old ones. Then, Lorien, the other First ones, the Shadows and the Vorlons all pack their bags and bugger off beyond the ‘rim’.

As Sheridan and Delenn get back to Babylon 5, Sheridan tells her that he feels the magic has gone (more like the series has gone!).

My goodness!, what is to become of Babylon 5 without the Shadows and Vorlons – no more evil geezers and no more patronising gits? The series doesn’t have that many people left to hate.

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I’d rate that a close to perfect 47,789 out of 10 – What did you think?

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