Babylon 5: S04E07: Epiphanies

Except for the partying, everything seems to be calming down. on Centauri Prime, Londo is preparing to continue his ambassadorship on Babylon 5 when he finds out that the ‘Centaurum’ have elected to name him Regent until a new Emperor can be selected. G’Kar is being measured for a new prosthetic eye on Babylon 5.

Garibaldi on the other hand, is still a troubled man, he still gets flashbacks of his incarceration by the Psi Corps and understandably, it disturbs him. Then, while he is shaving, a message appears on the screen in his quarters. It appears to be an unusual wavy pattern of light. He watches it and then deletes the message and casually continues with his morning shaving ritual. I don’t know what the message signified but he later, resigned unexpectedly. No really clear reason was given and Sheridan only made a token gesture when trying to dissuade Garibaldi.

Alfred Bester arrives on the station and requests a meeting with Sheridan. Zack visits the lovely Lyta in her room to find that she has bought lots of new things. He asks her if she would come to the meeting with Bester to make sure they were not be mind scanned by him. She gets a bit miffed about this, complaining that people use her but nobody is ever nice to her (you tell him luv, I’ll be nice to you). 'Nobody is nice to me'Zack tries to explain that it’s probably because she has had such close dealings with the Vorlons. He then has the impudence, nay the despicable audacity to suggest that he visit her later with a mangy old pizza to help her set up her room. What a twerp! Lyta is obviously still disturbed by the recent war with the Vorlons and neglects to tell him to sod-off.

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Londo and G’Kar meet accidentally in the Zocolo. Both are nervous but it is G’Kar that makes the opening. He tells Londo that as far as he is concerned, G’Kar doesn’t even exist! A bit harsh that I think – well, maybe not. But it’s a shame they couldn’t be best buddies all that they had been through together.

Bester reason for coming to the Station is to enlist Sheridan’s help in retrieving some Shadow machinery from Z’ha’dum. He hopes that it can save his loved one, Caroline who was affected by the Shadows and who is currently in cryogenic suspension until Dr Franklin Bester confronts Lytafinds a way to heal her. As long as Sheridan is helping to heal Caroline Alfred Bester will not harm Babylon 5. However, he has some vital information that Sheridan needs and he agrees to help Bester.

A plot by President Clark to frame Babylon 5 in attacking Earth Force blockade ships is foiled by the information Bester reveals but when Sheridan’s ship reaches Z’ha’dum they notice a small armada of vessels leaving via a jumpgate and Sheridan, suspicious, orders an about turn. Z’ha’dum explodes and any equipment Bester might have retrieved is lost.

The Captain upon their return to Babylon 5 visits Lyta. He suspects that she alerted the inhabitants of Z’ha’dum of their arrival so that they could leave and blow up the place, thereby denying Bester his prize. Sheridan hypothetically indicated that if command level decisions were made without his consent in future, he would have her guts for garters. This was very harsh treatment by the Captain who, in my opinion overreacted and didn’t fully appreciate the fact that Lyta had been an invaluable aid in the war and that he didn’t like Bester much anyway.

I’m sorry to keep going on about this but it’s quite important. The stunningly beautiful Lyta doesn’t actually work for Sheridan, but she is beholden to him for letting her stay on Babylon 5 so that she can hide from the Psi Corps

ol' Zack with ol' Pizza

Sheridan’s annoyance with her must therefore be considered an abuse of his position. Well I think so anyway.

Things then went from bad to worse when the ugly old git Zack turns up at her door with some stale pizza. I can’t understand why the director didn’t show Zack being shot by Lyta?? Surely that is what happened ….. isn’t it. I mean, she couldn’t fancy that little twerp could she?, Surely not!

Although, it was actually a nice gesture and to be honest, he should have given her a bit of a hug too (or would that be too much). 

Another great episode 31,119 out of 10!  What did you think?

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