Battlestar Galactica: Personnel: Six

Name: Six
Rank: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Race: Cylon.


Six is a crimson wrapped enigma probably designed around the original Battlestar Galactica series character “Lucifer”. She is the first of the ‘human cylons’ we encounter, and by far the loveliest, a title we all wish to see “Boomer” and her fight over.

Six has several unique attributes (Down boys, not those!) among which include Neural Clones (Harvey2?) and the ability to transmit her consciousness back to some source (Hive mind Six?). This source can then re-transmit the data to a new Six. There is one unique attribute to this Cylon however; all Cylons have a thirst for revenge against Humans for enslaving them, but Six apparently seems to care about Gaius Baltar.

Why she cares for this twerp? We’ll probably never know, but needless to say it’s a concern for Humans and Cylons alike.

If you met Six in a bar, you most likely would try to buy her several drinks, and spend the rest of your life with her mentally but not physically. Yikes!

Six is played by Tricia Helfer

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