Battlestar Galactica: Transcripts: S01E13: Kobol’s Last Gleaming Pt. 2

Kobol – Crash Site
The crew is evacuating their burning Raptor.
Crashdown: Everyone! Come on! Come on, move!
Tyrol: Everybody up! Cally, up, up, move!
Crashdown: Come on, go, go, go! Come on, move! Out, come on!
Tyrol: Get them out of the chairs, drag them out!
Crashdown: Come on! I got him, I got him!
Tyrol: Oh, for Gods’ sakes…
Crashdown: I got his legs, I got his legs!
Tyrol: I got him! Try it on your shoulder, on your shoulder.
Crashdown: Aahh! Doc! Doc, come on, Doc!
Everyone but Baltar has egressed from the Raptor. Baltar is trapped by flames inside.
Baltar: Crash!
Crashdown: Doc!
Baltar: Crash!
Crashdown: Come on, Doc! Doc! Doc!
#6: Take my hand. Gaius, take my hand.
Baltar takes her (Crashdown’s, really) hand, and escapes the Raptor.
Crashdown: Hey, hey, come on, wake up! Stay with me, we gotta go! Stay with me, Doc, come on! Get down! Get down!
The Raptor explodes.
Tyrol: Stay down, you guys, stay down, stay down! L.T. You okay? I think that’s both tanks. Let’s see what we got, get them now!
Selix: Aah…
Cally: You all right?
Tyrol: Get the supplies before they burn up- go, go!
Cally: Right away.
Selix: Both tanks, gas is gone, it’s all gone.
As the Raptor party stumbles around, Gaius wanders off by himself.
Caprica – Delphi Museum of Colonial History
Helo: It’s a museum, so what?
Caprica Boomer: It’s more than that. It’s the home of the “Arrow of Apollo”.
Helo: (sighs) What the hell is that?
Caprica Boomer: You never liked history. Come on, Helo, it’s supposed to be the only clue as to the location of Earth.
Helo: Earth? What are you talking about? Who’s going to Earth? It doesn’t even exist. I’m trying to get back to Galactica. What I need from you is a way off this planet and a way back to my ship, and if you don’t do that, I’m gonna blow your head off.
Caprica Boomer: Why don’t you just shut up for a change? You’re only alive because I’ve kept you alive. If it wasn’t for me, you’d be dead by now. So, whether you like it or not, I’m your only hope of getting off this planet. So, if I were you, I would take that tough guy attitude of yours and shove it up your ass. We can’t move around the city during daylight, so we hole up and wait ’til dark.

Galactica – C.I.C. / Colonial one
Tigh: Unbelievable. She’s crossed the line before, but this is so far beyond the pale-
Adama: She wouldn’t have done this on her own, she was coerced.
Tigh: No one coerces Starbuck. Believe me, I’ve tried.
Dualla: Commander? I have the President on the line.
Adama: (to Tigh) Bear witness, put on your headset. (to Roslin, on the phone) Madam President, moments ago, Lt. Thrace took the Cylon Raider on an unscheduled and unauthorized, jump.
Roslin: Yes.
Adama: Do you have any knowledge of this incident?
Roslin: Let’s save some time here, Commander. The question you really want to ask me is whether or not I asked Lt. Thrace to take the Raider to Caprica. And the answer to your question is “yes.”
Adama: You and I talked about this.
Roslin: Yes, we had.
Adama: We both decided it was a military decision.
Roslin: My responsibility as President is, first and foremost, to protect and preserve this fleet and its future. In the end, that outweighs any other consideration. It has to.
Adama: By taking the Raider, you’ve placed our people on the surface of Kobol in direct danger.
Roslin: I’m very aware of the danger our men and women are in on Kobol. I am also deeply aware of the danger this civilization will be in if I ignore the pursuit of this arrow.
Adama: I’m going to have to ask you for your resignation, Madam President.
Roslin: No.
Adama: Then I’m terminating your presidency, as of this moment.
Roslin: Commander Adama, I will exercise the authority of this office until I am unable to do so, so if you want to stage a coup you’re gonna have to come over here and arrest me.
Adama: I don’t want any bloodshed.
Roslin: Of course you don’t, neither do I. Neither does the press. They’re here, by the way.
Adama: (mutters to Tigh) The press…
Roslin: They’re recording every minute.
The phone conversation ends.
Adama: Order the CAP to isolate Colonial one. Mr. Gaeta.
Gaeta: Sir.
Adama: Jam any transmissions in or out of Colonial one immediately.
Gaeta: Yes, sir.
Adama: Prepare a strike team. As long as she’s President, she’s dangerous, and if she can turn Starbuck against us, she’s capable of anything.
Tigh: Yes, sir.
Adama: She’s bluffing.
Tigh: Let’s hope so. There’s also a Cylon Baseship out there to deal with.
Adama: Leave that to me.

Colonial One
Roslin: (to Billy) This government survived a Cylon attack, it will survive William Adama. I think he’s bluffing. But just in case, we need to be prepared.

Galactica – C.I.C.
Apollo: I know their security detail, they will defend that ship. We’ll have to take her down compartment by compartment.
Adama: Mr. Gaeta.
Gaeta: Sir?
Adama: Am I correct in assuming that I have two Cylon transponders left?
Gaeta: Yes, sir, but only one of them is fully functional.
Adama: One will do. Now I need a pilot.

Galactica – Medbay
Adama enters. Boomer lies in a bed with a bandaje on her face.
Boomer: Sir.
Adama: As you were. How you feeling?
Boomer: It looks worse than it is, sir.
Adama: Things are moving very quickly and I need every pilot.
Boomer: I’m ready, sir.
Adama: I have a very special mission for you and I won’t kid around: it’s high risk,
extremely high risk. Understand. I need you to light-jump to Kobol and take care of this Basestar. We’re placing a Cylon transponder aboard your Raptor. In theory, it should allow you to approach the Basestar without getting fired upon.
Boomer: But we’ll still be ID’d as colonial Raptors once we’re in visual range.
Adama: For all they know, you could be two Cylon agents returning with a captured Raptor. once you’re inside the defense perimeter, I need you to make them think you wanna dock. You have to fire your nuke into the loading bay, then jump back home immediately. Do you understand?
Boomer: I understand. I can do it, sir, I know I can.
Adama: You have to.
Boomer: Yes, sir.

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Raider – Space
Starbuck’s Raider is in orbit above Caprica but pointing in the wrong direction, and she only sees open space in front of her.
Starbuck: (groans) Oh, this doesn’t look good. Please tell me this was not all for nothing.
She turns the Raider about and sees Caprica.
Starbuck: Oh, I’m good. I am really good. (laughs) I’m home. I’m home.
Her transponder beeps and she sees there are three Basestars in a tight orbit around the planet and a lot of activity coming out of them.
Starbuck: Okay, Gaeta. Please tell me that you’re right about this transponder thing.

Caprica – Delphi Museum of Colonial History
Helo and Caprica Boomer are still holed up. She is tapping her foot.
Helo: Stop! Stop that.
Caprica Boomer: I’m nervous.
Helo: (sighs) Like anything scares you.
Caprica Boomer: Things scare me, Helo, I have feelings.
Helo: You- you have software.
Caprica Boomer: I don’t know if you can hear this or not, Helo, but what we had between us was important. It was very important.
Helo: Why?
Caprica Boomer: Because it was the next step. Because it brings us closer to God.
Helo: Don’t mock the gods, okay? It’s a human belief. I’m human, they’re our gods.
Caprica Boomer: But, beyond that, I just want you to know that I genuinely feel something for you.
Helo: (turns around, aggravated) I don’t care. I don’t love you. I loved what I thought was you.
Caprica Boomer: Helo, I think there’s something else that you should know. I’m pregnant.

Galactica – C.I.C. / Apollo’s and Boomer’s Raptors
Adama is coordinating the strike against the President as well as the strike against the Basestar orbiting Kobol.
Three Raptors approach the Colonial one.
Apollo: Galactica, Apollo. We have visual I.D. on Colonial one.
Adama: Tell Apollo he’s clear to begin the assault. Contact us when he has soft seal on the hull.
Dualla: Aye, sir. Commander… Boomer and Racetrack are in the air, ready for their jump to Kobol.
Adama: Put them through down here. (on the radio) Boomer, Galactica Actual. Just wanted to say good luck, good hunting and I have complete faith in the both of you.
Boomer: Thank you, Actual. We won’t let you down. Racetrack, start the jump clock.
Racetrack: Clock is running.
The Raptor jumps away.
At the Colonial one, the three Raptor latch onto it, and begin to breach the hull to conduct a boarding action.
Apollo: Galactica, Apollo. We have soft seal.

Colonial One
Roslin talks to her political officers.
Roslin: I know Commander Adama and I’m counting on the fact that when push comes to shove, he’s the kind of man who will not want bloodshed. Nevertheless, this may not be the safest place. Billy, how many civilians are in the cargo hold?
Billy: 176.
Roslin: There is room in the cargo hold and I implore you to find refuge there with the other civilians. This is my choice. This is my choice, you do not have to come with me.
Billy: We stand with our President. (picks up the phone) Yes? (listens) Right. (hangs up) Security Commander reports sounds of someone cutting through the hull.

Galactica – C.I.C.
Dualla: The Raptors are cutting through the hull, sir.
Adama: Get the President on the line.

Raptor – Space
Boomer’s Raptor is in orbit around Kobol, nearing the Cylon Basestar.
Racetrack: (re: the Cylon transponder) You think this thing is working?
Boomer: We’re about to find out.
Cylon raiders fly by the Raptor without attacking.
Boomer: I guess so, yeah…

Kobol – Crash Site
Crashdown: How we doin’ on that?
Selix: (working on a radio) It’s not responding, sir.
Crashdown: Are you even trained to use this thing? (re: a downed crewmate) How’s he doin’, Chief?
Tyrol: (sighs) Not doin’ so good. I don’t know if his lungs are burned or what.
Crashdown: Well, he’s a tough kid, he’s gonna- he’s gonna pull through. Get those wounds looked at, Chief.
Tyrol: Yeah. Lieutenant… shouldn’t we be moving out? I mean… do you have a plan for tactical deployment or…?
Crashdown: Plan for tactical deployment, Chief? Get to the high ground, it’ll be our best chance of being seen by a search party.
Tyrol: High ground’s also our best chance of being seen by the Cylons. They’re flying around, sir, they might land troops before we get rescued.
Crashdown: That’s true.
Tyrol: Yeah. Sir, if I may suggest that we take cover, on the ground? Maybe somewhere where we won’t be seen from the air?
Crashdown: Okay, yeah, Chief, that’s… (sighs) Carry on, Chief.
Crashdown seems to have a bit of a breakdown and walks off.

Raptor – Space
Boomer’s Raptor nears the Basestar.
Boomer: Launch the nuke and prepare to jump. (pause) What?
Racetrack: The bomb release is jammed, I can’t free it.
Boomer: We can dock inside the ship.
Racetrack: Excuse me?
Boomer: They think we’re Cylons, they’ll let us dock. We can release the bomb manually and drop the nuke inside the ship itself. It’ll work.
They fly into the Basestar.
Racetrack: Oh, my gods…

Kobol – Crash Site
Tyrol: Targ, Selix, can I get a hand up here, please?
Selix: Yes, sir.
Tyrol: (re: their downed crewmate) Cally, how’s he doin’?
Cally: Not good, sir.
Tyrol: Get a blanket on him, keep him warm.
Elsewhere, Baltar is lying down savouring life. #6 appears, dressed angelically all in white and stunningly beautiful.
#6: How are you?
Baltar: Alive. You saved me. You saved my life.
#6: Care to return the favor?
Baltar: You in need of saving?
#6: (takes his hand) You wondered why you were chosen? Why God chose you, above all other humans to survive and serve his purpose? Now’s the time to find out why.
Baltar gets up and follows her, walking hand in hand.

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Caprica – Ghost City / Delphi Museum of Colonial History
Starbuck arrives on Caprica and the Cylons totally ignore her as she moves into the city. She goes into the museum, which is labelled as the Delphi Museum of Kobol. She shoots herself up with the anti-radiation med and proceeds to search for the Arrow of Apollo.

Galactica – C.I.C. / Colonial One
Elosha leads Roslin and her guards in prayer as Billy and Dualla whisper to each other over the phone.
Elosha: Lords of Kobol, hear our prayer. Bring us out of the darkness and into the light. Give us the strength to show mercy…
Billy: President says she will not yield.
Dualla: The President says she will not yield.
Adama: So be it.
Gaeta nods his head in disagreement so that Adama can see… a big step for him.
Billy: Come on, D, tell me he’s not actually gonna do this.
Dualla: Tell me she’s not gonna make him do it.
Elosha: …Redeem our hearts, that they may find peace in the midst of war-
There’s thumping in background.
Dualla: What’s going on, Billy?
The Marines enter the cabin.
Billy: They’re- they’re in. (hangs up)
Roslin: (to her guards) Quickly…
The guards arm themselves with tiny little pistols, while Roslin slyly places an unknown object into her pocket.
Dualla: (muttering) Billy… Billy? (to Adama) Sir… they’re in.

Kobol – Ruins
Baltar is being led by the hand through the decaying ruins of Kobol, looking around him as if he is surrounded by luxury and wealth with a look of awe on his face.

Caprica – Delphi Museum of Colonial History
Starbuck finds and shoots the case housing the Arrow of Apollo, grabs the arrow and admires it. Suddenly, #6 is there.
#6: Pretty, isn’t it?
Starbuck turns to shoot without hesitation and #6 pops her in the nose.
Starbuck: Ugh!
#6: Hello, Lieutenant. Something I can help you with?
Starbuck takes many shots at #6 as she runs around the room to avoid them. Starbuck never hits her. Then they begin to fight and soon Starbuck loses her gun.

Raptor – Inside the Basestar
Boomer enters the Cylon Basestar.
Boomer: I’m setting her down. (she does) Open the hatch. I’ll release the bomb. Keep the engines warm and ready for takeoff the second I get back.
Racetrack: Yes, sir.
Boomer: Close the hatch after me. If I’m not back in five minutes, just go.
Racetrack: You got it.
Boomer gets off the Raptor.

Caprica – Delphi Museum of Colonial History
#6: Welcome back to Caprica, Lieutenant. Like what we’ve done with the place?
There’s more fighting and Starbuck gets her ass seriously kicked.
Starbuck: Ugh!

Basestar – Inside
Boomer explores the area outside the Raptor. Like the other ships, even the Basestar is organic in nature and the ground is fleshy and soft.
Boomer begins to detach the nuclear bomb from the ship. She more or less smacks it around a few times, and then watches it drop loudly and forcefully on the ground. That’s when she hears her own voice in the distance…
Naked Boomer 1: Sharon…
Boomer goes off to explore the voice.
Racetrack: The frak are you doing- where are you going? (no answer from Boomer) Son of a bitch! (panting, trying to calm down) Okay… okay…
Naked Boomer 1 through 4: Sharon… Sharon… Sharon… Sharon…
Boomer spots many naked versions of herself coming out of the shadows, all calling her name.
Boomer: (freaked) This isn’t happening.

Caprica – Delphi Museum of Colonial History
#6 continues to beat the snot out of Starbuck.
#6: Come on, Starbuck. (kicks her in the ribs. Starbuck grunt) Got anything left? (kicks her in the head)
Starbuck: Ughnn!
After defeating Starbuck, #6 picks up the Arrow and examines it as if contemplating killing Starbuck with it.
Caprica-Boomer and Helo walk into the museum at just the right time to see the kill shot. Helo raises his gun to blow away #6, but Starbuck runs screaming at her, tackles her, and they both spill over the edge into the basement.
Helo: Starbuck?!

Colonial One
The marines and secret service agents are in a Mexican standoff, all guns drawn, pistols agains assault rifles.
Tigh: Madam President, no one needs to get hurt here.
Roslin: Then why don’t you get off my ship, Colonel?
Tigh: I’m placing you under arrest.
Apollo: No… no, we’re not doing this.
Tigh: I’m in command here, Captain.
Apollo: Colonel, this is wrong!
Tigh: You’re relieved, fall back! Madam President-
Apollo points his gun at Tigh. He gasps.
Apollo: Men, lay down your weapons.
Tigh: Have you lost your frakin’ mind?
Apollo: Colonel, tell these marines to fall back.
Tigh: This is mutiny, you know that.
Apollo: Yes, I do. But you can tell my father that I’m listening to my instincts, and my instincts tell me that we cannot sacrifice our democracy just because the President makes a bad decision.
Roslin: Put your guns down.
Apollo: Madam… Madam President, stand back.
Roslin: Put your gun down, Captain. I will not have bloodshed, neither your men nor my people on the Colonial one. Put your gun down, all of you. Please, put your gun down. Let’s go.
Apollo and the guards comply.
Marine 1: Secure those weapons.
Marine 2: Let’s go, Captain.
Roslin: Let’s go.
Roslin surrenders to the Military and Apollo and her are placed under arrest.

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Basestar – Behind the Raptor
The Naked Boomers take off Boomer’s helmet. The air is breathable… at least for Biocylons.
Naked Boomer 1: You’re confused and scared… but it’s okay.
Boomer: I’m not a Cylon. I’m Sharon Valerii, I was born on Troy. My parents were Katherine and Abraham Valerii.
Naked Boomer 2: You can’t fight destiny, Sharon.
Naked Boomer 3: It catches up with you…
Naked Boomer 4: …no matter what you do.
Naked Boomer 5: Don’t worry about us,…
Naked Boomer 6: …we’ll see you again.
Naked Boomer 7: We love you, Sharon,…
Naked Boomer 8: …and we always will.
Boomer runs from her naked fellows and back to her Raptor.
Racetrack: Boomer!
Boomer: Come on, let’s go!
Racetrack: What the hell took you so-?
Boomer: Go, go, go…!
Racetrack: Where’s your helmet?
Boomer: Close the hatch. Don’t turn around!
The Raptor bugs out, leaving the naked Boomers behind. one of them starts stroking the nukes, which soon explodes, destroying the Basestar.

Galactica – C.I.C. / Tight’s Raptor
Tigh: (on the phone) He put his weapon right to my head. Said to tell you he was following his instincts, whatever the hell that means.
Adama: Bring him here.
Tigh: (on the phone) What about Roslin?
Adama: We put her in the brig.
Gaeta: Dradis contacts… It’s Boomer and Racetrack, sir.
Adama: Put them on the speakers.
Boomer: (on speakers) Galactica, Boomer. Mission accomplished. Repeat, mission accomplished. The basestar is history.
There’re cheers & applause from the personnel on the bridge.
Adama: There’s some good news. Bring ’em home, D.
Dualla: It’s great to hear your voice, Boomer. Come on home.

Caprica – Delphi Museum of Colonial History
#6 has fallen atop a metal rebar and is dead. Starbuck is barely alive herself.
Helo helps Starbuck up, and rests her non-bloody body on a pillar.
Helo: Okay, okay, come here. Okay. I can’t believe it. You are like the last person I expected to see.
Starbuck: I could say the same thing about you.
Helo: (laughing) You okay?
Starbuck grunts.
Helo: Ahhh…
Starbuck: Oh, I missed you.
Starbuck spots Caprica Boomer and pulls Helo’s gun.
Helo: Hey, I…
Starbuck: She’s a Cylon! (tries to shoot her, but misses)
Helo: No, no, no! You can’t, you can’t… She’s pregnant.
Starbuck screams and collapses crying in total shock.

Kobol – Ruins / Baltar’s Daydream – Orchestra Hall
With classical music blaring, a hallucinating Baltar enters ruins which he sees entirely different, like a perfectly built Theatre.
Baltar: I know this place.
#6: Of course you do. Go inside.
Baltar and #6 walk in hand in hand to find his destiny.
Baltar: I don’t understand.
#6: Life has a melody, Gaius. A rhythm of notes that become your existence once played in harmony with God’s plan. It’s time to do your part and realize your destiny.
Baltar: Which is what, exactly?
#6: You are the guardian and protector of the new generation of God’s children. The first member of our family will be with us soon, Gaius. It’s time to make your choice.
Baltar: But I don’t understand what you’re talking about. Really, I don’t understand-
#6: Come… see the face of the shape of things to come. Isn’t she beautiful, Gaius?
Baltar and #6 peer into a cradle which contains pure light. Gaius finally embraces his entire destiny as he embraces #6 in duality.

Galactica – Brig
Adama, Roslin and a Marine enter the brig.
Adama: Open the cell.
The Marine does and Roslin enters her cell.
Adama: Close the cell.
The Marine does and Adama leaves.


Galactica – C.I.C.
The personnel is congratulating Boomer.
Officer: Well, done, Lieutenant.
Boomer: Thanks.
Gaeta: Hey, nice work.
Boomer: Thanks. What’s going on?
Gaeta: Lot happened while you were gone. Congrats.
Boomer: Thanks.
Adama returns to the bridge and stares at a shackled Apollo in shame. Then approaches Boomer and Racetrack.
Adama: Congratulations to both of you. You carried out a very difficult and dangerous mission. (clearly directed at Apollo) And you did it despite any personal misgivings you may or may not have had. And for that I’m very proud. Thank you. (shakes Racetrack’s hand)
Racetrack: Thank you, sir.
Now Adama shakes Boomer’s hand.
Boomer: Thank you, sir.
Adama: Thank you-
Suddenly Boomer pulls out a gun and shoots Adama twice in the stomach, no emotion at all in her face. Aa Adama falls across the plotting table, all hell breaks loose on the C.I.C.. Boomer is tackled down. Dualla, Tigh and Apollo try to help Adama. Dualla kisses his hand and seems to feel no pulse as she looks around helplessly. Tigh tries to compress the bleeding wounds. Apollo weeps with his father’s head in his lap. Silent screams and dialogue last for a few seconds then…
Apollo: Someone get a doctor! Get Doc Cottle! Oh, Dad…

There’s a shoot the ruins of the Temple of Athena in Kobol, viewed from a lake’s image. Then we shift back to Adama in a Christ-like pose, totally unmoving and silent, seemingly dead.



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