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790 is played convincingly by Jeffrey Hirshfield. This is an acting role that needs great skill. It isn’t easy to add character to an inanimate object and Hirschfield does this very well indeed. I have done some radio and multimedia voice-overs and it’s not easy, I’d get one right out of three or four takes.Zev and 790.

Imagine your in a busy pub, you’ve arrived a little late and unfortunately there are no seats. If you were to meet 790 in a pub you would use it to sit on. You might also give your seat the odd kick to stop it reciting crappy poetry about Zev, unless of course it was erotic poetry.

We see 790 introduced as the robot operator controlling the machine that transforms Zev into a love slave. In a comical sequence 790’s final seconds are with a confrontation, face to face, between 790 (with a body) and a Cluster Lizard. The Cluster Lizard wins and 790’s body is eaten (I love this series). The head is discarded. After the demise of the Cluster Lizard and the transformation of Zev into a stunning woman, she shoves the redundant robot head into the transformation machine, Shoved under the 'lerve machine' so that it can receive the love programming originally intended for her.

790 opens its eyes after and declares that it “will love her for ever”. And so begins its sickly sweet love affair with Zev.

790’s sole objective is to serve Zev. It is extremely jealous of any advances of other males toward her, especially Stanley Tweedle whom it loathes.

You’ve just godda laugh at some of the stuff it comes out with. Stuff like “I want to live in your pants”, and its pet name for Zev “love muff muffin”. But 790’s sole pastime it seems is the creation of love poetry about Zev. It’s absolute rubbish except the erotic verses and is totally entertaining.

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790 now has the hot's for KaiIn season 3 he went completely bonkers! In a very funny twist to the story, 790 suffered an accident in the first episode. He was smashed to pieces and it was left to Kai to rebuild him.

Kai put him back together only to here those immortal words, “I will love you forever.” 790 cannot now conceive of the fact that he has ever been anything other than a female, and the idea that he once fancied Xev/Zev is ludicrous to him.

Kai now has a doting gay robot head. I guess he likes it, whenever 790 asks him for a kiss, Kai always obliges (more than Zev/Xev ever did).

Jeffrey Hirschfield plays 790790 provides an excellent interface between the power and destructive capacity of the LEXX and the navigational and analytical aspects of a computer. 790 is therefore an integral part of the LEXX crew and has saved the day on a number of occasions.

I’m afraid I have no information on Jeffrey Hirschfield who is the voice of 790 and also co-wrote Seasons 1 & 2. See also the ‘LEXX Makers’ page.


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