LEXX Chat: Rolf Kanies joins LEXXians in the SadGeezer chatroom

The on-line chat was held on Sunday Febuary 10th, at 03:55 Eastern (USA) Time, 2002.

Location: chatroom on the irc.fef.net chatserver.

Room: #SadGeezer

This log was edited by thefrey.

<fx> hi all

* theFrey releases a basket of white doves so that they may fly to the heavens and sing praise to the gods in fx’s behalf.

<theFrey> the #lexx room will be here soon

<DarkAgent> There should be, Lady Dgre. I have sent missives to all I know.

<theFrey> What no Sad?

<theFrey> where is he:)

<fx> give him a minute

<fx> he’s slipping into something comfortable

<theFrey> tick tick tick

<theFrey> a computer chair I hope

<fx> 😉

*** Rolf has joined #sadgeezer

<dgrequeen> Hello Rolf

<angelmay> HI Rolf

<theFrey> Hello Rolf

<Arania> hi Rolf

<Rolf> hi

<dreams_of_kai> Hi Rolf

<fx> greetings

<Rolf> greetings back

<DarkAgent> hello Rolf

<Rolf> Dark Agent…how nice names

<Rolf> So hello everybody

<Doffy> hi Rolf!

<Rolf> this is my first chat with so many people in the internet and I am nervous, because I am a beginner

<dgrequeen> Um, should we start asking questions?

<dgrequeen> Frey

<Cloudstrum> hi

<Rolf> hi

<theFrey> In a moment please

<Doffy> don’t worry Rolf….we don’t bite 😉

<fx> what time is it for you Rolf?

<dgrequeen> We will watch out for you, Rolf, don’t worry

<Rolf> That`s good to hear

<frutita> hello

<Rolf> Everybody is coming in now

<dgrequeen> Yes

<Arania> sure looks it

<Rolf> we should wait a bit ….or what shall we do???

<Elle> well got to follow the fashion 😉

<theFrey> Welcome to the Sadgeezer Rolf ‘President Priest’ Kanies chat. Please in order to keep Rolf’s chat unmoderated do not greet or comment when entering or leaving the room. Also wait for the guest to type ga (go ahead) before you enter a question. Thanks

<theFrey> Rolf when you are done just type ga then we will know we can ask another question

<fx> Rolf what are you working on right now

<Rolf> Okay

<theFrey> go ahead guys ask the man

<fx> I did

<dgrequeen> FX asked a question

<Splarka> please also let us know if your arms get tired too!:)

<Rolf> I am working or better start working tomorrow on a feature film

<Doffy> What sort of film?

<fx> what is it about

<Rolf> where I play a high secretary of the government. ga

<fx> another political role?

<Rolf> Difficult to explain…

<Rolf> I’ll try, It is about a former cop, who gets the difficult work that he has to help a lawyer who is in trouble

<Rolf> but this man, that I am going to play is a fascist in a kind of way

<Rolf> very naughty and really powerful

<Rolf> but I’ll loose in the end ga

<Doffy> sounds great!

<dgrequeen> Is it an English language film, or German?

<Rolf> German language film ga

<dreams_of_kai> May we know where you are filming?

<bigfoot> I love your President Priest You say you spent a lot of time at the shoe. What is your favorite drink?:)

<Rolf> Red Wine is my absolute favorite drink ga

<bigfoot> 🙂

<SadGeezer> Rolf, How hard was it to play against Patricia Zentilli?

<Rolf> It was not hard to play against her…

<Rolf> because we played together

<Rolf> You cant be really good if you play against each other ga

<SadGeezer> 🙂

<Arania> Rolf, is there any genre for television or film that you haven’t worked in yet, but would like to?

<Rolf> I haven’t worked in soap operas and I don’t want to, no I think I did everything ga

<mayaxiong> Your work on Lexx has been wonderful, which scenes for you were the most fun?

<Rolf> Thank you for the compliments

<Rolf> The most funny????????????????

<Rolf> Mhhhhhhh

<Rolf> You know to be funny ….you must play it really seriously and I can tell you it is hard work

<Rolf> the farting scene in “Bad Carrots ” for example ……really difficult ga

<dgrequeen> *snarf*

<angelmay> Rolf, if there is a Lexx spin-off, would you like to be in it?

<Rolf> I have no idea about a spin off……….sorry ga

<dgrequeen> Which episode of lexx did you enjoy most?

<dgrequeen> and which least?

<Rolf> I can’t tell you.. Mhhhh

<Rolf> Stan Down was terrific

<Rolf> all the ones with Patricia and she was always with me. I liked the “Chess-Game” too

<Rolf> I liked Apocalexx

<Rolf> President priest was my baby,…. ga

<dreams_of_kai> Any plans to work on something we will see in North America ?

<Rolf> No not at the moment ga

<mayaxiong> What did you think of the satire of the US political system in the series?

<Rolf> It is absolutely there…..serious and funny and -in a way as well sad

<dreams_of_kai> ty

<theFrey> we are all looking forward to it

<theFrey> *dreams* Rolf’s will star as Hitler in “Joe and Max”, it will premier in America on March 9 th on Starz.

<Rolf> Of course it is not only America it’s the whole western civilization, but America as it´s “highest mountain” if you know what I mean the most ga


<sueuk> I saw that you like to cook, what is your favorite dish or recipe to cook?

<Rolf> Mhm………

<Rolf> ???????

<Rolf> I love to cook a very special goulash ga

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<dgrequeen> Were you surprised by all the fans who came to visit the studio last year in Halifax ?

<Rolf> It was wonderful I didn’t expect that ga

<dgrequeen> and this one apologizes for the misspelled name tag, by the way

<theFrey> hehe

<Doffy> LOL

<dgrequeen> 😉

<angelmay> LOL

<theFrey> I had to keep checking my spelling too Dgre

<Rolf> Where are you all from as I may ask a question?!

<dgrequeen> Ohio , USA

<Doffy> Los Angeles area here

<Arania> Atlanta Georgia

<angelmay> Minnesota , USA

<mayaxiong> I’m from Texas (no jokes please)

<Identity> New York City

<Jinx> Salinas , California

<DarkAgent> Florida

<fx> florida

<Studlee_Stanlee> Detroit Michigan

<randee> Moscow Russia

<DarkAgent> What is left of it 😉

<frutita> spain

<Doffy> LOL DA

<dgrequeen> LOL

<dreams_of_kai> Erie , PA

<sueuk> PA

<PrayrieWolf> Alabama

<mayaxiong> hehe

<idiotboy> London ..ish

<Gloria> Panama

<theFrey> Dallas Texas

<Cloudstrum> sunny Doncaster , West Yorkshire, UK

<SadGeezer> Preston , England

<Cloudstrum> live near parasite sadgeezer?

<Rolf> Wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

<Rolf> One russian boy .

<frutita> (in Spain there are no lexx, i saw it in england )

<randee> girl in fact:)

<Rolf> I used to learn Russian at school for three years but jaotschen ploxo goworiu pa russki jeasik
{translation: ‘My spoken russian is very poor’}

<mayaxiong> wow!


<randee> great!

<SadGeezer> (newkate who is with me in England , is from Novosibirsk in Siberia )

<SadGeezer> Also, (NewKate who is with me in England , is from Novosibirsk in Siberia )

<SadGeezer> oops

<Cloudstrum> ah

<Cloudstrum> k

<Doffy> hehehe

<theFrey> We know you play the piano, Do you play other instruments?

<olf> I used to play the trumpet, and the concertina and a sass ga

<mayaxiong> Did you do your own playing of the accordion in ?

<Rolf> Yes I learned the accordion just for”769″ and I can tell you I played it quite well but, of course pres. priest can’t play or sing!! ga

<Cloudstrum> can I ask u something.. why do u say “ga”?

<mayaxiong> go ahead

<dgrequeen> means go ahead

<Rolf> Ms Frey told me to write ga when my answer is over .

<Rolf> Have I done something wrong?

<theFrey> no

<dgrequeen> Nooo

<dgrequeen> not at all

<Arania> no

<Rolf> Danke angelmay

<mayaxiong> no, she just didn’t know..

<theFrey> that way we don’t interrupt you while you are typing Rolf

<dgrequeen> Have you ever worked in Munich, just out of curiosity?

<Rolf> Yes I did a film in Munich ga

<dgrequeen> I spent 3 years in Munich. I loved it

<angelmay> Rolf, Sie haben eine wunderbare Aufgabe gemacht, die Den Präsidenten spielt!

<mayaxiong> heeheh

<Jinx> Rolf, you have great chemistry with Nigel – had you worked together before?

<Rolf> No I never worked with Nigel before but he is such an excellent actor

<angelmay> Sie sind willkommen, Rolf

<Rolf> good I try to be as fast as i can

<theFrey> He does that menace thing real well

<dgrequeen> don’t rush. We’ll wait

<theFrey> You are doing great Rolf

<Rolf> Another Question Was “769” the last episode that you have seen?

<Doffy> yes

<dgrequeen> in the US , yes

<DarkAgent> yes

<Arania> yep

<Doffy> just last Friday

<randee> yes

<angelmay> yep

<Splarka> in the US, UK, and Canada, yes

<randee> in December

<Rolf> What do you think of it?

<randee> funny

<SadGeezer> not seen it yet

<Doffy> it was totally twisted….I loved it

<idiotboy> (yoink)

<dgrequeen> totally Lexx

<Studlee_Stanlee> Best one yet

<Splarka> is it on tonight, Sad?

<DarkAgent> poor President and Bunny!

<Jinx> I liked the outfits you wore

<SadGeezer> not sure splarka

<Splarka> ’cause I checked the listings, all countries should premiere . next week…

<SadGeezer> I think ours is on thursday

<mayaxiong> Did you get involved with any of the chess games played for fun on the set with Michael and Nigel?

<Rolf> Yes we did some chess games in between the shooting but it was fun and in the same time really exhausting

<theFrey> so who was winning the Chess Games Rolf?

<Rolf> McManus is a really good chess player

<Rolf> and I haven’t done it for awhile.

<Doffy> Yes, I thought it looked like McManus really got into his chess

<Rolf> Yes you are right I think it was his idea anyway ga

<Rolf> I read that there have been a lot of people who disliked “Bad Carrots”…why????????

<mayaxiong> possibly the ‘anal’ content…my guess.. hehehe

<Doffy> I don’t know…I laughed my head off over Bad Carrot

<theFrey> they cut it a bit from the wrap party version Rolf

<Doffy> that was Bad Carrot, wasn’t it?

<dgrequeen> Americans have a problem with anal humor

<Identity> I thought that episode was hilarious

<mayaxiong> I thought it was a scream

<randee> me too:)))))))

<theFrey> much less rear Rolf view:)

<Rolf> Oh shit!!!! ga

<Jinx> I like butts

<dgrequeen> I laughed all the way through Bad Carrot

<angelmay> It was hilarious

<randee> so twisted a humour

<theFrey> perhaps the sound track was a bit much Rolf

<Doffy> the phone call seen was priceless!

<mayaxiong> ah!

<Doffy> scene, even

<Rolf> thank you

<mayaxiong> I was stunned that you could keep a straight face during the filming of that scene on the phone

<Doffy> I’d love to see the outtakes from that episode

<Rolf> I thought people might be embarrassed about the farting scene….. ga

<mayaxiong> I’d sell my grandmother for those outtakes

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<Doffy> LOL

<dgrequeen> Lexxians weren’t… but then, we’re Lexxians

<dgrequeen> 😉

<dreams_of_kai> I was surprised I liked it better than my 12 year old!

<Doffy> takes a lot to gross us out 😉

<PrayrieWolf> The only part I liked was the way Kai killed the carrot.

<Rolf> As I said. a really tough scene especially for a foreigner

<Jinx> people like potty humor, they just don’t admit it!

<dgrequeen> Yes

<Rolf> so difficult words beneath the farting

<DarkAgent> Not the farting Rolf – the people that Bad Carrot didn’t agree with objected to the entire idea of the anal theme

<mayaxiong> you did a marvelous job

<theFrey> yes, you did

<Rolf> I see

<dgrequeen> Rolf, we will never look at carrots the same way again

<dgrequeen> 😉

<Doffy> LOL

<mayaxiong> I sure can’t

<Identity> Sci-Fi actually ran a disclaimer for

<DarkAgent> Everyone here applauds your ability to bring it off so well and seem completely natural in that ep

<Rolf> but What’s a disclaimer?

<Doffy> a warning

<dgrequeen> A warning to people who might be offended

<mayaxiong> a warning for the underage

<Rolf> I see

<mayaxiong> they show it pretty late in the evening here

<Splarka> “This program contains adult content and robot heads in love. Parental discretion is advised”

<mayaxiong> so it doesn’t hit “family hour”

<Rolf> I loved to play with the native people they were so nice actors

<Splarka> they did a similar for Twilight, probably the Lomia/Lyekka scene, might be especially for homosexual content

<dgrequeen> and yet, it has much less adult content that some other shows I’ve seen earlier in the evening

<dgrequeen> so we don’t really understand it

<Doffy> I’m glad they were good sports about it 😉

<Rolf> HAHAHA Really funny…hahahahah

<Splarka> ” Bend over, Kai”<— ahem;)

<Rolf> YEAH I loved that!

<fx> what for?

<Rolf> so funny

<Identity> lol

<Doffy> that was hysterical

<mayaxiong> yet no one was offended by Bunny and Xev kissing

<Rolf> it was

<dgrequeen> Yes, Kai was so clueless

<fx> exactly

<Identity> Stan said “yuck” lol

<Doffy> and stroking himself….I died

<Arania> was laughing through the whole episode

<mayaxiong> the mothbreeder dropping to his knees in front of Kai and him bending over to get a better look, priceless

<Rolf> lesbians seem to have a bit easier life than guys because heterosexual men like girls who make love………….mhhhhh

<dgrequeen> yes

<mayaxiong> apparently yes

<Doffy> seems like it

<Identity> Don’t know why that is

<Splarka> what, hetero women don’t like boy-boy scenes? *illusions shattered*

<Jinx> they want to be in the middle!

<Doffy> LOL!

<dgrequeen> LOL

<mayaxiong> every straight male’s fantasy

<theFrey> All right People!:)

<Rolf> yes

<theFrey> behave:)

<DarkAgent> I suspect hetero women enjoy that Splarka

<Arania> *innocent grin*

<dgrequeen> behaving

<Doffy> *ahem*

<mayaxiong> whistles…

<DarkAgent> well behaved or misbehaved? 😉

<Rolf> have we done something wrong??????????

<DarkAgent> you have done everything right!

<Rolf> thank you

<dgrequeen> *squeak*

<theFrey> Rolf, Vigdis can’t get in to chat, she said to say hello.

<Rolf> tell him kindest regards!!!!!

<dgrequeen> Rolf, did you get to know Patricia Zentilli well, and is she fun to work with?

<Rolf> Oh Patricia became my friend

<Rolf> which is wonderful ga

<Rolf> I said a few sentences in the interview about that question

<Doffy> that’s neat

<Jinx> I really enjoyed talking to both of you last summer

<Rolf> We liked to talk to you lovely people as well

<Rolf> It is always good to get a feed back from the audience

<Rolf> much to seldom in this job

<Rolf> because at least I am playing for you and nobody else!!!!!!!!!!!!!

<theFrey> and we appreciate it:)

<dgrequeen> and we’ve enjoyed your performances very much

<SadGeezer> Absolutely

<angelmay> Yes we have!

<mayaxiong> Lexx fans appreciate the hard work that goes into these shows

<Arania> absolutely

<fx> how did you like working with Paul D?

<Rolf> I have had extremely interesting discussions with Paul D

<Rolf> especially in Thailand

<dreams_of_kai> Yes?

<theFrey> really? anything about upcoming stuff Paul is working on?

<Rolf> I like how he is thinking about the world

<Rolf> and about LEXX

<angelmay> Anything that you can share?

<Rolf> of course we didn’t agree in every point

<Rolf> There Is something that I know but I have to shut my mouth concerning that question ga

<Klaatu> is it agreed then that this type 13 planet is coming to the end of it’s life?

<theFrey> cruel Rolf!:)

<sueuk> ha!

<SadGeezer> not even a hint?

<mayaxiong> what did you do in Thailand for fun?

<dreams_of_kai> Did you enjoy the orient?

<Rolf> I was in Thailand before we went there for shooting and I did a lot of snorkeling

<Rolf> during the shooting we

<theFrey> cool

<Rolf> had only a bit of time in Bangkok

<Rolf> and I went with McManus to watch some interesting temples

<Rolf> ga

<mayaxiong> cool!

<angelmay> neat!

<Jinx> I bet the food was awesome

<Rolf> The food was awesome!!!

<Kadafi_makavell> how do u download games

Kadafi_makavell was kicked by theFrey (theFrey)

<Cloudstrum> go on frey 😉

<angelmay> Woo Hoo, frey

<Doffy> hehehe

* theFrey is swollen with power

* dgrequeen admires Frey’s boots

<theFrey> or lunch, one of the two

<DarkAgent> Do you have plans to attend this year’s Uncon?

<Rolf> Vigdis asked me whether I have a bit of spare time in June or July. ga

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<theFrey> What do you think about that Italian renaissance thing that Paul is working on?

<theFrey> any chance you would be interested in working on it?

<dgrequeen> 🙂

<Rolf> Oh if you know a bit about that , as I could read in the interview, with Mr. Donovan, that would be a wonderful project and I loved to be in it but…you never know.. ga

<theFrey> You indicated that you were in Pennsylvania looking for your relatives. Would you be interested in getting together with any of our Lexxians who do genealogy in that area?

<Rolf> Yes why not, could be interesting, my father told me just last week about them ga

<Rolf> But their name is not Kanies it is “Stange” I suppose…. ga

<theFrey> cool

<theFrey> we’ll put out the word

<theFrey> less than 5 minutes people

<theFrey> any last questions

<mayaxiong> Any chance you’ll be visiting the US for other reasons anytime soon?

<Cloudstrum> where`s the toilet? j/k

<dgrequeen> Would you do science fiction again?

<Rolf> Yes I would definitely do Science fiction again

<Rolf> but only , if it is as good as Lexx seems to me


<mayaxiong> what can compare to Lexx? hehehe:)

<Rolf> And I want to visit San Francisco

<Rolf> I have never been there

<DarkAgent> I should like to send a picture for Rolf to sign, should I address it to his agent in Germany or is there another address to use right now?

<mayaxiong> Where can we write to you?

<theFrey> Rolf Kanies

<theFrey> C/O Agency Volker Stoerzel

<theFrey> Koenigsallee 140

<theFrey> 44789 Bochum

<theFrey> Germany

<Rolf> Yes you can address everything to my agent

<Doffy> cool, TY!

<Identity> Rolf, have you ever been to New York? and if so what do you think of it?

<Rolf> Yes I have been to NY I loved it!

<fx> 😉


<mayaxiong> thanks Rolf

<theFrey> Well Peeps, time is up

<theFrey> I would like to thank you all for attending the #sadgeezer Rolf Chat. You have all been most wonderful. We will be adjoining to the #lexx room after the chat, so please feel free to join us.

<DarkAgent> NoraJean lives in SF. She would enjoy showing Rolf around

<Doffy> thanks for coming, Rolf!

<Studlee_Stanlee> Thanks Rolf!

<fx> thank you Rolf, you did great!

<dreams_of_kai> thank you for talking with us, Rolf.

<Arania> thanks Rolf

<Jinx> thanks Rolf!

<dgrequeen> Thank you, Rolf

<Identity> Thank you for taking the time out to speak with us Rolf

<Rolf> Thank you! And I would love to talk to you again

<randee> thanks Rolf

<angelmay> Thank you for coming, Rolf! It was nice you came to chat with us!

<mayaxiong> Thanks again Rolf, you’re the BEST!!!

<theFrey> Thank you so much, good luck on you new movie Rolf

* Doffy hugs Rolf

<DarkAgent> We look forward to seeing you in other projects, Rolf

<Rolf> in a few weeks time, when you have seen some more episodes

<mayaxiong> Huggles to Rolf!!

<dgrequeen> yes?

<theFrey> Don’t forget people —> Rolf’s latest roll is as Hitler in “Joe and Max”, will premier in America on March 9 th on Starz. a film about how boxers Joe Lewis and Max Schmeling fought in the ’30’s and then became friends. It is on Starz

<mayaxiong> Chat with us anytime

<Doffy> you will come chat again??

<Rolf> Good look for you all

<SadGeezer> Thanks Rolf

<dgrequeen> and to you, Rolf

<mayaxiong> thanks Frey

<angelmay> Great, Rolf!

<SadGeezer> Good luck to you too dude, and thanks for taking the trouble to chat with us

<theFrey> no problem

<Rolf> I really appreciate your kindness and your thoughts and your answers

<SadGeezer> Also that’s to thefrey and the other ops, Splarka and FX

<fx> blush

* Arania curtsies

<fx> thanx all for coming

<dgrequeen> Yes, thanks, moderators!

* Splarka growls cutely

<Doffy> thanks for setting this up!

<fx> and for so many good questions!

<Rolf> no problem Talk to you soon again!!!!!

<angelmay> Yes, thanks moderators for putting it together.

<Sharp> bye Rolf!

<Identity> Bye Rolf

<mayaxiong> Bye Rolf!!

<Cloudstrum> i was told there was free food.. damn *clicks fingers* 😉

<Jinx> Bye!

<angelmay> Bye Rolf!

<Doffy> take care, Rolf!

<SadGeezer> by Rolf

<DarkAgent> bye Rolf!

<dgrequeen> Auf Wiedersehn

<Arania> byie Rolf

<Sharp> thanks for talking to us

<Rolf> Bye everybody Auf Wiedersehen

<SadGeezer> erm… bye

<Splarka> punch and pie?

<mayaxiong> zzziiiipppp

<SadGeezer> thanks everyone, catch ya in SadBOARD

<dreams_of_kai> Directions to #lexx, anyone?

<Cloudstrum> type /join #lexx

<dreams_of_kai> ty

<Cloudstrum> if u r on mirc

<dreams_of_kai> yes

<angelmay> bye!

<Cloudstrum> http //thedarkzone.org/chat if u r not

<fx> well done frey

<theFrey> works even if you are on darkzone

<DarkAgent> thank you for having Rolf over Frey, Fx

<fx> pleasure’s ours too!

<theFrey> you guys were great!

<fx> truly

<theFrey> And thanks to all the lovely people from #lexx on fef.net

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