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Lyekka is played gorgeously by the lovely Louise Wischermann

Lyekka - the beautiful plant!She is one of the more weird characters from the series, but you instantly take a liking to her. Whether you are male or female, Lyekka’s bimboesque, slightly vulnerable sweetness takes LEXX and the podsyou by surprise. Us geezers possibly find the fact that she hardly wears any clothes, and has a nice bum, quite endearing too!

Lyekka was born from a space travelling pod that ‘penetrated’ the skin of the LEXX. Before taking form, she travelled around LEXX reading the minds of the crew and eventually deciding to take the form of one of Stanley’s most cherished memories, an old school friend (whom he had a crush on) called Lyekka.

Lyekka took an instant liking to Stanley, possibly because of his vulnerability, possibly because he was the most harmless of the crewmembers. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t because she fancied him, either for sex, or as a meal.

In LEXX 2-03 (called Lyekka) we learned that she is a vegetable and that she feeds on meat. She is able to eat human flesh, but like the LEXX, she may also be able to digest other organic material. She most certainly isn’t interested in Kai since he is dead and of course 790 is inorganic.

Lyekka needs to feed on flesh to survive and when she has eaten her fill she returns back to her pod to rest. The POD is her home, but she cannot survive without it, if the pod is destroyed, her life-span is measured in hours.

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Lyekka - dangerous smile!It is possible to wake Lyekka, but not immediately. In the episode White Trash, Stanley woke her to ask for assistance in clearing out the last of the rubbish.

To say that Lyekka cares for Stanley is probably true, she made him a present of Xev, the reconstituted remains of parts of three Potatahoen astronauts that had the great misfortune of visiting the LEXX.

LyekkaOh yes, one other thing. Lyekka is sexless. Sure she has breasts (and very nice ones too) but she has no other sex organs. As Stanley so eloquently put it when describing her to Kai, “The thing is, that she’s smooth….. right round the bend!” (and she is! ….. erm… I even paused the videotape just to make sure – nice makeup!)

If you were to meet Lyekka in a pub you would be massively impressed that she had the nerve to wear such an outfit in a crowded place. If you were a geezer you would want to take her back to your place and give her a good watering – having said that, you would probably be eaten before getting anywhere near her …… erm… smoothness!

In the episode “791”, we saw that Lyekka could change shape – she could become fluid. We also learned that although very sweet, she would have no hesitation in eating the live members of the LEXX crew if needed. In her defence, Lyekka did point out that she wouldn’t want to do that, and she emphasised the point that she should, wherever possible, be helped to feed.

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I’d help her – would you?

Lyekka popped in and out of Season Two, there was a particularly memorable sequence in Twilight when the lovely Lyekka ate the lovely Lomia, but aside from that all she did was look pretty and eat people.

That all changed in the last episode however when she helped her friends on the LEXX. Mantrid Drones destroyed her pod and she decided that the best way to defeat Mantrid was to go after him/it herself. She became a rather cute Mantrid Arm and even managed to catch up with the dastardly geezer, but was ultimately killed by a massive electric shock. As she died, she turned into some dry leaves (?)Lyekka

The effort was very heroic and she nearly succeeded. The other LEXX cxrewmewmbers were sorry to see her go, particularly Stanley. However, right at the end of the series, Xev is in trouble and Lyekka materialised in Stanley’s dream. Lyekka tells him to go to Xev which he does – Just in time to save her from Mantrid’s last attempt at destruction.

This final scene left us wondering if we would ever see her in the show again. Until that is, we saw her in the Garden episode (Season 3) and in various roles in Season 4.

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