LEXX Interview: Ellen (Giggy) Dubin is interviewed by FX

Interviewer:  FX, (Moderator – SadBOARD LEXX Episodes Forum)
Date:  July 25, 2001
Where:  By email

This is an email answer to a set of interview questions sent to Ellen by FX:

I just finished the wonderful 2 part miniseries for DISNEY/ABC/MIRAMAX called A WRINKLE IN TIME. It is based on one of the most famous children’s classic books of all times. Very well known. If you do know the book , I play the character of AUNT BEAST. She is a very graceful, elegant compassionate beast who loves the children. I just happen to be wearing 2 fat suits and am covered in heavy prosthetics with lots of hair…………. I make the apes in PLANET OF THE APES look like they are bald. It is the first 2 parter that Disney has ever done. Very beautiful shoot. I will let you know when it airs. I am very excited about this project.

I worked on FOREVER KNIGHT before LEXXI loved doing that show. I was sorry it was cancelled. It had a unique combination of real life mixed with the vampire story. I was one of the few actresses that did 2 episodes. In one show , I played a dominatrix in an ep. called FALSE WITNESS and the other show, I played a woman who ran an escort agency TROPHY GIRL. I actually auditioned for that show as any actor would do for a new show and booked the first episode and later on , they called me to do the second show.

From the mini series “Robocop: Prime Directives” with Ellen as Sandra Smyles along with Bobby Johnston.

FIRST WAVE offered me an interesting role. I was in the middle of doing the wickedly delightful Giggerota the Wicked and this show came about. I played a very conservative religious sweet woman who runs an old age home in an episode called THE ELIXIR. I think the fans were suprised because Giggerota is such a larger than life character and the woman I played in FIRST WAVE was such a contrast.The role was more true to life a more natural performance. Loved working on that show. I worked with the director of FIRST WAVE , Brenton Spencer, on an episode of Gene Rodenberry’s EARTH:FINAL CONFLICT in an episode called INTERVIEW.

But, I enjoy as an actress playing different types of roles. I like to keep my fans and myself hopping. It is good to be challenged.

I happen to be a Canadian born actress who lives in Los Angeles now. I divide my time between both countries. Wherever the work is , I go.

The Lexx movies were different in that they were 2 hour movies so I had more time to develop a character. It was also the start of a brand new unique television show. Combining humour, sexuality and way out plots was very different. Not everything ends positively in a LEXX world eiher. You also have to remember, in the LEXX movies, there were stars. TIM CURRY, BARRY BOSTWICK , MALCOLM MCDOWELL AND RUGER HAUER. In the movies we were also just being introduced. So we were just getting our bearings as characters, as well. once the series started, you get more on a roll.

For me personally, I am having a blast. I got to die and become another character……QUEEN. That was such a brilliant idea on the part of the producers for me to be reincarnated into another body with some of Giggerota’s personality traits. Loved playing the deranged Queen. She had Giggerota’s sexual innuendo and power over Stanley but she was crazy.

When I get a chance, I do watch the show. I love watching all the antics. Love the character of PRINCE. I wish they would write us a story line. Don’t you think we would be great together? I actually met Nigel Bennett doing FOREVER KNIGHT.

I think the funnier moments were the scenes involving the eating of the brains because even though they were made of gelatinous material covered with strawberry jam, it still was very chewy and gooey. So when you see me spit out the “brains” ,I am really spitting the food out because it is so sticky and gross tasting. Giggerota coming out of the water was funny to me, as well. My costume was made of rubber latex (in the first season) and when I am about to exit the water, it became so heavy it started to rip…………It was so bizarre at the time. The scene with the milk fedboys was hilarious as well.

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I have a great time with the cast. As you know from my episodes, I spend most of my time with the wonderful Stanley Tweedle (Brian Downey). We have a great relationship on set. We just automatically worked well together . We both have quick senses of humour. I can tell you that the fans are in for a real treat in the future. August 3 on the sci-fi network will bring you an interesting update in episode 4. Let’s just say that you will not be disappointed. What is coming next has never been done in sci fi television history.

That is all I can say for now.

take care
hi to all the fans
thanks for watching

 Ellen ‘giggy’ Dubin


Ellen’s agent for Film, TV and Theatre in the USA is Michael Mann of Michael Mann Talent (323) 960-8201. Commerical agents are Pam Sparks and Mike O’ Dell of Sutton, Barth and Vennari (323) 938-6000. Ellen’s American managers are Alan Saffron & Bill Smith of Saffron/Smith Management (310) 271-8704. All the above American representation is located in Los Angeles, California.

Ellen’s agent in Canada for Film & TV is Yanick Landry while her Theatre & Commericals agent is Sandie Newton. Both are of Newton/Landry Management (416) 960-8683. All Canadian representation is located in Toronto, ontario.


Recurring Role in the Sci-Fi series “Lexx”- Eps. “Stan Down”: Eariler this year, Ellen premiered as a new character; G.G. Rota, a Miami real estate broker in the episode # 4.10 called “Stan Down” for the Lexx series (Salter Street Films). Ellen originally appeared as Giggerota the Wicked, a Cannibal, who blew up in a Super Nova. Giggerota was reincarnated as the deranged Queen, and died in a boiling tub of water. Now Ellen’s character has been brought back as Genevieve G. Rota, the Miami real estate broker.

Genevieve was chosen by the College of Cardinals from the real estate section of the newspaper to become…..the POPE. We look forward to Ellen’s final episode.

Check out “Made in Canada – Lexx fan site” for information about the Lexx series:

“A Wrinkle in Time” – four hour miniseries:
Emmy winner Alfre Woodard, Kate Nelligan and Alison Elliott lead the cast of “A Wrinkle in Time,” an ABC four-hour miniseries based on the classic children’s book by Madeleine L’Engle. The miniseries produced by BLT Prods. and Fireworks International is to be distributed by Miramax Television in association with Dimension Films. This marks the first TV adaptation of the 1962 novel. “A Wrinkle in Time” had been in development as a feature at Miramax for years before it was revamped as a miniseries for Miramax’s Disney sibling ABC. The miniseries is presently set to air on consecutive Sunday nights in the Spring of 2002 as part of “The Wonderful World of Disney.” The series was directed by John Kent Harrison and co-stars Kyle Secor, Chris Potter, Sarah-Jane Redmond, David Dorfman, Katie Stuart, Gregory Smith and Ellen Dubin as Aunt Beast. This marks Miramax and Dimension’s foray into longform television. Aunt Beast is a very graceful, elegant, healing, compassionate beast who loves children. As the character, Ellen was required to wear 2 fat suits, heavy prosthetics and lots of hair. It proved to be quite the experience. Ellen maintained, “I made the apes in Planet of the Apes look like they are bald.”

Click on “A Wrinkle in Time” miniseries – IMDb:

Click on John Kent Harrison, Director – IMDb:

“A.M. Inquisition” – Independant Film ( Norman Jewison Film Centre ) :
In Toronto last September, Ellen volunteered to act with David Macniven in an independant film short called “A.M. Inquisition” directed by Vancouver’s Jessica Bradford. The film is about the games people play in relationships and the resulting infidelity. The release date has not been set.

Click on David Macniven, actor- IMDb:

Recurring Role in the Sci-Fi series “Lexx”- Eps. “Apocalexx Now “:
Ellen leaves Oct.19th. from LA to Bangkok, Thailand to film the episode #4.20, “Apocalexx Now”. This is the last episode of the season to be filmed. It is a spoof of the famous film classic “Apocalypse Now”. As previously announced Ellen plays the part of the POPE. She will be the first female Pope in Sci-Fi History. Having filmed two episodes in Berlin, Germany, two episodes in Halifax, NS., one in Los Angeles, USA.; Ellen is looking forward to her next adventure. Since the ‘Pope’ golfs in this particular episode, she has been forced to take golf lessons.You will have to see the episode to learn more.

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The possible American Actor’s Union (SAG) strike coupled with a possible Canadian Actor’s Union (ACTRA) strike; have thrown the actor’s Film & TV world into turmoil.

There have been some silver linings amongst these storm clouds. A Canadian Producer/Writer has approached both Ellen and Andrew Jackson to co-star in a Sci-Fi MOW and a possble a Sci-Fi series.

Click on Andrew Jackson, actor:

Also an American Producer from LA has approached one of Ellen’s representatives about a major action/adventure feature film. All three projects are in the discussion stage.


Earilier this year there was a considerable amount of Canadian press on Ellen centred around her roles in “Lexx”. Some UK and Canadian Sci-Fi magazines have held interviews with her this year.

Canada’s main Sci-Fi magazine, Parsec, in it’s quarterly Spring/Summer 2001 issue, interviewed Ellen for a 3 1/2 page article. Parsec’s Editor, Chris Krejlgaard, conducted the interview. For the complete article, you can order it from Parsec direct, click on Parsec Back Issues: http://www.parsec.on.ca/Back issues.html

Three future press interviews & articles will occur in November & December. The English Sci-Fi magazine, TV Zone – Special Edition #43, will be released in mid November. This is a five to six page interview, by Steven Eramo complete with coloured pictures.

The Canadian men’s magazine, UMM (Urban Male Magazine), did a two page classy photo shoot of Ellen along with an interview by David Dicenzo. Her outfit is a sleek black corset and long sexy boots; very exotic looking, with her standing & lying on the dock at Cherry Beach, Toronto. This article will be published this November.

Once again Parsec will be releasing an article on Ellen in its Fall 2001 issue. This will be published in December and will focus on her new roles on Lexx.The Milk-fed boys

Most pictures are from digital beta grabs or photos scanned at 300 to 400 dpi. Ellen is always open and available for interviews provided both the reporter’s schedule and Ellen’s shooting schedule permit. Ellen’s many characters include: a sexy, wild stewardess; high-class business woman; cannibal; deranged Queen; Miami real estate broker; teenage hooker; cockney maid; dumb blonde, salvation army worker; man; war bride; ditsy red-head; closeted lesbian; pot-smoking, LA actress; Irish farm girl; Italian maid; bride; lawyer; Brazilian call girl; southern, conservative social worker; Evita Peron type of character; aggressive, scandal-newspaper reporter; Arkansas hillbilly; an Immortal; alcoholic; incest survivor; nursery school teacher; stripper; pregnant women; con artist; shy secretary; hick waitress; ballsy cop; evil British heiress; elegant beast and now…..The Pope.

Click on for a partial list of Ellen’s Press History. http://us.imdb.com/BPublicity?Dubin,+Ellen

Upon request, copies of some articles can be E-mailed. Unfortunately, until we have our own website and due to copyright regulations, we will have to comply with the following procedure.

For articles, send an E-mail to the following address; listing the article name and date in the subject line. Required is a statement that the article is for information only and will not be copied or posted without the written permission of the owner: [email protected]


Repeats of Ellen’s episode of Lexx – “Stan Down” will occur over the next month in both the USA & Canada. Many of her other Lexx episodes are also repeating. For a more detailed schedule of “Lexx” airings – World wide by country

Airings of both “Lexx” – episode #4.20 “Apocalexx Now” and “A Wrinkle in Time” are planned for early 2002 in the USA and Canada. We will keep you posted.

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For the airing times on American & British TVof Ellen’s movies check the IMDb.

Ellen as Giggerota the Wicked and her Milk Fed Boys along with Director, Ron Oliver. Click on Ron Oliver, Director-IMDb: http://us.imdb.com/Name?Oliver,+Ron

See Picture Attachment #7- From the series “The New Addams Family” with Ellen as “Ma Addams” in episode “Addams Family Feud” (episode # 2.6)
along with Director Jimmy Kaufman and other cast members.


She finished shooting a movie of the week for the PAX network
based on the Mary Higgins Clark mystery novel ALL AROUND THE TOWN. She played an abused woman who is trying to hide her mysterious past. Her co-star was the Austrian star Tobias Moretti .

After that she played a sweet devoted religious mother in the new syndicated show TRACKER starring Highlander’s Adrian Paul in episode # 1.13, “The Miracle” in the role “Abby Swenson”

For those who have followed her career in the series “Lexx”, you will be thrilled to finally see her as the first Sci-Fi, female POPE in entertainment history. on Lexx, Ellen has gone from Giggerota the Wicked, to Queen, to G.G. Rota (Miami Real Estate Broker) and now the POPE, Genevieve the First. This episode was shot in Thailand and is one of the last in the series. In the USA, the episode “ApocaLexx Now” episode # 4.20 will first air on Good.

Ellen has been asked by the Los Angeles Producers of Area 23 to join the cast of this pilot. She will be joining two of my clients, Andrew Jackson & Peter Kent already affiliated with this project. There is a fourth client in the wings who may also be joining the cast. Tentatively, Ellen has been casted in the role of Dr. Sharda Mendez. “Area 23 in fact is WOMEN’S SCIENCE FICTION. Each (female) character represents a different aspect of the female experience. While the story has the traditional sci-fi/military action, there are many feminist themes throughout the story if one looks close enough.”

Ellen recently appeared in a staged reading of a new
screenplay/play called GOODFOOT. The play was performed at the STUDIO 52 PLAYHOUSE in LA for backers who might possibly finance it for a film and/or play. GOODFOOT is an updated KING LEAR set in the African American community in the recording business.

Ellen plays Kings Lear’s young psychiatrist with a deep dark secret. King Lear is played by Los Angeles actor Felton Perry (who has appeared in all 3 ROBOCOP films). The daughters are portrayed by fellow Canadian actresses Catherine Bruhier (who was on Due South) and Sandra P. Grant. It was directed by Canadian actor/director/producer Charles W. Gray.

The American Sci-Fi Channel on April 1st. will conduct a 12-hour marathon of 12 episodes of Forever Knight. Ellen’s episode is called False Witness (episode #1.7) and her character’s name is Mistress Tamara.


The UK Sci-Fi magazine, CULT TIMES – April 2002 issue #79, titled “The Guest-List” (about the series Relic Hunter), page 11 was released mid March in the UK. This is a half page interview, by Steven Eramo complete with a head shot photo. In April the magazine will be at all major newsstands in the States & Canada.

The UK Sci-Fi magazine, TV ZONE – May 2002 issue # 150; April, 2002 in the UK. A 1/4 page article written by Ellen about her all time favourite TV series, complete with a head shot photo.

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