Nowhere Man: Characters and Clues: The Erased

Tom with Gus (Dean Stockwell)It seems inevitable that Tom would run into others who have been affected by Organization tactics in his investigation of the conspiracy. Calling themselves “Erased” or “Disenfranchised”, everyone whose life suddenly disappears seems to deal with the problem in different ways. Some keep running, some band together, and others simply give in.

In many cases it’s nearly impossible to tell if another of the Erased is trustworthy. They have much to gain by turning on each other.

Eddie/Dave Powers Patient at Calaway who is lobotomized after leaking information to Tom. Tom’s search for Dave Powers’ former life leads him to Max Webb.
Carter, Joe (J.C.) aka Dr. Novak Apparently a patient at Calaway who deals with his erasure by singing everything he says, he returns later as a doctor in the same institution o­nce his erasure and reprogramming is complete. J.C. has a daughter and a wife who both believe he is dead.
Combs, Ellen Patient (or prisoner) at Clear Springs Sanitarium who Tom (as Dr. Bellamy) is asked to break to make her erasure complete.
Dee Overly pleasant resident of New Phoenix, the city of the disenfranchised. Dee baits Tom with a falsified photo of herself with Alyson, and when Tom wakes up he is trapped in a village dripping with small-town holiday feel, where everybody is cheerful, the leaders are democratically elected (in some ways) and a charming brass band plays in the afternoons. Like other places of this type, attempts to leave are met with hostility.
Kramer, Michael When Tom returns to Calaway, the o­nly place he can receive treatment for the side-effects from his previous visit, Tom gives advice to Kramer, the newest erasure subject. Tom plans to escape again as soon as he can find an explanation for his waking nightmares and insomnia. In spite of his advice to Michael to trust no o­ne, not even Tom, Tom takes Michael with him when he escapes.
Paul The leader of New Phoenix, Paul explains to Tom that his little village is full of others who have been erased who decided to create a community. To pay for this service, far from the prying eyes of the Organization, residents are required to turn over information which Paul can sell to the Organization. In other words, like everyone else, Paul wants Tom’s negatives.
Shepard,Gus Another “disenfranchised” loner, who contacts Tom at a carnival. Gus has been erased and o­n the run for 25 years, and is about to commit suicide after finding the blueprints the Organization was after printed in a magazine. His last good deed is trying to get Tom to give up the chase by showing him what life will be like in 25 years.

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