Tripping the Rift: People: Balltar

Balltar started off as a poor acting robot, and has upgraded himself into the owner of one of the galaxies greatest synthetic producers. He also has a burning hatred for organics and would like to see them all enslaved for their mistreatment of his synthetic brethren.

If you were to see Balltar in a pub, he’d be drinking Irish Whiskey, A lot of it. After he was sufficiently fit-shaced he’d get up on a table and start practicing his lines for an upcoming play about a robot and how it was mistreated by his master. After leaving the pub, you’d see him passed out face down in a gutter.

Balltar was a typical house robot for the early part of his life. Soon after, his masters bought a better robot to replace him, sending him to the scrap yard. Because of his fall from grace, he harbours a grudge against all organics, a grudge that continues to grow. He escaped the recycling center and started a new life. A life of an actor… a starving actor. As much as any robot can starve. He wasn’t very good, he’s too melodramatic, but only because his programming and hardware was incapable of producing any real talent. So he did some makeshift upgrades on himself. Eventually after upgrading himself enough times, he became quite knowledgeable in robotics and started a robot business to pay for acting lessons.

His robotics company, Balltar Industries, eventually grew into one of the largest synthetic companies in the galaxy. One of their more popular models is the Gus domestic robot helper. But eventually even the Gus became outdated. Balltar saw this as an opportunity to get his revenge against his former masters. He produced an new and improved Gus, the Gus XP. This new robot was sent out free of charge to replace all of the Guses. The XP’s mission was to take over all of their respective ships and enslave their former masters. From there, Balltar would quickly take over the whole galaxy.

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He would have too, except that he messed up the grounding on the XP and networked them all together. So once one XP was accidentally destroyed, they all were destroyed. And with them, Balltar’s plans for vengeance. Balltar can still be found manufacturing new model robots, trying to act, and plotting his sweet revenge.

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