Tripping the Rift: People: Bernice

Bernice is the not-so-loving wife to Darph Bobo. While Bobo controls the entire Dark Clown Empire, she controls him through years of insults and sexual deprivation. If you were to meet Bernice is a bar, she’d be drinking white zinfandel wine.

Bernice would be trying to pick up the insecure young guys and would make zero attempt to hide her wedding ring. Any guy will do, so long as he looks better then her husband…. easy enough. Bernice met Darph Bobo many years ago in a pub. He was drunk and she looked attractive, so he took her home that night.

Bobo tired to avoid her after that, but when Bernice discovered that she was pregnant, the two had a shotgun wedding. Ever since their marriage, Bobo could do nothing right in her eyes. He only became Dark Clown Overlord to get to shut-up about being a failure. And to escape her during the day!

While Bobo was away during his Dark Clown duties, Bernice kept busy around the house by raising the kids and perpetually redecorating. She raised their two children, living by proxy through them both. More so through Babette whom she entered in beauty pageants since she age three. Bernice used the same negative reinforcement on Babette as she did her husband, constantly making Babette feel like she’s not good enough and had to do more. If there’s one reason why the Bobo family is so dysfunctional and screwed up, it’s her.

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