LEXX: Biography: Divine Predecessors

A Divine Predecessor is a former “His Shadow”, in this series they display a range of personalities ranging from despicable to erm…. even more despicable. If you were to meet the Divine Predecessors in a pub, you’d probably mistake them for exotic caviar dishes or jello moulds. Hopefully you’d realise your mistake when they started screaming, but if the pub was quite loud you might not notice until you tasted one, at which point you’d most likely find them too salty and ask someone t pass the tomato sauce.Strange ceremony

At the beginning of episode one we saw the strange ceremony when a new Divine Predecessor came into being. When a Divine Shadow is nearing the end of his life, his essence (soul and memory) is passed into another body. The Divine Shadows ‘old’ body, not quite dead, has the brain cut out and placed in a sort of brain chamber. once this is done, it becomes a Divine Predecessor and joins other Divine Predecessors.

Kai gets his memory backDivine Predecessors have the memories of their actions as Divine Shadows plus the memories of all those whom they have killed. When Kai was killed for instance. His essence was taken by His Divine Shadow and was still in the Divine Predecessor when Kai regained it 2000 years later. They are a vast resource of knowledge and advice for successive Divine Shadows.

They are very 'squashable'.The last of the Divine Shadows decided that the home of the Divine Predecessors should be the LEXX and when Stanley Tweedle, Zev, Kai and 790 stole the LEXX, The Divine Predecessors became unwanted and unwilling passengers. Throughout their time on the LEXX they demonstrated a loathing for the crew and a healthy understanding of their own mortality. Every time they are in danger for instance, they scream with fear. Unfortunately they are not completely aware of danger as we would be. If you were a fleshy brain with no protection (other than your wit), would you wind up the pirate crew of the LEXX, I don’t think so.

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In episode three ‘Eating Pattern’ they made fun of Stanley’s embarrassing experience with Feppo and Smoor by singing a song of ridicule to him. Stanley simply came back armed with Squish and baby cluster lizard – Then they sung a different tune.

They were all destroyed by the Giga Shadow in the final episode of Season 1.  Strangely, their bodies were allowed to live out a zombified existence on the Planet Ruma – alas, that too was destroyed at the end of the Episode 13 (unlucky for some – or at least the Devine Predecessors brainless zombie bodies) of Season 2 (Twilight).

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