Tripping the Rift: People: Mistress Pain

Mistress Pain is a sex slave, but only in the loosest sense of the word. Yes she’s technically owned property, and a cyborg, but this bitch takes orders from no one!
If you were to see Mistress Pain in a bar, she’d be forcing some rich sub to buy her top shelf booze, like Johnnie Walker Blue. She wouldn’t drink it, she’d probably dump it on the floor, and force her slave to lap it up. Scotch lovers everywhere would be outraged, but her menacing crop would keep them all at bay.

Mistress Pain is modelled after the lite blue Venetians and shares their small lithe frame. But under that tight pseudo flesh lies the toughest artificial muscle in the galaxy. one would have to very foolish to cross her.

The kinda of person who’d purchase Mistress Pain would be insecure, and need some corrective guidance every so often. She should replace T’Nuk as the ship pilot, because 1) she’s hot and T’Nuk isn’t and 2) Bob would never talk back to her and always do immediately as told. Mistress Pain would dominate her owners lifestyle in all aspects. No act would be too taboo, too risqué, or too deprived for this dominatrix. Her control would make the 24/7 D/s lifestyle look like a day in the preschool sandbox.

Despite what you may have been told, Mistress Pain is NOT a moderator.

Chode passed over purchasing Mistress Pain in Android Love. All the male crew members were shaking uncontrollably with her intro, and Gus actually skipped over a few other sex slaves just to get her off the screen. I guess the sex would have been too intense for Chode?

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